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How does a person create a Biofuel station?

I’m sitting here in Northern British Columbia watching the news about increasing fuel costs. I listen to the sound of vehicles on the main artery road in my city. Electric and hybrid vehicles are much better for residences along these roads and highways. Quieter. An ICE (or Internal Combustion Engine) stands out. As the news plays out, I imagine the lives of the people behind the wheels I hear. Emergency vehicles just passed. An ICE. Well, it could’ve been a hybrid, using ICE, but I doubt that. The government will take a little longer to upgrade emergency vehicles. Electric in a different life could have feelings of relief, not being a slave to that pump. Hybrid vehicles visit the pump less.

Hemp Clothing industrial Cannabis

Plant with diverse uses- Cannabis potential 4

Plant diversity 1

We’ve looked at Wood and Fuel replacement for Cannabis. It is such a versatile plant with a million end uses. It does those jobs very well and can be used today.

Cannabis plant leaves
A multitude of Cannabis leaves on a grey specked background

Have you heard about Hemp Clothing? Well, first, we have clothing already. Why would we need Hemp Clothing? One use for hemp is single use clothing like Halloween Costumes.

The problems with Clothing today

The problems begin before an article of clothing is cut from the cloth it’s made from. It’s not plant based or recyclable. The cloth itself is created with the aid of Fossil fuels and other hard to recycle materials, bleaches and chemicals. Over 700 strands of a plastic ‘string’ is often spun into a cloth cut to a pattern. The creation gets to the end user who lives the life. When the life of the clothing is no longer useful, the end user disposes of it. The article of clothing takes decades to be recycled when disposed at the end of life, as damaging to the environment as any artificial creation we dispose of. It leaches chemicals like dyes, bleaches and more into the soil as it decomposes slowly.  End user acquires another piece of clothing to replace and repeats that cycle, till the end user’s last days. That could be you I’m describing. I’m actually guilty of that myself, but I know my dumpster is sorted and separated by the collection company that services my apartment building at this point in my life. Perhaps your community or multi family dwelling residence has recycling too?  Comment below.  But what if they biodegraded quickly and helped the soil? Read on.

Providing alternative clothing

The Cannabis plant is pretty diverse, as I hope you are starting to realize. Remember, its end product is called hemp. Hemp clothing is far superior in my humble opinion than cotton. In fact, I found a study comparing those two fabrics both created from natural plants. Fascinating! Why aren’t we all wearing hemp clothing? Levi Jeans may even start designing in Hemp too! Likely, all that is needed is for a local person to plant some seeds to create clothing and sell those in your community, perhaps for your community or region ‘locally’. With several generations in a growing season, much cloth could be developed by just one stand. This is true for every hemp product.  Land that is presently unproductive, producing and contributing to local economies in a sustainable way who are able to pay federal commitments as a collective through Provinces and States. That’s the beginning of sustainability in a nation and freedom for people. To empower everyone to have the means to sustain themselves with excess to donate to others who cannot, the emerging cannabis industry can provide those means sustainably over generations of humans, starting with your personal donation to the Genepool.  It would provide us with food and clothing to do that work, and branch off to create and grow spin off industries, supplementing existing trades as well as creating new ones.  Clothing that could survive to pass off to offspring who would love new, perhaps that they create. As a side effect of the food and clothing industry, the health of mind and body would prosper too, society would overcome and solve most problems, I think. Read the next in the series about the food it can create. Actually, that you can create.  That’s the beauty of Cannabis. Subscribe today! My subscription list is ‘budding’ too. Thank you for doing that!

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