New sources of Energy- Hurricanes to be turned into power plants

Humans have always looked to new sources of energy. I recently wrote about some scientists who are tapping into active volcanic lava tubes to create unlimited power. Nations are looking into the wind, the sun, tidal forces, and gravity generators, to name a few sources being looked at. The wind has many diverse strengths to capture. One being tested now is the strength of hurricanes. Could they provide sustainable power to a growing community of humans?

Tornado drawling
A drawing of a tornado. A new energy source?

Do we actually need any new sources of energy? Which type is better? There are so many factors to consider. Is a community looking to service its citizens? They might look at Geothermal. A corporation serving customers? Previous to 2024 in North America, mega construction of dams in major rivers produced power. They might look into millions of microgenerators turning harmlessly in the flows of any waterway in a predictable future. An individual in a home, a family? That brings up opportunity and changes economic values for the homeowner. Will your power supplement a grid for the community? Overall, where is the power collection taking place? Is the project near a stream or river? Does it flow downhill, sharply, with speed? Several options we’ve discovered above. Do you live in an area frequently visited by the wind? Of course, you might live in an area that gets ample sunshine all year. Solar might do best, but lots to consider too. A project could consist of multiple methods of collection working and a large battery ,1 or more to store all the power likely underground.

Traditional methods of creating power to supply a community, a range of communities and even provinces or states respectively, includes hydro electric dams. These mega structures disturb natural flows of water that sustained diverse forms of life, for eons naturally. Some species of aquatic life disappeared shortly after the construction of those megastructures, we miss some great sport fish no longer to be caught. Sacrifices of our lust for power to consume. Actually that’s the smokescreen. Sacrificed because a government way back when saw a way to to move money their way, from citizens that don’t know they could the produce demanded power themselves using low impact natural methods. The large scale methods like Lava and Hurricanes, if tested successful and used, will not be available to all. Well, unless they pay the cost demanded to produce, which includes generations of research and possibly a few lives.


Canada Has a Volcano Problem?

Didn’t I just write something about scientists, volcanos and power generators? Is this really a problem with that thinking? Although building a community so close and residing there I question… You be you of course, but know your risks. Prepare for the worst but expect the best… Nowhere will be safe in the very end.

There are many disasters in the land we call Canada since we began recording. Potentially, life is hard if you look at it another way. Short story, it’s a good thing when you survive to wake up in the morning… So far. Fires in our forests, the latest thing in North America. Earthquakes. Mountainsides sliding into communities. Yes, even volcanos. We do live on the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, here in Northern British Columbia, to the coast, past the Yukon and NWT. Geothermal power is a consideration for some of that land, that’s technology we know today. It’s not just Canada that hosts potential for volcanic activity. Yellowstone Park in the USA has a threat that could affect the whole world. Enjoy a longer video below that answers “What would happen if Yellowstone Park blew up?”

All this doom and gloom about volcanos. That’s life and 1 of a million ways to die. With those scientists I wrote about and active lava tubes producing power, I wonder if future volcanologists will someday create energy to release the stored energy of volcanos like the one at Yellowstone safely, benefiting our society. The energy combined across North America could power the world wide future even beyond the planet that energy creation would save. We could even use technology we know today (or likely in a predictably short period of time)to add geothermal now, before everything blows up! Will that reduce some pressure the earth is building up?

Long exposure of Tungurahua volcano with blue skyes

Scientists Drill into volcano for energy future

Scientists Unveil Radical Plan to Drill Into a Volcano For Near-Unlimited Energy: ScienceAlert… This latest development in energy is another step forward towards the industry’s bright future. They are driven to success. Every failure is a potential success in the next trial project. It has all been tried before.

Iceland, North, Volcano Krafla, geothermal power plant 

This is a project being done in the Krafla volcanic caldera, northeast of Iceland. There, ever since the early years of the 1900s, they began. Every failure is a chance that the next test might be a success. A failed test points out the problems to fix. With a brand new project, it uncovers errors. It is a strategy that will end in a successful test the day after tomorrow, so to speak. Never give up, until it works, not a die-trying type of job, imho, a do-it-or-die-and-be-educated job, carry on new. Unlimited power for the entire planet, they predict. But many similar spots around the planet have at least one volcanic area. Once one country discovers how to tap it, I bet we all will use this method and then begin the work to dismantle power-generating dams.

The Pacific “Ring of Fire” sits within my region in my Canadian province. We’re part of the whole forming the ring. Extinct and active volcanos sit in the regional district I live in. Will we see a future project here, supplying power perhaps to explore space? As we discover alternative sources of power to store, within my region Site C is near construction. Its news forecasts it won’t be enough power for British Columbia’s future demands. Why not promote and encourage the home generation of energy? Perhaps provide incentives… National Grants and provincials including territories. Hybrids, not EVs? As far as I know, a hybrid is not required to plug into an electrical source, as the fuel part of the ride can charge the batteries. Hybrids have an ordinary internal combustion engine and the infrastructure of an electric vehicle. They need not affect a power grid if they don’t need a charge all the time. But our advertising here is only for fully electric vehicles. However, if a successful test comes soon enough, what else would we do with unlimited power other than take to the universe where even more power will be found?

Besides that, individual houses can create and store energy. They can return power to a central grid, allowing everyone to enjoy the cleanly sourced power. Supposedly, pricing is coming down on solar panels. Basic Geothermal is getting popular with ‘Heat Pump’ technology being introduced in many private and government-residential homes. When we all sell power to BC Hydro, will they dismantle all their mega structure power generating dams and bring back fish thought extinct? It’s a diverse life. Solar Panels are common for way more than running heaters, AC, and hot water supply. It may be a wonderful investment if a heat pump isn’t practicable or enough. Solar panels power everything, including your vehicle. They’re flexible now too. From Korea, stretchable too. But they only generate electricity from a light source, even the moon. The house must be rewired, I imagine, to live in a direct current or DC world powered by a battery of cells, like your mobile device’s battery. Wait. Is there a converter? Perhaps conversion is unnecessary… Join that revolution that will save the world. Invest in a house upgrade. Sell a bit of biofuel too, to source a neighbourhood fuel station. Your brother got together with his sister and sold hybrids, and recommends patrons fuel up at BC Bud’s stop for a discount. That’s my pit stop. Best Marijuana burgers on this side of Kamloops if you need a charge supplied from the creek feeding the source. Medicinal to relax and make the journey ahead better? We got that too, Legend in my mind, tomorrow.

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