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Aren’t Reels the same as TicTok?

Are Reels that are found in your Facebook Feed the same as TicTok, a separate platform with an independent app to distract you with the ability to share to diverse social media feeds? No, they are 2 platforms, one could be banned in the USA soon. But which is better to use on your platform, blog or other social media feeds? It could be banned soon in Canada as well, so we should be prepared to update our webpages if they contain TicToc Video.

Which social media tag distracts you the most? Is Tic Tac one of those?
Which social media tag distracts you the most? Is Tic Tac one of those?

Or perhaps just use the tried, tested and safer old-school method of mediums like YouTube. Do you have a channel? That service is welcome with little controversy everywhere. There are no restrictions other than family safety and the other type not so safe, for creators to publish. Your safety standards control the feed. 3 minute limits? Yeah, it can have that. It’s not time-limited. ‘Do you want to publish a half hour or more?’ the sales tag reads… ‘Shut up, here’s my credit information’, the publisher mumbles. YouTube is tried and true, as much or as short as you can afford or free. I didn’t publish below but it does fit. it might contain short bursts of advertising. Also not mine, but you see it everywhere and creators at TicTok and Facebook use and make the same video adverts.

A half-hour video on a subject to link it to a theme I wrote about recently… Enjoy and the link should be found here, to that post.

For you to make a choice, local options and restrictions should be known. In areas of the world where it can be viewed without penalty, you make the choice independently. You should go with awareness in mind. An educated decision is best to make. Reels vs TikTok: Top 10 Differences You Should Know. A long commercial ad can be impactful on any medium or be a message very powerful. All that can be done in a 3-minute burst anywhere, even live. Any longer and it’s boring. It could be simple to learn if your incentives are employment-related. it could be a question a potential employee is asked.

If you are looking for employment with any of your community’s non-profit agencies, it is wise to be educated in all social media categories. Many in my city are hiring, and likely in your community too. If you have awareness of Search Engine Optimization or SEO as a basic familiarity but better, it would get you in the door in most of them. Many design with WordPress, like you could in a job search and host your video content. It does simplify the ‘end product’ which is their aims and directives (perhaps yours too) towards community credibility and visibility. A Vision of the future they drive, the help they give. SEO brings those community eyes and the support they need to exist. Your help and support billboard to the world beyond your door, too. Good luck if that is in your future, and better luck to those successful applicants who have a job now. I hope you fall into that category!

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