Canada Has a Volcano Problem?

Didn’t I just write something about scientists, volcanos and power generators? Is this really a problem with that thinking? Although building a community so close and residing there I question… You be you of course, but know your risks. Prepare for the worst but expect the best… Nowhere will be safe in the very end.

There are many disasters in the land we call Canada since we began recording. Potentially, life is hard if you look at it another way. Short story, it’s a good thing when you survive to wake up in the morning… So far. Fires in our forests, the latest thing in North America. Earthquakes. Mountainsides sliding into communities. Yes, even volcanos. We do live on the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, here in Northern British Columbia, to the coast, past the Yukon and NWT. Geothermal power is a consideration for some of that land, that’s technology we know today. It’s not just Canada that hosts potential for volcanic activity. Yellowstone Park in the USA has a threat that could affect the whole world. Enjoy a longer video below that answers “What would happen if Yellowstone Park blew up?”

All this doom and gloom about volcanos. That’s life and 1 of a million ways to die. With those scientists I wrote about and active lava tubes producing power, I wonder if future volcanologists will someday create energy to release the stored energy of volcanos like the one at Yellowstone safely, benefiting our society. The energy combined across North America could power the world wide future even beyond the planet that energy creation would save. We could even use technology we know today (or likely in a predictably short period of time)to add geothermal now, before everything blows up! Will that reduce some pressure the earth is building up?

Long exposure of Tungurahua volcano with blue skyes

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