Drinking Bird gadget future power generator?

As a youth, the drinking bird gadget fascinated most of us. The bobbing head with its rocking motion taught us about some early physics. It also kept us amused, as our parents needed adult time. This bird made kids ask a lot of questions and came up with many irrational reasons the bird would drop down, appear to drink for a few milliseconds, then return to standing, to do it all over again and again. How did it do that? We did not learn until we got to school and the grades progressed to learn about chemical reactions and temperature differences.

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Purchase your own and incorporate the components to power a toaster or other low-voltage device, or simply smoke a few and be fascinated for hours!

It happened for a few generations, parents and older children were entertained and younger kids were inquisitive. Generations inspired to learn by asking questions. Some enterprising youths figured the perpetual motion effect of the toy could become a power generator. It isn’t considered perpetual as one answer to learn. It just has that effect. They experimented and yes, the small toy could produce a limited charge by adding components. Not much, but more than it needed to run. The experiments went on in diverse universities in Canada and the USA. Lots of diverse power creators were tested, rediscovered perhaps.

The Drinking bird could be considered a perpetual machine, but you’d be wrong! Did you learn why?

Now someone in the USA has been marketing a modern form of the bird, one which is designed to produce enough power to be noticed by a grid. It creates a small charge, enough to power a reading lamp or toaster or any single use low voltage product you might think of, an FM Radio perhaps during a civic local emergency. Do you know why the AM radio was abandoned? It ended around the time Air TV went the way of the Dodo Bird. It may be a small charge from the modified drinking bird, but it’s steady and could feed a battery.

Information by WalkNRoll