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Rail lines and wildfire, nationally

Wildfire after 2015 Canada at least, has been on everyone’s mind. It shuts a nation down, affecting major ground shipping routes shared by everyone industry employed, vacationing or just traveling between communities. Some wildfires are caused by sparks from a railway, and at least one BCCommunity ravished by wildfire blamed a rail line going through it, but after the smoke cleared the rail line was not to blame. We just saw how quickly and disastrous fires along creosote-soaked rails do become, thanks to a historic rail bridge and sparks from a neighborhood fire. Great selling films, Global News BC!

Artificial Intelligence drawing of a passenger train going through a forest during a wildfire
This is an AI drawing of a train, passing through a forest, during a wildfire. Let’s imagine a Via Rail passenger train…

Rail lines run nationally, through majestic forests and civic lands undeveloped, as well as developed areas. Particularly here in northern BC. We also care about our environment and suffer through the wildfire years. A Prince George Company developed a solution that is friendly to the environment and provides fire protection, along rail lines.”Innovative solution devised to eliminate rail line fires.” Citizen Newspaper… 2024 version. We have both Via Rail lines running out of our city at the south east corner of Northern BC. One going North from Vancouver area, to form the western border of the region and east across Canada from Prince Rupert both through PG along the southern border of this region of British Columbia.

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