Online education?

How do you describe ‘online education‘? It’s not just for school-aged youth. Long before Zoom, we had blog sites and email to communicate knowledge so diverse and sometimes questionable. I apologize if you have unanswered questions after reading some of my ramblings. I try to fall into some class of ‘educational website’ with all of them. After all, I proudly display a website with ‘info’ in the name. They are as diverse as my mind.

Inclusion and Access. Natural partners. Access includes everyone and allows ideas to form, joining collaborators to meet face-to-face. It includes you too. Access to education to learn about access and inclusion?

Sometime after 2009, I began my journey into online education with an early course into IBDE in the first national course of the non-profit entity that would become Make a Change Canada during my years in that course. It was early advanced education done from a secure website, largely built by previous students and developed over time from the same sustainable source. If you have dollars to support someone, I recommend supporting their educational paths. I took other courses after, with WordPress for Business finishing up IBDE’s advanced modules. I am still building on my business plan through another course offered by Make a Change. Stay tuned. This website will change then. I thank Make a Change for my educational start, and the help towards today keeping our connection solid. They’ll help Canadians who need their training, inclusively! Explore it today if you need a change. Google and a little AI to make this site look good now. Well, in my eyes anyway. Like the ‘legend’ I think I am. I now manage some influential websites built by others and growing over time, because of my educated input to their crafty minds.

Online education has come so far from there. As time passed, textbooks from colleges and universities became taped lectures, then a laser disk, CD or DVD. That all eventually became digitized and marketed to become viral online. The internet opened a new venue for free education with YouTube for all that early digitised lecture material… New stuff too. Some with diverse pricing. Even WordPress learning for people like me and even you, the aspiring fool, wanting a website for a business idea you have inspired by those courses above—apps at the Play and App Stores for all mobile devices for anything you want to learn.

When I went to then called an Alberta Vocational Training Centre or AVC for short in Lac La Biche and learned forestry, I used one of these to research local tree types. In 1989 there was no Google. The school is now known as a Canadian institution and is no longer there; the course is now more focused and themed diffrently, through Portage College which the AVC was renamed I see.

This brings up the smartphone. It is 2024. Which device do you hold in your hands or attached to your mobility device? Lol, the desktop/laptop locked at home or in the office, Windows 10 or 11 even Apple Macintosh. The mobiles are devices based on Android, Apple or a unique operating system with ‘AI’. Perhaps it controls your vehicle, or an artificially intelligent device controls a service at work. In 2024, we see autonomous vehicles, connected online… Ok, your vehicle might not be autonomous, you perhaps have never knowingly seen one face-to-face. All good. Electric is likely in your driveway, hybrid or conventional vehicle securely parked someplace, all costing you every second of ownership in 2024. Many vehicles you own are online on the highway because of technology and the diversity of ‘mobile’ devices. They are ‘smart’ devices, diverse modes of transportation and shipping that have been learning with us for many decades of shared education, freely released online beyond the internet. Where will it take you?

Information by WalkNRoll