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Facebook: Build a Page or Group to attract 600 plus members.

Do you have a Facebook account? That’s step one.

Do you have questions about Facebook Pages and Groups? You likely belong to at least one if you’re on Facebook, perhaps even one I manage. This post hopefully will be completed in time to secure a ‘Social Media Worker‘ position that I applied for, could work for a service promoting website accessibility and inclusion. I have so much to learn myself. I’m a lifer in the school of life. Below in the image is step 2 of creating a Page or a Group on Facebook.

would you like a Facebook Page or a Group?
You can start a Facebook page or a group. Learn about them through my links!

Creating the Page or Group

My groups on Facebook are Private, I have one for an MS Peer Support Group I facilitate in the actual world. Speaking of that, I have a link for my MS Walk 2020, that you may want to help me find a cure. It’s linked to another page I manage for my local MS Walk. Thank you in advance. Back to FB. The Groups can be public too, but that often can’t be manged efficiently as it attracts trolls which are difficult to control. One use of Facebook is to collect donations for non-profits. I mange a business page for the Handy Circle Resources Society and the Prince George Mental Health Consumer’s Council you can view. Some funding for our programs and events comes from and through Facebook and other social media. Groups can be attached to pages to become powerful, or they can stay independent of a page. A website could also be added, perhaps for a business or supporting nonprofit. Kind of like how this website links to my social media feeds, including my page for this blog. It has no Groups attached. You likely just have one focus. That’s overall better for a business or the not so dedicated Facebook addict. Find a niche. My most popular Group involved Cannabis (naturally lol), started back when it was called Marijuana, infected with Reefer Madness and attracted a lot of attention in Canada, particularly from Facebook and the law. I started it as a local community page at first, but it quickly grew to include Canada focusing on Northern BC. The ‘Legend in my Mind‘ figured I was a frontrunner in bringing legalization to Canada.

Once it’s created, fill it with content.

It’s not enough to just post randomly and expect people to join. Yea, they’ll still join but not frequently and you can sit on it for years with just over 200 members, people joining and leaving no matter how interesting your content, never talking. Some attract trolls with certain subjects and themes as the only conversations you encourage, time to change writing styles unless you run a protest page or group, but even then Facebook has its own standards of conduct. Establish rules for your Group or Page before the first member joins. Make the environment feel welcome and secure to joiners, establish a rapport with your members as they join too, stay and perhaps in a scheduled ‘Welcome to my Group’ post perhaps once a week or more depending on frequency of new members. This will help them post and comment and stay loyal to your Page or Group.

Page and Group Management

Will you have just one person as ‘Admin’ or would you fill each roll with another person? How do you encourage conversation from your Group? Do you promote inclusion? Have you read the ‘Help’ posts on Management? All Staff should study the pages Facebook offers, study them before creating for your best chance of success. This is a good read on the normal web. After that, once members chat, their friends will join. Well, there’s a better chance of that, anyway. It is sustainable and will feed your interest greatly. No guarantees, but even without the website attached, it could attract the number you want by being interesting and well managed. Oh yea, another way to build inclusion and community participation in FB Groups is with Rooms and Video Calls inviting the entire community to a ‘private’ chat that is secure.


British Columbia Cannabis Weeducation


Research Generally

Ok. What is it? Basically, you ask a question common in many minds and discover the answer beyond doubt through research. If you wanted to know the frequency of the local bus transit route to determine if it keeps a regular clock work schedule down to the millisecond for one example, you would have to do research with perhaps some equipment to monitor all hours it operates in all weather, at the stop outside your window if it exists or another you can monitor 27/7/365 at bus times. I would say that over a year, you would get a pretty specific result. That answer became no, it has some flexibility at arrival times per stop. It often adjusts time along the way so they don’t arrive too early at stops found ahead between the transfer stations at a specific clock work schedule for departure. All times listed are departures from stops and stations. I forgot to mention this study also involved riding many individual runs from a transfer station back to the same transfer station and timing the stops and time at. There are also speed calculations etc, breakdowns, sudden trip emergencies, they cater to public transit where anything can and usually happen tragically so often. This is a type of Citizen Study someone like me would undertake. It could be anything. It could be you ‘Studying’. You could study your life condition from any angle you question, even as far as your medical life. It’s basically the same as studying your boss’s schedule or the bus. A question you have needed an answer. If you use a scientifically proven and creditable checkable and verifiable method of answering, you become a Citizen Scientist

My latest research, in case you didn’t guess it already…

Cannabis has been a lifelong study of misinformation sounding truths, and law-abiding Reefer Madness encouraged in many of the societies’ influences. Now more recently since about 2005 with Medical because of MS and Recreational since legalization, it kind of took new angles. I was growing up around it and a Reefer Madness infected father, towards the very end of the 1970s in a small Northen British Columbia Town. I had my first puff there, behind the pool room as an early teen. According to one thought I’ve had on it, that’s where my ‘Weeducation’ began. My ‘discussions’ with my father on the subject met animosity fast, so I became a rebel without a clue for a lot of years, discretion saved lots of arguments. Tobacco was OK past 16 though, dad allowed that after ignoring it since I was 5. I ended that ‘study’ at 39.

A sea of results

Cannabis is a diverse study. It has many results, no end. The biggest thing I discovered about Cannabis and its effects on my body was that we contain a very important system in our body called an Endocannabinoid System. It’s this system recently discovered in almost all animals that control so much in bodies from the spark of life to its end and cannabis affects it positively. Yea dad, smoking the Marijuana did way more than not kill me. It ended the tobacco addiction in my body that was killing me 39 years after, actually longer. You and mom smoked tobacco when I was born 56 years ago as I type all MS’ed up now enjoying life as best I can. More than a huff and puff puts smiles on my face, I am free of Tobacco. It caused the Multiple Sclerosis and mental health challenges; That I figure resulted from the Tobacco and Alcohol studies I did with negative results that ended before my 40s.

drugs from nature Fungi Mushrooms natural drugs Nature Opium psilocybin

Weed and human evolution?

Weed in the beginning

Weed. Ganga. Refer. What do you call it? Would you think it could be a part of human history before ‘recent’ history? Perhaps even before the Egyptian empire? It was. Plus, it wasn’t just Cannabis. Many plants, mushrooms give similar feelings. Some give strength and tolerance beyond normal capacities. Their major selling feature was to ease pain due to conflict or a hard life. They were almost certainly used for religious events. They influenced the body as they mimicked naturally occurring chemicals in the body. But did they start human evolution?

Weed and other drugs in the very beginning

As discussed in previous posts on this server, Cannabis developed on land during the time of the dinosaurs or before, perhaps waiting for life to crawl from the seas. It’s a basic weed, as tolerated by biodiversity as Dandelion and improving soils with its life cycle uninterrupted. Most life today has an ‘Endocannabinoid System today because of it. We came across the plant early in our evolution, and then life branched out in our direction over millions of hard years. Also, as a species that became us, we came across other plants with different reactions in the bodies that would later become us. Animals also have other hormones and chemicals in our bodies that other drugs mimic, such as Opiates that are made artificially or changed from natural overwhelm the receptors for it. They came about to fit into our ‘receptors’ in the same way.

Stoned Ape Theory

There is a thought that all life on land developed from fungus. Lets look at Mushrooms, the very first form of life on land as proven by ‘fossils’ of mushroom found in ancient lava, preceding all plants by a billion years or more. They come in a variety of forms today. Some are good for consumption, adding flavor and nutrition and fiber in many recipes. Many more will kill you. There are some that are used medicinally for the vaccines, as many of the same diseases and viruses ravish both species of life on this planet. Fungi has been here much longer dealing with them. Some will make you high. Religious leaders through history have used them in ceremonies and rituals. Perhaps the following video will help explain it better.


In Conclusion

Drugs, like Opium derived naturally from poppies, help pain without cause and effect unless overused to overwhelm the system in sensitive areas. Religion has surly been influenced by Cannabis, Mushroom and opiate influences. Even pure oxygen can kill us, it slowly kills our cells as we age mixed as it is in our atmosphere. Meh. Moderation and function, the ancients knew how to use the plants without too many if any non natural additions. They knew the limits, as they used some against enemies for a win to a conflict. I know for a fact Mushrooms considered ‘Magic’ in particular and even more so Cannabis just now becoming mainstream in North America post the year 2000 were commonly used by influencers of the past, nation and empire building leaders. We have much to learn for sure about addictions and even death I feel. We need the laws to relax, and research all the drugs we now criminalize.

Police lights
Prior to legalisation and public sales, this sight brought fear into the hearts of recreational Tokers and still does for all drug users of all ages. Does nothing to help addictions except to increase stigma, causing more use
Boreal Forests British Columbia Canada Forest industries Nature Recreational uses

Nature is natural

Nature in the beginning

Nature.  When a tree falls in the forest, and no one, no animal is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  Perhaps it does, maybe in practice or perhaps it saves the sound for a listener to keep them out of the way of the falling tree.  Only Mother Nature can answer that question with credibility.  She’s been doing this since the first trees were grown on our planet before humans or animals were there to learn the dangers of falling trees and hear the warning sounds of Ms. Nature.  Falling trees are not the only danger.  New forests with diverse plants grow in stages small and fast growing plants and soft broadleaf trees to slow growth with larger more dense wooden plants such as trees like Pine, Spruce and Douglas Fir in the Forests.  No one knows for certain, but large trees may have been preceded by Wild Cannabis and shrubs which were likely the first plants on this planet.  It was likely once part of nature on the entire planet.

A picture of nature, with a river flowing through a valley
Fishing, peaceful activities can be found in Nature. We should all respect it and work to preserve it’s beauty

Nature’s tools

When plants like trees grow, they drop seed as they mature.  Some tree species like Aspen will spread out by their root systems.  When one tree drops the root system and fallen trunk provides ‘starter material‘ as it decays with branches that take root and grow with the root system.  A single thick stand of aspen may be thousands of years old, perhaps even Millions years old.  The species is controlled by large herbivores like Moose and Deer that eat leaves and small saplings.   They are the start of a forest construction along with the bushes and shrubs with seed and fruit for the smaller ‘workers’ like birds, squirrels and mice.  Those animals eat seeds, they are employed by nature.  They never stop eating. They are not real particular, munching on a diverse range of seeds.  Predators eat vast amounts of seed eaters and some eat both animals and seed.  The seeds survive the digestive tracts of consuming animal. Most animals poop and that provides a good fertilized pile for the seed to grow in.  The resulting plants condition the soil for larger plants like trees, most grown by seed themselves.

Nature’s way of regeneration

Well, we’ve already explained the ‘Poop cycle’ of natural workers to create new forest but there are other regeneration methods used naturally.  Fire is one way.  Pine trees have cones that contain seed.  Through their life, which could span eons, it drops seed in these cones.  Some of that seed is eaten as some animals can eat cones and pooped all over the forest.  The cones open naturally in heat drop seed.  Pine produces a strong scent when it gets hot, that aroma is flammable and will ignite naturally.  Often, nature will provide the spark with lightning but more recently humans have caused many wild fires in a forest, either by carelessness or industry.  Human caused fires can grow dangerously hot making land sterile and seeds hard to grow naturally.  Many times it takes human intervention to regrow the natural forest quicker after a huge hot human caused wildfire.

Humans and Nature


There are activities that support nature and is sustainable.  We drop lines for fishing in our rivers, lakes and streams.  We hunt game in the forests, as we are predators as well as herbivores.  There are a number of berries, edible plants and some mushrooms we collect to consume.  Holiday decorations and trees for Christmas can be found in a forest.   A walk in a quite forest is mentally stabilizing for everyone, particularity those with challenges.  It teaches the human child of all ages to respect nature


A number of activities occur in the forests that immediately don’t seem good for nature, many seem to be conducted to collect wealth from the forest and nature takes a few generations to recover.  Logging happens with clearcutting and most times, the natural forest’s diversity is replace with a monoculture of merchantable single tree species, Pine and Spruce mainly.  This practice must stop it’s totally not natural.  The trees use fire to regrow naturally, clean out dying and dead matter clearing soil for new growth.  A monoculture of trees that use fire to regenerate concentrates the heat so it completely burns the soil and there are no firebreaks like broadleaf plants to slow or stop it.  Monoculture stands are suspected of being one cause of huge infrastructure fires seen in British Columbia during the summers of 2017 and 18 and could be a reason for declining animal populations. It is the most destructive use we have of the forest, but other activities like Oil and Gas, as well as Mining also have an impact but mostly those try to make the land natural after work is finished.

Cannabis Drugged Driving laws Weeducation

Public Recreational Medicinal Cannabis

Public sales.  What’s the difference?

Since public sales started selling in 2018 Canada this question has been asked by many regarding Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis.  Canadians above a certain age were suddenly allowed with various restrictions, no medical restriction or reason needed.  People as a collective play with pharmaceutical grade drugs, some facing addictions with deadly consequences for nations.  It does not only affect addicts.  Pharmaceuticals sometimes kill simply by using as directed.  Canada was overly cautious about Refer Madness infused Cannabis.  It has undergone many changes and laws since that day, thanks in part by being spearheaded by Canada’s former ‘RCMP Drug Task Force‘ heads.  They and their staff were also called the Gestapo by many Canadians puffing and growing the weed through prohibition.  The force is funded by that Refer Madness infection affecting society at large thanks to educating youth fears about Cannabis among other not so natural drugs now killing young adults today with programs like DARE, and adult programs like MADD which focused Cannabis above other drugs when driving.

Medical beginnings to legalization and sales

Prior to 2018 medicinal allowances were considered confusingly legal for very few since the mid 1970’s at least, and had exploded to many patients by 2009 for many people with diverse life and medical experiences in Canada.  Strata’s and other multi family dwellings tried to ban Cannabis consumption inside and were successful by society restrictions banning Cannabis above any smoking laws in public or rented areas inside prior to legalization.  In years before legalization many patents had to provide the Doctor’s actual prescription for proof of need.  Civic properties outside like parks and courtyards post legalization imposed complete smoking bans, prior to legalization had the law backing them with draconian actions when enforced and allowed tobacco only.  It is a true medicine not restricted by any law when prescribed by forward thinking medical professionals above that all use is somehow medicinal in more than my thoughts.  For a short time after legalisation and long before that, a patient could authorize a grower to supply their daily amount locally.  Some patients could even grow their own according to their daily limit.  Since then, the patients have to go through a registered Licenced Producer or their personal LP became that foundation for the only legal way to obtain Medical Cannabis.  That same product filled the shelves for recreational public sales after 2018, from those LP’s.  More on that next para.  I saw that patient medicine was reduced from the federal supply, well at first.  There is a form on Health Canada’s website  which is the official medical document authorizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes.  It’s recognized Canada wide and another form is needed to authorize growing, it may only be submitted once the property is properly prepared with security through environmental design in mind focused on refer madness thoughts of high profile crime attractants.  Long term patients still have designated growers locked in thanks to an Injunction made by Cannabis Lawyer John Conroy before 2010.  The growers became federal Licenced Producers if they qualified.

One source for all legal Cannabis, Medical and Recreational

With Legalization, you are allowed to grow 4 Cannabis plants per household but they must not be visible to anyone public, particularly those under the legal age of the province.  Canada has a set of laws, provinces handle Cannabis laws provincially and local communities have their own regulations concerning sales and use.  Legalization became Prohibition 2.0.  Some Strata’s, other multi family dwellings and individual rented living spaces can outright ban growing even one plant, even as a regular attractive house plant. Only plants that grow is grown from ‘starter material’ (IE seeds and clones) must be from a licenced producer who’s starter material was from the same national stockpile of starter material.   I do think it’s the final version of that medical form, imho strictly used for research purposes with controlled subjects from a controlled supply.  There is a larger ‘weeducation’ research project using public with recreational Cannabis in the wild to which the conclusion may be proven ‘all use is medicinal‘.  Efforts to research it’s effects on the Opium epidemic in East Vancouver were halted by said Gestapo aka Community Safety Unit or other branch’s in the 2 police forces (City Police and RCMP) of Vancouver.

Police lights
Prior to legalisation and public sales, this sight brought fear into the hearts of recreational tokers of all ages


Beyond Recreational and Medicinal

In previous posts, I covered some of the industrial benefits.  Housing, food, vehicles, fuel, replacing our demand on forests.  That’s just a start, way more products can be made.  The food and shelter forms of it will increase health, recreational may just provide a defence against the need to use it medicinally.  With society health, we can be more productive in many areas beyond the Cannabis field.


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Food- Cannabis potential

Food non-Cannabis

So for the last post on Cannabis I’ll write it’ll be on its most basic use and likely the most important use. Food. We all need to eat. Not only do we need to eat, the food must be wholesome and filled with nutrients. Most food today meets that criteria but something genetically altered and suspected much of that to cause many ills in consumers. The consumers are also the domestic animals we eat, like bovine and sheep, pigs. Pesticides meant to kill pests infused within the growing plant and more chemicals to preserve the food so it’s fresh on the table are suspected of making more and more people sick. Returning to basic farming to provide local vegetables and other produce with none of the added chemicals or preservatives and livestock and fowls fed organically to local Farmers markets and to feed their families makes sense. Consumers have a choice and local is reputably better. Cannabis should be available there, imho as it is grown locally. Did you know cannabis oils both activated and raw can be infused into or onto any food and many recipes replacing butter and blended into most, if not all beverages? It is a healthy additive in pure form.

Farmers market clipart picture, great place to find food
Farmers markets are full of healthy food. Imagen is  downloaded from ‘’. Sign up for tons of graphics free.


Cannabis, the diet for wellness

Well, a Cannabis plant starts as a seed, which in itself is food. It can also make a beverage, a ‘Nut Milk‘. Its use into other products like fuel for your vehicles creates an editable Hemp Seed Cake for humans and animals both domestic and ferial. That seed is full of everything an animal IE the human animal could need in nutrition and minerals. But it’s not the only part to eat. The whole plant, both genders, can be eaten from the roots & stalk to leaf and Cola.

None of it will make you high unless it’s a female plant, and the Cola is prepared ahead of time by Decarbing, which removes an acid molecule that prevents the psychotropic effects of Cannabis, and CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil will not make you high even after Decarbing. For medicine, it’s only part of the complete picture. The plant defines what it means to be sustainable for our use, fast growing, versatile/diverse in its use providing employment for generations of humans from seed to consumer with thousands of end products helping communities and individuals.

The End?

Not for Cannabis for sure, the plant has no end except winter when it must go dormant, being a fair weather plant outdoors. This is November, don’t forget. It is the last planned post focused on Cannabis, but many will be written heavily influenced by it. If you want to see more posts on it, or have questions about anything I wrote on a previous post, please contact me below and I thank you in advance. Any other family safe subject you may want me to research (*with Google of course) just ask or suggest it and I’ll write about it in a future post. Refer to my Privacy Policy for your assurance of confidentiality


Hemp Clothing industrial Cannabis

Plant with diverse uses- Cannabis potential 4

Plant diversity 1

We’ve looked at Wood and Fuel replacement for Cannabis.  It is such a versatile plant with a million end uses.  It does those jobs very well, and can be used today.

Cannabis plant leaves
A multitude of Cannabis leaves on a grey specked background

Have you heard about Hemp Clothing?  Well first, we have clothing already, why would we need Hemp Clothing?  One use for Hemp is single use clothing like Halloween Costumes.

The problems with Clothing today

The problems begin before an article of clothing is cut from the cloth it’s made from.  It’s not plant based or recyclable.  The cloth itself is created with the aid of Fossil fuels and other hard to recycle materials, bleaches and chemicals.  Over 700 strands of a plastic ‘string’ is often spun into a cloth cut to a pattern.  The creation gets to the end user who lives the life.  The end user replaces and disposes of the clothing when its life is no longer useful.  The article of clothing takes decades to be recycled when disposed at end of life, as damaging to the environment as any artificial creation we dispose of.  It leaches chemicals like dyes, bleaches and more into the soil as it decomposes slowly.  End user acquires another piece of clothing to replace and repeats that cycle, till the end user’s last days.  That could be you I’m describing.  I’m actually guilty of that myself but I know my dumpster is sorted and separated by the collection company that services my apartment building, at this point in my life.  Perhaps your community or multi family dwelling residence has recycling too?  Comment below.  But what if they biodegraded quickly and helped the soil?  Read on

Providing alternative clothing

The Cannabis plant is pretty diverse as I hope you are starting to realize.  Remember its end product is called Hemp.  Hemp clothing is far superior in my humble opinion then cotton.  In fact I found a study comparing those two fabrics both created from natural plants. Fascinating!  Why aren’t we all wearing Hemp clothing?  Levi Jeans may even start designing in Hemp too!  Likely all that is needed is for a local person to plant some seeds to create clothing and sell those in your community, perhaps for your community or region ‘locally’.  With several generations in a growing season, much cloth could be developed by just one stand.  This is true for every Hemp product.  Land that is presently unproductive, producing and contributing to local economies in a sustainable way who are able to pay federal commitments as a collective through Provinces and States.  That’s the beginning of sustainability in a nation and freedom for people.  To empower everyone to have the means to sustain themselves with excess to donate to others who cannot, the emerging Cannabis industry can provide those means sustainably over generations of humans starting with your personal donation to the Genepool.  It would be providing us with food and clothing to do that work, and branch off to create and grow spin off industries, supplementing existing trades as well as creating new ones.  Clothing that could survive to pass off to offspring who would love new, perhaps that they create.  As a side effect of the food and clothing industry, health of mind and body would prosper too, society would overcome and solve most problems I think.  Read the next in the series about the food it can create.  Actually, that you can create.  That’s the beauty of Cannabis.  Subscribe today!  My subscription list is ‘budding’ too. Thank you for doing that!


Be active

Get Moving… Be active

A little diversion from my usual posts, but a slight mention of Cannabis can’t be avoided.  For many it helps to build an active life.  I’m speaking about putting one foot in front of the other.  Walking.  Left foot, right foot, repeat.  Many health professionals across the nation will recommend a walk often, well at least will not recommend sitting behind a desk for hours even writing a blog post.  The word for that is ‘a sedentary lifestyle‘ and it’s not recommended.  Well if your doctor does recommend a sedentary lifestyle, find a new doctor!  Get Active!

Benefits of an active life

The health benefits of an active life are numerous and diverse.  The community you live in benefits when it’s residents and visitors can get out and about, people are usually more productive after they walk.  It benefits with reduced health care costs for many problems.  Less wear and tear on roads often leads to reduced infrastructure costs.  Who’da thought wearing out shoe leather with an active life would save your community money?  The facts about productivity prompts your employer to encourage you to step outside and take a walk.  Your personal wellness is improved with a regular walk.  A walk in nature impacts mental health positively, more so than a walk on a city block but both are good for all your ails.

Ignore the car, walk not to far

Perhaps not to the Bar…  The distance you walk is not all that important a destination could be an incentive.  An active lifestyle leads a healthy life.  Perhaps your property manager, your job or your household makes you consume ‘smokables’ like Cannabis or Tobacco outside.  That’s a short walk, ability to live in a residence is a great incentive imho.  An apartment and business might have a smoking area away from a building.  A house often sits on a block and a ‘Participaction‘ focus I saw years ago recommended a simple ‘walk around the block’.  I call it stinking up my neighborhood no one seems to mind my smoke as long as it’s out there!  A fun activity is counting your steps.  Count my steps?  What’s that?

Healthy apps

One way to keep any fitness goal you have is to count how many steps you take per day.  You could have a wearable device, like the famous “fitbit“.  A wearable device imho is better than an app on your phone as it stays with you during all the steps of your active life, can also accurately chart your sleep.  Some can count calories as well as other healthy activities.  I use a trio of apps on my phone.  Your phone may have one preinstalled, I’ve got a Samsung and Samsung Health includes a basic Pedometer among other functions.  Google has one called “Google Fit” which yea, does the same and more.   Carrot is one I’ve used for over a decade, actually it went dormant for a while and changed some features to become better. Download and use the recently upgraded app formerly called  ‘Carrot Rewards‘ today available from the App and Play Store!  If you do that, it’s best to sync all your activity apps together with an app like ‘Health Sync‘.  Health Sync is not exactly free though, but a nominal one time fee of $3.79cdn can be paid or a recurring 0.99 charge every 6 months will let you use it forever.


I'm active. You could be too.
Weekly accomplishments 99.9% of humans with any ability can achieve!
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Cannabis Potential part 3 B

If you missed the first episode in the series, it can be found here.

If you missed the first of Part 3, it’s here.  The second part is here.  The 3rd Part A is here.

This is:

Where do we grow all this Cannabis?  Part ‘B’



We suspect that Cannabis could reduce our dependence on “Big Oil“, with just one use.  Some call it a wasteful use, as there is information out there that claims a ton of dry biomass is burned to produce about 80 US Gallons of Gasoline type fuel and a pile of charcoal is produced referring to Cannabis Fuel.  The charcoal in that purpose is 100% useful as fertilizing material for new plants, it could also be used in heating to replace coal use, being very similar but being wasteful not worth thinking about. Same as for capacitor use where Carbon Graphite (from the remains of burned Cannabis fiber) rods make the components of that device.   However that is not how Hemp biofuel is made, that thinking is archaic and reminiscent of a Refer Madness infection.  Any vegetation could be our Biomass, but in this example our Biomass is Cannabis dba Hemp.  The pluses outweigh the negatives as far as I can see, just the seeds are used with the oils squeezed out.  This produces a ‘cold pressed seed cake’.  This Seed Cake is completely editable, it’s sold as domestic animal feed but it is edible for us as well.  The fuel itself is non toxic and can be consumed but is said to be unpleasant in taste, an alcohol stronger and less toxic than rubbing alcohol.  A spill would be good for the environment, fertilizing soils, leading to the next part where Cannabis will help.

The Forest Industry

It could replace the need to rape the forests industrially as another use.  Today, industry replants pure stands of Pine and Spruce trees after clearcutting, creating firestorms that grow humongous and some endanger communitiesDeciduous trees and shrubs are eradicated with prejudiced practices done by industry that threaten natural forests.  Feral animals are nature’s tools, the shrubs are berries and other seed bearing plants planted by nature in the circle of life.  Nature is out of balance.  Any non conifer plant growing near a ‘treated pure stand’ is growing in pesticide residue, usually deformed and is toxic to life.  It struggles to exist in a pure stand.  We do need big industry to step out of the forests for at least one generation of humans.  But…  We use forests for recreation, we use forests for employmentWe use the resources the forest produces in construction, paper products,school projects, hygiene (toothpicks) and way more even in some very wasteful ways, like toilet paper. With Cannabis:  Hempcrete, Hemp Lumber, Hemp Paper, Hemp Toilet Paper, napkins and more paper products, no toxic chemicals needed.  Everything wood can be replaced by a Hemp product in fact, all that can be safely tossed when its useful life ends.  It returns to the soil a lot faster than wood, most won’t have been preserved in toxic chemicals.  Every product employs an army in a sustainable workforce from seed to consumer.  There is much more it can do, I could describe Plastic and Food, The problems about Batteries and a Capacitor which is all it can be at present, but I won’t on this post.  I hope it inspired you to do some research and expand your ‘Weeducation‘, it isn’t always learned on the first puff.  The Industrial end of things is a whole other class in the school of Weeducation  Thank you for following so far, Hope you’ve been paying attention.  Keep reading for Cannabis Potential part 3-c, it needs not cut into agricultural land, well fertil soils overall excluding ferial…  Subscribe if you haven’t yet.  Next week that post will be uploaded

Cocaine Food Hemp Heroin industrial Cannabis land needed Weeducation

Cannabis Potential part 3 A

Where do we grow all this Cannabis?  Part ‘A’

If you need to start at the first post in this series, that is here.  This is part A of Where to Grow, Explaining “Feral Cannabis” which is beyond first generation growth and appears to be ‘naturally seeded’ by animal and bird droppings. Usually when I start a conversation about Cannabis and promoting my vast awareness of the plant with my limited understanding someone askes about land needed.  Most of my early knowledge I learned listening to the stories of weeducated individuals in all sorts of worlds during the last of the illegal years from about 1977 in a Northern British Columbia small town, then researching truths online after 2005.  The community I grew up in was rumored to have supplied the Cannabis to Prince George and points east west north and south of the hub city during many of the Prohibition years ending in 2018 in Canada.  In return, before the hype of today with the opiate problem, Cannabis was often traded for Cocaine and Heroin and the community was said to be layered a foot thick with those drugs.  It has grown up since then but that I feel it created the problems today, entirely created by an insane law that lumped Cannabis worse than those 2 drugs.  But that’s so far from the question I added it to show background as I listened to many stories that were proven as fact as I became as weeducated with no growing experiences.  I’ll break this in 2 parts so you see my reasoning of where to grow and how it adds, not takes away from, exising Biomass by filling a niche in agriculture today.

Cannabis in the wild

Early settlers to North America first settled here because the land was prime to grow Cannabis for the homeland and their own needs as they settled.  Land was hard to secure and grow Cannabis in the ‘Homeland’ due to conflicts changing borders and taking prime farmland during times of conquest.  In the decades before the ‘European invasion‘ created the United States which used Cannabis in part to break free from Europe and become independent, the plant was used diversely and for the most part, needed very little human intervention allowing settlers to shape the country.   Cannabis’s end product of Hemp was needed for war efforts at home and supplied material like rope and sails needed to explore, food and materials for settlements among all the other resources the new land offered.  Most of that early Cannabis escaped the plantations which were often abandoned and forgotten as generations progressed.  Speed further to 1899 to well after 2000 in North America, law enforcers took care of ‘ditch’ or wild Cannabis with prejudice where and when they noticed it.

It still grows all the globe including North America. Unseen in a ditch, spread free and proud perhaps on a remote mountainside or sheltered in an unseen valley it grows.  Studies show the Feral Cannabis to be very low quality and could be industrial class for at least the seeds, much more with awareness.  Seed eating small animals sitting around the bottom of the food chain and birds love Cannabis seed in their diet.  So do larger creatures who eat seed and those also eat those creatures.  Cannabis Seed survives the digestive track and is deposited in a smelly pile of nutritious fresh fertiliser, even when going through the predator as a second digestive track.  They found the plant most often in areas of disturbed and compacted soils like ditches and industrial lands abandoned, perhaps deposited by a rodent or bird chasing a rodent, perhaps by both while and after consumption of the smaller prey.  Where Feral Cannabis grew, it tolerated other species native to the environment and appeared to improve the soil and enhance surrounding biodiversity.  Refer Madness calls it invasive.  In the wild it exists peacefully coexisting naturally globally, flourishing strong without any human intervention.  Including in North America where Refer Madness laws calls it a ‘Noxious Weed’, but not officially as the Google keyword used on Google brought up all sorts of government websites and info suggesting toxic and noxious weed info links, but no mention of Ferial or wild Cannabis, Hemp at their websites on the subject.  Stay tuned for part ‘B’ in about an hour!