Geothermal futures?

First off, there are physical challenges with Geothermal. The word describes great heat generated deep under the surface of planet Earth. Or any planet I suppose, in the greatness of the universe. Short answer we need to design a virtual drill large enough for the task. Watch the video I found, below. But like the costly disastrous dams they promise to make obsolete, do we need to spend money to indebt humanity generationally who need to watch the news? Oh look- they have cartoons too, a drama and a romance.

Solar Panels are cheaper by the day and contribute to civic grids that connect to regional and national grids collectively with batteries and inverters. It isn’t the only affordable power source. Wind, small scale hydro generators. TV’s and houses overall, just need an energy source and conversion from DC to AC. As does the commercial world. Enjoy

How This Fusion Tech is Solving the Geothermal Energy Problem:
Information by WalkNRoll
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