New sources of Energy- Hurricanes to be turned into power plants

Humans have always looked to new sources of energy. I recently wrote about some scientists who are tapping into active volcanic lava tubes to create unlimited power. Nations are looking into the wind, the sun, tidal forces, and gravity generators, to name a few sources being looked at. The wind has many diverse strengths to capture. One being tested now is the strength of hurricanes. Could they provide sustainable power to a growing community of humans?

Tornado drawling
A drawing of a tornado. A new energy source?

Do we actually need any new sources of energy? Which type is better? There are so many factors to consider. Is a community looking to service its citizens? They might look at Geothermal. A corporation serving customers? Previous to 2024 in North America, mega construction of dams in major rivers produced power. They might look into millions of microgenerators turning harmlessly in the flows of any waterway in a predictable future. An individual in a home, a family? That brings up opportunity and changes economic values for the homeowner. Will your power supplement a grid for the community? Overall, where is the power collection taking place? Is the project near a stream or river? Does it flow downhill, sharply, with speed? Several options we’ve discovered above. Do you live in an area frequently visited by the wind? Of course, you might live in an area that gets ample sunshine all year. Solar might do best, but lots to consider too. A project could consist of multiple methods of collection working and a large battery ,1 or more to store all the power likely underground.

Traditional methods of creating power to supply a community, a range of communities and even provinces or states respectively, includes hydro electric dams. These mega structures disturb natural flows of water that sustained diverse forms of life, for eons naturally. Some species of aquatic life disappeared shortly after the construction of those megastructures, we miss some great sport fish no longer to be caught. Sacrifices of our lust for power to consume. Actually that’s the smokescreen. Sacrificed because a government way back when saw a way to to move money their way, from citizens that don’t know they could the produce demanded power themselves using low impact natural methods. The large scale methods like Lava and Hurricanes, if tested successful and used, will not be available to all. Well, unless they pay the cost demanded to produce, which includes generations of research and possibly a few lives.

Information by WalkNRoll