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Aren’t Reels the same as TicTok?

Are Reels that are found in your Facebook Feed the same as TicTok, a separate platform with an independent app to distract you with the ability to share to diverse social media feeds? No, they are 2 platforms, one could be banned in the USA soon. But which is better to use on your platform, blog or other social media feeds? It could be banned soon in Canada as well, so we should be prepared to update our webpages if they contain TicToc Video.

Which social media tag distracts you the most? Is Tic Tac one of those?
Which social media tag distracts you the most? Is Tic Tac one of those?

Or perhaps just use the tried, tested and safer old-school method of mediums like YouTube. Do you have a channel? That service is welcome with little controversy everywhere. There are no restrictions other than family safety and the other type not so safe, for creators to publish. Your safety standards control the feed. 3 minute limits? Yeah, it can have that. It’s not time-limited. ‘Do you want to publish a half hour or more?’ the sales tag reads… ‘Shut up, here’s my credit information’, the publisher mumbles. YouTube is tried and true, as much or as short as you can afford or free. I didn’t publish below but it does fit. it might contain short bursts of advertising. Also not mine, but you see it everywhere and creators at TicTok and Facebook use and make the same video adverts.

A half-hour video on a subject to link it to a theme I wrote about recently… Enjoy and the link should be found here, to that post.

For you to make a choice, local options and restrictions should be known. In areas of the world where it can be viewed without penalty, you make the choice independently. You should go with awareness in mind. An educated decision is best to make. Reels vs TikTok: Top 10 Differences You Should Know. A long commercial ad can be impactful on any medium or be a message very powerful. All that can be done in a 3-minute burst anywhere, even live. Any longer and it’s boring. It could be simple to learn if your incentives are employment-related. it could be a question a potential employee is asked.

If you are looking for employment with any of your community’s non-profit agencies, it is wise to be educated in all social media categories. Many in my city are hiring, and likely in your community too. If you have awareness of Search Engine Optimization or SEO as a basic familiarity but better, it would get you in the door in most of them. Many design with WordPress, like you could in a job search and host your video content. It does simplify the ‘end product’ which is their aims and directives (perhaps yours too) towards community credibility and visibility. A Vision of the future they drive, the help they give. SEO brings those community eyes and the support they need to exist. Your help and support billboard to the world beyond your door, too. Good luck if that is in your future, and better luck to those successful applicants who have a job now. I hope you fall into that category!

British Columbia Canada Prince George Website improvements

Now on a Canadian server

Thanks to Shift Creative, a Prince George web design service is now hosted and not costing me that US exchange rate. This site isn’t making me any money, but it still remains. It will, in the future, be more than entertainment. I highly recommend the services of Shift Creative!

Well, it will get more posts. For the first time since I installed this WordPress App on my Android device, this host has connected with no issues. I can post as I travel. I’ll do this as I travel on Ebus to Kamloops in a few days. This bus might provide wireless internet and charging, I hope.

Me, 2023, before I go, lol.

Yes, you’ll get some photos. Ebus is a fairly new service connecting Prince George to Kamloops. It is the first intercity service to run that route since the departure of Greyhound in 2018. Thank you for following this site all these years! Stay tuned as I walknroll around Prince George after visiting our sister city. More to come!



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Adding PowerPoint presentations to WordPress posts

It has been quite a while since I’ve written here. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to a group that developed a PowerPoint (PP)presentation and presented it to a group live. It was masterfully done, well received and amplified the community served by that group… The credit for this post goes to Volunteer Prince George and the Handy Circle Resources Society.

Before the presentation, they presented the PP to our governance board at Volunteer PG. At the wrap-up meeting after, I suggested perhaps we could place the information on our website in a post. It is a WordPress-built website, way more active than mine and built for the community. To that they asked me ‘How on earth do we do that?’. It’s simple, truth be told. I hope I can explain with this post I will share with them.

Above, is what shows up in the draft. I used a plugin called ‘Embed any Document‘. It allows the file for the PP to be pasted, once on a URL like in my media collection. You can view it before posting to ensure the document displays as intended. When finished writing the post, publish it live. That’s the simplest way to put a PP presentation online. Through the block styles, many other file types, video, images and effects can be displayed. Alternatively, the user can upload the PP to an FTP site and embed the post with a specific line of code in a block style. As well, but with almost the same amount of technical know-how, you could upload to YouTube and embed that with yet another block. Good luck!

Top row of buttons for activated plugins
When you activate some editing plugins, this row becomes visible on the Edit or new post windows in the original WP Window. But now you’ll use the diverse block styles which are much simpler… Happy blogging!
British Columbia Canada Nonprofits of BC Website improvements

WordPress user types: Patron

What is a ‘Patron’? I asked Google after finding it as a ‘user type’ on a website I manage. I have this website and another on WordPress. They do not come cheap. One is on ‘Shared’ communication servers. I reference this, but it might not display on Google Chrome browsers. Mine’s on a private host’s ‘shared’ website server. Both allow WordPress to be installed on the domain, the website you’re viewing right now or over here where the only actual difference to you, the viewer, is that this one is HTTPS. It’s privately funded, but buy me a coffee here and I’ll thank you just the same! I’d consider you a Patron for sure! Why is this important for everyone, HTTPS? Do you see a warning before you view this other very trustable website? Or is even this one just as trustworthy? They’re way more credible than mine and get way more views per day! HTTPS assures you safety amid a clutter of websites offering troubles. When they become HTTPS, I am sure those views will increase. That said, just because it displays HTTPS, know safety by experiencing past website visits. Mine should improve with frequent posting, and creditable linking verifying.

Relax. You’re on an HTTPS website!

WordPress allows different user types separating them from casual browsers who do not ‘subscribe’ to new posts publicized. That, coincidently, is another ‘Registered User’ alongside a Patron user. A subscriber gets added to Mailchimp and other lists connected to our website alongside the other registered users so diverse, and others as it shares to Social Media. The website appreciates all who register inclusively; you support the website’s authors (Contributors, another user type) with your views and shares! The Patron is a user who has had a financial long-term impact on the organization, i.e., what the organization calls a ‘valued, esteemed contact’. Imho, I would consider them financial benefactors for the entity that the organization becomes because of the coin. It helps the organization amid the funds so appreciated by government gaming sources so dearly loved. Know your limit and play within it, but thank you BC for your donations through those entertaining addictive stations. If you lose control, there is help! Please don’t validate your addiction and try claiming it on your taxes as a creditable donation. Speaking of donations, if Non-Profits were to host HTPPS Websites, the visitors would be more likely to become a patron even anonymously via an online 50-50 chance. See how Gaming helps BC Nonprofits directly? Nonprofits almost always have a running 50-50 draw and since 2019, those have been online and secure. Some by email or offsite on a secure website (HTTPS) in the organization’s name costing a percentage!

Website improvements

Website Security

A leading URL provides website security. HTTP or HTTPS? There is way more to it, but it begins with this. If a newer browser encounters a website without an SSL certificate (HTTP), a warning may be given to the website visitor who came looking for information, perhaps to sign up for services, enter volunteer hours or several other reasons making your work worthy. Perhaps you sell fine wares or art pieces as diverse as you. It often prevents them ‘for their safety’ from entering your domain. For shame. It does not fit with your inclusive atmosphere. The websites many non-profits use are provided via a ‘shared web server’ their telecommunications companies host, for example, Shaw and Telus (Telus site might not display in Google Chrome browsers) shared hosting servers. Even some startup businesses save the cost of a full domain, perhaps for a blog. This is included in their communication packages, including phone and email. It does not include a free SSL certificate.

This will come up with newer browsers on HTTP websites, and screenshots taken with a recently updated Firefox browser. When the site becomes HTTPS, it will automatically redirect any links pointing to the HTTP version.

On my website privately owned and paid from a server (a shared domain too), the SSL Certificates are insisted upon. SSL = Secure Sockets Layer. An ‘unsecured’ website brings excess junk traffic, bogging and slowing down as it attacks the root server and all on the shared domain. You have to ask for it, but it’s provided hassle-free from an added cost. Running without it can add those costs tenfold in bandwidth overloads hourly. A website I manage is on the Telus Shared hosting service as an HTTP now (screenshot above). This is a report for our board meeting as I type this post. I am working on upgrading the website to HTTPS and providing a means to track Volunteer Hours on that website. Our board members (all board members leading BC Provincially Registered Volunteer organizations) need to input Volunteer hours. Any time ‘working’ towards the volunteer organisation’s forward movement in projects, except for board meetings, is ‘Volunteer Work’ trackable.

Where do we find those SSL certificates? What type is needed? How much does one cost? So, in answer to the first question, we turn to our favourite search engine. I use Google. Meh, don’t hate me.  In a conversation with TELUS sales, I was told ‘No, it is not provided. Go anywhere, IE Godaddy HostMonster and others, and find the most affordable one. Use the Installer found on the Server. Yes, there is installation support.’ I assume the answer from Shaw would be the same if they don’t provide it. SSL Type search informed me we need a single domain server, with prices starting at $5.99 for a 5-year plan. I could use a ‘Wildcard’ SSL but that cost likely is prohibitive for a nonprofit to sustain. Renewal cost after perhaps 5 years is about a buck higher most of the time, on the one I chose anyway, which I assume is fixed for further renewals. I found this one at The prices listed are on a long-term rate, a lump sum of 12 (* number of months in years from 1 to 5) months paid in one large amount) is what they ask for. A website owner can choose a maximum of 5 years or as short of a year as most servers. If you were to build a website on that server, the cost of space usually includes the certificate as mentioned above in the same increments. Renewing at the same server for whatever reason is slightly more expensive as something servers do as a sales gimmick focused on new clients but losing the renewals to other servers where the expensive domain fits but the customer keeps the less expensive server space perhaps with a slightly altered ‘.com’ or ‘.ca’ or ‘.info’ even designation.

For Non Profits of Canada, this can be a hindrance to install the certificate on a domain they own with ‘http’. It’s an expensive upgrade that remains the length of the time their websites are on that server so generously offered but not supplying a certificate. Perhaps we should all look at grants together. A google search for Non-Profit Grants in Canada brought this link-up focused on website improvements. It also brought this one to filter through at our government’s available grants website; it’s focused on British Columbia. Once it is installed, a ‘plugin’ to the WordPress Website will be installed for Volunteer Hrs. That’s a service I’m looking into used by another nonprofit I connect to, ‘Trackitforward’ which has prices starting at $12 a month paid annually, $144. Volunteer Hrs? Whazzup with that? Apparently, when a registered Non-Profit receives funds from the Province of British Columbia and others, they love seeing the results of the support. Stakeholders, including website visitors. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to celebrate on a website accessible to everyone, the most diverse group of stakeholder’s first contact? They support Volunteer driven projects. Volunteerism assists all aspects of human life.

Volunteers are smart. They enter their information better on a secure HTTPS website so staff can record work and people on official forms privately. The information displayed publicly is the hours they work collectively while stakeholders reach for credit cards for a worthy active volunteer organization project. On a secure website, donations and memberships can be asked for and accepted. If you are the ones with a credit card supporting Non-profits above the appreciated gaming funds many receive thanks to our government, I hope you’re still reading this. I personally thank you for that and rest assured, they are trying to make to so your donations simpler and more direct. I thank you as well for following my rantings that I try to pass off as education.

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