Drinking Bird gadget future power generator?

As a youth, the drinking bird gadget fascinated most of us. The bobbing head with its rocking motion taught us about some early physics. It also kept us amused, as our parents needed adult time. This bird made kids ask a lot of questions and came up with many irrational reasons the bird would drop down, appear to drink for a few milliseconds, then return to standing, to do it all over again and again. How did it do that? We did not learn until we got to school and the grades progressed to learn about chemical reactions and temperature differences.

Purchase your own and incorporate the components to power a toaster or other low-voltage device, or simply smoke a few and be fascinated for hours!

It happened for a few generations, parents and older children were entertained and younger kids were inquisitive. Generations inspired to learn by asking questions. Some enterprising youths figured the perpetual motion effect of the toy could become a power generator. It isn’t considered perpetual as one answer to learn. It just has that effect. They experimented and yes, the small toy could produce a limited charge by adding components. Not much, but more than it needed to run. The experiments went on in diverse universities in Canada and the USA. Lots of diverse power creators were tested, rediscovered perhaps.

The Drinking bird could be considered a perpetual machine, but you’d be wrong! Did you learn why?

Now someone in the USA has been marketing a modern form of the bird, one which is designed to produce enough power to be noticed by a grid. It creates a small charge, enough to power a reading lamp or toaster or any single use low voltage product you might think of, an FM Radio perhaps during a civic local emergency. Do you know why the AM radio was abandoned? It ended around the time Air TV went the way of the Dodo Bird. It may be a small charge from the modified drinking bird, but it’s steady and could feed a battery.

How does a person create a Biofuel station?

I’m sitting here in Northern British Columbia watching the news about increasing fuel costs. I listen to the sound of vehicles on the main artery road in my city. Electric and hybrid vehicles are much better for residences along these roads and highways. Quieter. An ICE (or Internal Combustion Engine) stands out. As the news plays out, I imagine the lives of the people behind the wheels I hear. Emergency vehicles just passed. An ICE. Well, it could’ve been a hybrid, using ICE, but I doubt that. The government will take a little longer to upgrade emergency vehicles. Electric in a different life could have feelings of relief, not being a slave to that pump. Hybrid vehicles visit the pump less.

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Now on a Canadian server

Thanks to Shift Creative, a Prince George web design service Walknroll.info is now hosted and not costing me that US exchange rate. This site isn’t making me any money, but it still remains. It will, in the future, be more than entertainment. I highly recommend the services of Shift Creative!

Well, it will get more posts. For the first time since I installed this WordPress App on my Android device, this host has connected with no issues. I can post as I travel. I’ll do this as I travel on Ebus to Kamloops in a few days. This bus might provide wireless internet and charging, I hope.

Me, 2023, before I go, lol.

Yes, you’ll get some photos. Ebus is a fairly new service connecting Prince George to Kamloops. It is the first intercity service to run that route since the departure of Greyhound in 2018. Thank you for following this site all these years! Stay tuned as I walknroll around Prince George after visiting our sister city. More to come!



Hello world!

Hi.  This is the very first post I am putting on my new server, hostpapa.com.  I have this one for 3 years, starting during the Pandemic in September 2020.  I still have a base of operations in Prince George BC Canada and now have a Canadian web host!  The editor I am using is the classic editor in WordPress.  That ‘Gutenberg‘ editor is confusing but I’m sure if I used it, I would get used to it.  Meh.  Do you publish in WordPress?  On a domain you own like I do or at the ‘dot.com’ free editor?  What are your thoughts on that editor?  Comment below or on the facebook post I hope autoposts.

What will this site be?  I’ve yet to find an affiliate market for my new server, but as soon as I do, I’ll be encouraging you to buy a 3 year website c/w domain.  Hmmm.  OK you’ll have to purchase through above for a bit.  This will turn from ‘http’ to https’ very soon.  Perhaps tomorrow’s project.  Meh, tomorrow never comes.  It will be done soon.  No time like now eh?  Hurry up and wait on my personal projects.  For you non-technical people, it simply means any links here will have to be changed when I do change to https, this site becomes more secure for your safety here as well as mine.  Minor unless breached, fast fixed.  Till I find an affiliate, check out the server with the link above and perhaps I can make a few bucks in my future with out using PayPal’s ‘Pay Me’ link.  That link has also been my attempt to educate you on how to get 1,000,000 people to send you a dollar on many posts at Facebook and here in my blogs…  Give me a buck and I’ll tell you.  So far I’ve helped 130 people!  So far, I’ve justified my ‘Info’ title a few times with SSL awareness for the website, how a website makes its first coin without that PayPal grab tool and a paid offer sure to net 1,000,000 dollars into your Paypal account.  Will you be next?  Only a dollar to find out!  Thank you in advance.  Anyway, new posts will be regular I hope a diverse collection of thoughts and intelligences. Stay tuned!

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