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Adding PowerPoint presentations to WordPress posts

It has been quite a while since I’ve written here. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to a group that developed a PowerPoint (PP)presentation and presented it to a group live. It was masterfully done, well received and amplified the community served by that group… The credit for this post goes to Volunteer Prince George and the Handy Circle Resources Society.

Before the presentation, they presented the PP to our governance board at Volunteer PG. At the wrap-up meeting after, I suggested perhaps we could place the information on our website in a post. It is a WordPress-built website, way more active than mine and built for the community. To that they asked me ‘How on earth do we do that?’. It’s simple, truth be told. I hope I can explain with this post I will share with them.

Above, is what shows up in the draft. I used a plugin called ‘Embed any Document‘. It allows the file for the PP to be pasted, once on a URL like in my media collection. You can view it before posting to ensure the document displays as intended. When finished writing the post, publish it live. That’s the simplest way to put a PP presentation online. Through the block styles, many other file types, video, images and effects can be displayed. Alternatively, the user can upload the PP to an FTP site and embed the post with a specific line of code in a block style. As well, but with almost the same amount of technical know-how, you could upload to YouTube and embed that with yet another block. Good luck!

Top row of buttons for activated plugins
When you activate some editing plugins, this row becomes visible on the Edit or new post windows in the original WP Window. But now you’ll use the diverse block styles which are much simpler… Happy blogging!
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