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Public Recreational Medicinal Cannabis

Public sales.  What’s the difference?

Since public sales started selling in 2018 Canada this question has been asked by many regarding Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis.  Canadians above a certain age were suddenly allowed with various restrictions, no medical restriction or reason needed.  People as a collective play with pharmaceutical grade drugs, some facing addictions with deadly consequences for nations.  It does not only affect addicts.  Pharmaceuticals sometimes kill simply by using as directed.  Canada was overly cautious about Refer Madness infused Cannabis.  It has undergone many changes and laws since that day, thanks in part by being spearheaded by Canada’s former ‘RCMP Drug Task Force‘ heads.  They and their staff were also called the Gestapo by many Canadians puffing and growing the weed through prohibition.  The force is funded by that Refer Madness infection affecting society at large thanks to educating youth fears about Cannabis among other not so natural drugs now killing young adults today with programs like DARE, and adult programs like MADD which focused Cannabis above other drugs when driving.

Medical beginnings to legalization and sales

Prior to 2018 medicinal allowances were considered confusingly legal for very few since the mid 1970’s at least, and had exploded to many patients by 2009 for many people with diverse life and medical experiences in Canada.  Strata’s and other multi family dwellings tried to ban Cannabis consumption inside and were successful by society restrictions banning Cannabis above any smoking laws in public or rented areas inside prior to legalization.  In years before legalization many patents had to provide the Doctor’s actual prescription for proof of need.  Civic properties outside like parks and courtyards post legalization imposed complete smoking bans, prior to legalization had the law backing them with draconian actions when enforced and allowed tobacco only.  It is a true medicine not restricted by any law when prescribed by forward thinking medical professionals above that all use is somehow medicinal in more than my thoughts.  For a short time after legalisation and long before that, a patient could authorize a grower to supply their daily amount locally.  Some patients could even grow their own according to their daily limit.  Since then, the patients have to go through a registered Licenced Producer or their personal LP became that foundation for the only legal way to obtain Medical Cannabis.  That same product filled the shelves for recreational public sales after 2018, from those LP’s.  More on that next para.  I saw that patient medicine was reduced from the federal supply, well at first.  There is a form on Health Canada’s website  which is the official medical document authorizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes.  It’s recognized Canada wide and another form is needed to authorize growing, it may only be submitted once the property is properly prepared with security through environmental design in mind focused on refer madness thoughts of high profile crime attractants.  Long term patients still have designated growers locked in thanks to an Injunction made by Cannabis Lawyer John Conroy before 2010.  The growers became federal Licenced Producers if they qualified.

One source for all legal Cannabis, Medical and Recreational

With Legalization, you are allowed to grow 4 Cannabis plants per household but they must not be visible to anyone public, particularly those under the legal age of the province.  Canada has a set of laws, provinces handle Cannabis laws provincially and local communities have their own regulations concerning sales and use.  Legalization became Prohibition 2.0.  Some Strata’s, other multi family dwellings and individual rented living spaces can outright ban growing even one plant, even as a regular attractive house plant. Only plants that grow is grown from ‘starter material’ (IE seeds and clones) must be from a licenced producer who’s starter material was from the same national stockpile of starter material.   I do think it’s the final version of that medical form, imho strictly used for research purposes with controlled subjects from a controlled supply.  There is a larger ‘weeducation’ research project using public with recreational Cannabis in the wild to which the conclusion may be proven ‘all use is medicinal‘.  Efforts to research it’s effects on the Opium epidemic in East Vancouver were halted by said Gestapo aka Community Safety Unit or other branch’s in the 2 police forces (City Police and RCMP) of Vancouver.

Police lights
Prior to legalisation and public sales, this sight brought fear into the hearts of recreational tokers of all ages


Beyond Recreational and Medicinal

In previous posts, I covered some of the industrial benefits.  Housing, food, vehicles, fuel, replacing our demand on forests.  That’s just a start, way more products can be made.  The food and shelter forms of it will increase health, recreational may just provide a defence against the need to use it medicinally.  With society health, we can be more productive in many areas beyond the Cannabis field.


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