Interesting technology for new style of street sweeper

This could interest civic persons… Street sweepers are human-controlled conventionally fueled robots that consume time, resources and civic dollars by the thousands, hourly. Presently anyway. Electric street sweepers are a thing and evolve yearly. Autonomous street sweepers in a potential future? Not presently allowed in British Columbia. Already in your home, though. Keep your doors closed. Back to sweeping, on the Sunshine Coast in BC, a different type of street sweeper is human-powered, cost effective. How will this play out? Presently bike lane cleaning is expensive. Read for a new cost-saving test.

Street sweepers are hard at work, spending money cleaning streets. These noisy vehicles need to be proceeded by a water truck to keep community dust levels low. Some styles of sweeper spray water themselves. Check your community’s civic website for parking restrictions during sweeping and snow removal schedules. Also information about your snow and sweeping operations.

Every spring, as soon as all the snow and ice melt off and winter is finally gone, the sweeper force fires up. The costs are astronomical, but the city does budget those millions to be spent. Is it separate from a winter budget for snow removal or is it a combined annual budget covering all seasons and access work? You would find that info at a civic-controlled website as well as the amount your city spends, per season, providing access inclusively to all pedestrians and drivers, every season even after weather events

City budgets are increasingly becoming tighter, and highly paid civic economists tweak incoming funds to fill the budgets ever-growing in demand and dollars. They are always open for ideas of merit. Here’s one, heard by a civic committee and board who approved a test. Bikes fill the bike lanes. An engineering mind thought ‘hey- I can save my city a few bucks with my bike’. That mind was on the Sunshine coast. 3 2 1 and the Sunshine Coast was testing ground for a bike that sweeps the road while you ride.

A civic crew of bike-riding sweepers would reduce civic costs. It could run 24/7 in the snow-free months, naturally, on their way to recreation or employment. Shopping? Even just riding around, enjoying the activity in a healthy way, it could be done. I wonder if mobility devices could someday do sidewalk minor snow removal and sweeping operations, as a high percentage of pedestrian infrastructure is accessible in most communities of North America. The cost of the sidewalk update for inclusion with a hidden goal of community wellness was astronomical, those operations take a chunk of the whole to run sweeping and plowing operations too.

Information by WalkNRoll
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