British Columbia

Self-Driving Cars Banned in British Columbia

Courtesy of ‘The Drive‘ comes this breaking news. Select individuals, perhaps those with limited vision, and reduced reaction times due to a mobility impairment that might affect the legs or hands or even personal motor controls, perhaps even you might be interested in this news. I’ll keep it short for a wacky Wednesday post. Well, it was started yesterday. Pedestrians are safe lol robotic cars in BC we won’t see. We’ll have to respect those guidelines. I read someplace Autonomous vehicles were not ‘inclusive’ and may not ‘see’ a darker non reflective person or animals. Groups of non reflective attendees, well, just because it hasn’t happened it cetanly could if just one vehicle got hacked. The cameras might have been improved. The security too. That’s how it goes with technology.

You won’t see self-driving vehicles on British Columbia Highways. This is a quiet photo of a country drive in Southern BC, with mountain ridges ahead

A family of the future is travelling along the ‘electrified’ Highway16. The driver is one of the occupants-Recall this is BC. They got a message on the dashboard speaker. ‘The update is on the way and will be installed at the next internet hotspot. I see that you have to charge. Oops. We’re sorry. A scan detects problems with a critical part of the steering, affecting the health and safety of the vehicle’s occupants and persons we encounter. Please have a complimentary meal and enjoy the free facilities at the charging station, as a new replacement vehicle is prepared. Be sure to take all personal belongings to the storage area ahead. We are not responsible for your items. Thank you for the experience of your company so far, I am sure you find the next ride just as good as mine or better”. Somewhere else in North America, the driver may be autonomous.

Information by WalkNRoll