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How much is it to open a Cannabis Dispensary in Canada?

Why am I asking about the cost of owning a Cannabis dispensary rather than just working in one? Finding myself unemployed,  hopefully temporarily, I am exploring other options for a short-term income and without spending a lot that won’t affect my monthly support, put me into debit. Or education… I can afford to do short term education. Particularly if free. This link preceding is to the Prince George Library system. Your local library should have similar resourceful links. Employment too. You should already have an account in your community but OK all good if not, sign up online and explore. Found this other one, from Linkedin

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I’ve connected with Kopar Administration, Work BC, and the Canadian Vocational Centre so far. You can find a soon-to-be-published post on this website of my employer, aimed more at your curious mind. I noticed a dispensary down the street remains closed, waiting for a person with a business plan. Grants and investors perhaps? Could it be me and my plan? Just need that Selling it Right Course before they will look at me in the BC Cannabis industry

Another study I’m doing is possibly investing in a Cannabis Serving it Right certification. In British Columbia, Canada we need a federal certification for any part of the world of Cannabis distribution. It costs just 35 bucks and yeah, it is a wise investment. It will certainly help to have my experience perhaps behind a counter till I get my own store? Stranger things have been known to happen. Stay tuned. Will that influence WalkNRoll? No doubt.

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