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How much is it to open a Cannabis Dispensary in Canada?

Why am I asking about the cost of owning a Cannabis dispensary rather than just working in one? Finding myself unemployed,  hopefully temporarily, I am exploring other options for a short-term income and without spending a lot that won’t affect my monthly support, put me into debit. Or education… I can afford to do short term education. Particularly if free. This link preceding is to the Prince George Library system. Your local library should have similar resourceful links. Employment too. You should already have an account in your community but OK all good if not, sign up online and explore. Found this other one, from Linkedin

The River
Added for SEO, Pictures are great tools!

I’ve connected with Kopar Administration, Work BC, and the Canadian Vocational Centre so far. You can find a soon-to-be-published post on this website of my employer, aimed more at your curious mind. I noticed a dispensary down the street remains closed, waiting for a person with a business plan. Grants and investors perhaps? Could it be me and my plan? Just need that Selling it Right Course before they will look at me in the BC Cannabis industry

Another study I’m doing is possibly investing in a Cannabis Serving it Right certification. In British Columbia, Canada we need a federal certification for any part of the world of Cannabis distribution. It costs just 35 bucks and yeah, it is a wise investment. It will certainly help to have my experience perhaps behind a counter till I get my own store? Stranger things have been known to happen. Stay tuned. Will that influence WalkNRoll? No doubt.

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Rail lines and wildfire, nationally

Wildfire after 2015 Canada at least, has been on everyone’s mind. It shuts a nation down, affecting major ground shipping routes shared by everyone industry employed, vacationing or just traveling between communities. Some wildfires are caused by sparks from a railway, and at least one BCCommunity ravished by wildfire blamed a rail line going through it, but after the smoke cleared the rail line was not to blame. We just saw how quickly and disastrous fires along creosote-soaked rails do become, thanks to a historic rail bridge and sparks from a neighborhood fire. Great selling films, Global News BC!

Artificial Intelligence drawing of a passenger train going through a forest during a wildfire
This is an AI drawing of a train, passing through a forest, during a wildfire. Let’s imagine a Via Rail passenger train…

Rail lines run nationally, through majestic forests and civic lands undeveloped, as well as developed areas. Particularly here in northern BC. We also care about our environment and suffer through the wildfire years. A Prince George Company developed a solution that is friendly to the environment and provides fire protection, along rail lines.”Innovative solution devised to eliminate rail line fires.” Citizen Newspaper… 2024 version. We have both Via Rail lines running out of our city at the south east corner of Northern BC. One going North from Vancouver area, to form the western border of the region and east across Canada from Prince Rupert both through PG along the southern border of this region of British Columbia.

Back in the day, we would share direct exciting local news on Facebook. On our walls and into pages like Walknroll… Meh. Recent restrictions on news stories prevent those shares from posting. Instantly. With a nasty message in Facebook style reminding you of the legislation leading to government decisions to block news media from any source. Smart domain owners use WordPress on their websites. Servers worth their salt host with HTTPS, for security. The posts with the links to news media share just fine as you might see when this post shares. Happy blogging to you!

diverse energy sources

Geothermal futures?

First off, there are physical challenges with Geothermal. The word describes great heat generated deep under the surface of planet Earth. Or any planet I suppose, in the greatness of the universe. Short answer we need to design a virtual drill large enough for the task. Watch the video I found, below. But like the costly disastrous dams they promise to make obsolete, do we need to spend money to indebt humanity generationally who need to watch the news? Oh look- they have cartoons too, a drama and a romance.

Solar Panels are cheaper by the day and contribute to civic grids that connect to regional and national grids collectively with batteries and inverters. It isn’t the only affordable power source. Wind, small scale hydro generators. TV’s and houses overall, just need an energy source and conversion from DC to AC. As does the commercial world. Enjoy

How This Fusion Tech is Solving the Geothermal Energy Problem:

New sources of Energy- Hurricanes to be turned into power plants

Humans have always looked to new sources of energy. I recently wrote about some scientists who are tapping into active volcanic lava tubes to create unlimited power. Nations are looking into the wind, the sun, tidal forces, and gravity generators, to name a few sources being looked at. The wind has many diverse strengths to capture. One being tested now is the strength of hurricanes. Could they provide sustainable power to a growing community of humans?

Tornado drawling
A drawing of a tornado. A new energy source?

Do we actually need any new sources of energy? Which type is better? There are so many factors to consider. Is a community looking to service its citizens? They might look at Geothermal. A corporation serving customers? Previous to 2024 in North America, mega construction of dams in major rivers produced power. They might look into millions of microgenerators turning harmlessly in the flows of any waterway in a predictable future. An individual in a home, a family? That brings up opportunity and changes economic values for the homeowner. Will your power supplement a grid for the community? Overall, where is the power collection taking place? Is the project near a stream or river? Does it flow downhill, sharply, with speed? Several options we’ve discovered above. Do you live in an area frequently visited by the wind? Of course, you might live in an area that gets ample sunshine all year. Solar might do best, but lots to consider too. A project could consist of multiple methods of collection working and a large battery ,1 or more to store all the power likely underground.

Traditional methods of creating power to supply a community, a range of communities and even provinces or states respectively, includes hydro electric dams. These mega structures disturb natural flows of water that sustained diverse forms of life, for eons naturally. Some species of aquatic life disappeared shortly after the construction of those megastructures, we miss some great sport fish no longer to be caught. Sacrifices of our lust for power to consume. Actually that’s the smokescreen. Sacrificed because a government way back when saw a way to to move money their way, from citizens that don’t know they could the produce demanded power themselves using low impact natural methods. The large scale methods like Lava and Hurricanes, if tested successful and used, will not be available to all. Well, unless they pay the cost demanded to produce, which includes generations of research and possibly a few lives.

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Accessible and inclusive nature parks of British Columbia

The Provincial Government has a mandate to create all new parks to fit the description of being accessible and inclusive nature parks. Perhaps you were looking for a travel blog documenting a trip through the parks in Northern BC, recently developed to be inclusive beyond the universal design of the parks to include accessibility in over 50% of the park to allow inclusive visiting. Perhaps you were looking for user information on a good accessible fishing spot in BC. In that case, this is not that post or blog site. The parks as mentioned above are lacking in transportation from any community to the park. Well, yes, you have a vehicle. One that fits your personal and perhaps unique needs, and once a blogger demonstrates the recreational venue’s accessible worth, you can and will visit. What about those who do not have that access? You most likely won’t take that person on a trip to the park, when the person wants to go. Yeah, my problem. You don’t know me beyond this website. How do I go to any of these parks, with my mobility device? I can’t use the expensive fishing gear I own… Perhaps that’s you too. Another challenge just arrived in my mind. How do we get back home, if a ride there is secured?

A trail marker indicating access standards of the trail through a park. This sign tells us there are diverse standards in the park, likely identified with unique markers in spots more challenging.

We have a few of those parks within our region in Northern British Columbia. The Ancient Forest, the Great West Life Mobility Trail. There’s a few more in the works, BC Parks has way more information on these parks. Yes they need donations to keep improving. Inclusion is a goal that is sustainable. It includes you, among the collective of humans living. It even includes me, with you. But you still won’t take me in your private vehicle. That means to travel is not a shared inclusive space, except to your personal needs. No mention of the time involved between park and starting point and to leave to return, when needed. It’s not just parkland and developed fishing holes, in nature. Public tourism venues such as Hubbell Homestead, Barkerville, and more scattered across the province were made with access in the design. Still no way for those living a pedestrian life, or most in the cycle world on bikes to access. A walk or roll in nature, for anyone, is more beneficial than a team of therapists

An accessible trail only has to be smooth and packed tight. Avoid loose gravel on the paths. A very mentally stabilizing stroll and roll through a park

Recently the BC Government (BC Transit) took over the accessible point-to-point, provincial transportation system called HandyDART. It only covers within a community’s boundary. The model of community support only allows community members, who must be registered, to access in town locations. In Prince George, where it started with the Carefree Transportation Society, they are looking for a new direction to travel. They formerly managed the HandyDART fleet in Prince George, since before it started over 50 years ago. While that happened, and BC Transit transited the switch in leadership, the established society discussed closure and how that would look. That was not in the plans. They looked for niches to fill next, in local inclusive travel. That was the direction they wanted to travel, keeping transportation, accessibility and inclusion in the vision. There are a few. They discussed the lack of ‘inclusive’ travel to these parks and more, looking for a new direction. Could they fill this niche in BC Parks plan to bring inclusion to these parks? Stay tuned. More to come.


Canada Has a Volcano Problem?

Didn’t I just write something about scientists, volcanos and power generators? Is this really a problem with that thinking? Although building a community so close and residing there I question… You be you of course, but know your risks. Prepare for the worst but expect the best… Nowhere will be safe in the very end.

There are many disasters in the land we call Canada since we began recording. Potentially, life is hard if you look at it another way. Short story, it’s a good thing when you survive to wake up in the morning… So far. Fires in our forests, the latest thing in North America. Earthquakes. Mountainsides sliding into communities. Yes, even volcanos. We do live on the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, here in Northern British Columbia, to the coast, past the Yukon and NWT. Geothermal power is a consideration for some of that land, that’s technology we know today. It’s not just Canada that hosts potential for volcanic activity. Yellowstone Park in the USA has a threat that could affect the whole world. Enjoy a longer video below that answers “What would happen if Yellowstone Park blew up?”

All this doom and gloom about volcanos. That’s life and 1 of a million ways to die. With those scientists I wrote about and active lava tubes producing power, I wonder if future volcanologists will someday create energy to release the stored energy of volcanos like the one at Yellowstone safely, benefiting our society. The energy combined across North America could power the world wide future even beyond the planet that energy creation would save. We could even use technology we know today (or likely in a predictably short period of time)to add geothermal now, before everything blows up! Will that reduce some pressure the earth is building up?

Long exposure of Tungurahua volcano with blue skyes

Imagine what this would do on another planet

We’ve got Voyager going where (we figure) no human vehicle has ventured, even outside of the ‘protection’ zone of our planetary system. Through that primitive dated technology, travelling at sublight speeds, humanity is learning so much about the conditions travellers will face if we venture someday, among proving theories about conditions. It’s the first human-created Autonomous vehicle (AV) aliens will discover, if any come across it that is. Even dead, it will be a marker to the testament of humankind, a gravestone perhaps after we are gone. Will we be remembered?

Alien family on an alien planet far into our future
Far into our future, an alien family studies a planet. AI-generated original image

I have a theory, based on some confusing math about time within a planet’s gravity well, on the orbit of the planet they reside on spiralling forward, being dragged by a star to whatever future lies ahead. It is different than the time between the planets in that theory, and each planet in our region of space has its planet-wide time zone. That was proven on the Moon in 2024. I do imagine once we establish a presence, which will likely be inspired by mining settlements, local time zones will be established. It’s likely even different in the time zones between galaxies, too.

A traveller, going even one light year at light speed, does not age as fast as the ones ‘at home’ or in the time zones, they encounter. The traveller in that theory would not return to the same generation of individuals that being left originally in the home collective. It makes no sense to travel unless a planet travels collectively in that theory. Even if the traveller is automatous it would likely be outdated by the time it reached another universe, even at light speed. Would they be remembered if they were to return?

Today, in the planetary time zone you read this in, China unveils the first self-developed general humanoid robot for diverse scenarios. This could potentially explore our ‘neighbourhood’ of planets first, perhaps even ones we expect are out there, a few short light years out once ‘radio technology’ evolves to enable faster communication between the planets and universes. Mars and the moon particularly, to clean up all that space junk and explore more effectively than robots with wheels. They would not be hampered by the toxic volatile atmosphere found on alien planets. Use AI to recycle too, building more advanced autonomous vehicles and beings (AB) from the scraps.

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence or AI, the ‘brains’ of the AB would have to learn. They’ve been doing that since at least the 1950s. The controlling features will mimic biological brains with almost the same or better learning capacity than the biological brain. The AI inside the AB has evolved and now supposedly the body has achieved Sentience status. Will they someday be classed as another race of beings, one created by humans before it creates itself?

British Columbia

Self-Driving Cars Banned in British Columbia

Courtesy of ‘The Drive‘ comes this breaking news. Select individuals, perhaps those with limited vision, and reduced reaction times due to a mobility impairment that might affect the legs or hands or even personal motor controls, perhaps even you might be interested in this news. I’ll keep it short for a wacky Wednesday post. Well, it was started yesterday. Pedestrians are safe lol robotic cars in BC we won’t see. We’ll have to respect those guidelines. I read someplace Autonomous vehicles were not ‘inclusive’ and may not ‘see’ a darker non reflective person or animals. Groups of non reflective attendees, well, just because it hasn’t happened it cetanly could if just one vehicle got hacked. The cameras might have been improved. The security too. That’s how it goes with technology.

You won’t see self-driving vehicles on British Columbia Highways. This is a quiet photo of a country drive in Southern BC, with mountain ridges ahead

A family of the future is travelling along the ‘electrified’ Highway16. The driver is one of the occupants-Recall this is BC. They got a message on the dashboard speaker. ‘The update is on the way and will be installed at the next internet hotspot. I see that you have to charge. Oops. We’re sorry. A scan detects problems with a critical part of the steering, affecting the health and safety of the vehicle’s occupants and persons we encounter. Please have a complimentary meal and enjoy the free facilities at the charging station, as a new replacement vehicle is prepared. Be sure to take all personal belongings to the storage area ahead. We are not responsible for your items. Thank you for the experience of your company so far, I am sure you find the next ride just as good as mine or better”. Somewhere else in North America, the driver may be autonomous.


Access to your future begins with a credit score

Are you facing around a $100,000 or larger debt? Collection agents calling every 10 days, waking you up? You change your number, no effect. Volunteer at an organization while homeless and answer the phone to hear them unexpectedly. It feels hopeless. They are relentless. Wages garnisheed in some cases. On schedule, they follow the anti-harassment rules of collection. Is there any hope beyond bankruptcy or death (but that leaves the debt to your family…)? Do you feel you can’t afford to die? Owe your soul to the company store? Suddenly, Tennessee Ernie Ford starts singing that tune in your ears! Darn earwigs… A fitting song for the thoughts, though. Enjoy.

Work your fingers to the bone, and what do you get? Another year older and deeper in Debit… Bony fingers, too!

If you’re already in debt, not awaiting an inheritance or any lump sum in the future, perhaps bankruptcy is in your mind. You may be forced to free up investments and downsize costs before that. Houses? Can you remortgage? Could you pay down credit cards? Is the house safe in bankruptcy proceedings? What happens to my credit rating after bankruptcy? These are the thoughts of a troubled mind, that sometimes leads to a mental health diagnoses and thoughts so dark on how to pay off debit. Who else can be blamed for the debit you now carry? Do I need a lawyer?

Picture of a straw breaking a camel's back
The proverbial ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’. Is there anyone to blame for your debt other than you? Already in debit and the house needs repairs? You never win, it feels!!!

Credit cards are the beginning to a future, but they can always be the devil in some lives ending any hope of a future. Financial literacy should be taught in schools, starting basic in the elementary years. How can we learn Financial Literacy today? The first Credit Card we have unfortunately does not usually lead to the card holder’s success. Youth is so wasted on the young, but wasn’t that fun? If only we had credit alerts and bank accounts we could see 24 7 thanks to apps on our devices. Apps like Borrowell, CreditKarma, ClearScore to name a few. Your credit history and score is very important to see as you try to repair it. They do write of some non bank credit cards after about 7 years of collectors hounding the person, but Revenue Canada is relentless if you try to hide from that. It brings daily very high interest rates on that debit if you owe. Before the preceding paragraph is considered, here are some tips to try to pay down your Credit Cards that hopefully work in Canada too. Just by paying rent it can bring up your credit rating if you do not already have a card or going through after bankruptcy. I hope for Canada’s sake, today’s youth is better prepared for the responsible use of credit and the value of a dollar. It could have an effect on current unhomed rates.

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Cannabis Consumption sites in British Columbia

Cannabis Consumption Activities and celebrations. Are you against or for them? Do you live in British Columbia? Perhaps you voted in the survey I’m referring to, done in 2023. Thank you for providing the answers to it. This is a British Columbia official survey of how we feel about cannabis consumption sites. Overall, the older we are, the more we are against it., short story. What are your thoughts on why? Read all, I will discuss why I think that is towards the end. I received it in PDF format so I’ll highlight it below. Be warned, it is not a quick read, like the results as described in the PDF linked below for download.

From the Executive Summary: The Province of British Columbia is considering whether to permit cannabis consumption spaces and, if so, how to regulate them. ‘Cannabis consumption space’ is a general term that refers to a business such as a cannabis lounge, a special event, or other establishment that has cannabis for sale and use on-site. In spring 2022, the province sought feedback on cannabis consumption spaces through a demographically and geographically representative telephone survey, an online survey and written submissions. This engagement aimed to gain insight into whether people in B.C. think these spaces should be permitted and if they would visit these spaces. The Province also sought to understand the extent to which people agree or disagree with the proposed policy principles that might guide how these spaces could be regulated and perspectives on potential concerns or opportunities.

2023 survey results, 53% yes among existing users and 5% among people who do not use cannabis, via telephone survey visiting a cannabis space. 78% users and 0% Non users responded positively online with non users 98% against but 2% maybe
2023 survey results, 53% yes among existing users and 5% among people who do not use cannabis, via telephone survey question re: visiting a cannabis space. 78% of users and 0% of Non-users responded positively online with non-users 98% against, but 2% might visit.

The overall interest in British Columbia is high. Considering that an estimated 1.4 million people living in British Columbia reported using cannabis at least once in the past year (based on the 2021 ‘BC Cannabis Use’ survey), there may be at least 750,000 people in B.C. who are interested in visiting a cannabis consumption space at least once. In 2023, survey respondents were asked to indicate their interest in visiting these spaces to buy and use cannabis, to assess potential interest in consumption spaces. Most respondents who use cannabis were interested in visiting a cannabis consumption space, and few respondents who do not use cannabis were interested in visiting these spaces.

Open area beside Epik Cannabis Dispenserary
Perfect Open area to host an evening event, perhaps a daylight event with music cannabis consumption and freedom to do anything legal. Cannabis, more than I think, could heal this area. It sits on what was once called Canada’s most dangerous intersection…

Pre-pandemic and, before legalization, groups of like-minded individuals, at least 2, would gather upon encountering each other. In these gatherings, a match involved the consumption of 2 joints, with each person taking turns to light theirs in sequence once the first joint was ashed. Celebrations were social and varied by community. Many people attended all those gatherings in a friendly protest, which caused police and media attention in major cities like Vancouver, Toronto and other communities with local media attention if any attention happened. 420 was a code not so secret. Your next-door neighbour likely had the best stuff in the community, at least that was the sales pitch… A pair of tokers would commonly meet to discuss the quality and more from diverse grows and distribution doors. We’d compare strains, hockey scores, world events and personal stories of the highway runs we did in life. If they’d only listened to us, we coulda unleashed world peace. Why couldn’t we all just get a bong with each other and sit in a room to discuss it? The Pandemic taught us a few lessons about sharing a toke. For a short time before the governmental Marijuana Advisory Board allowed provincial weed to be sold in the province grown by people in the community and sold by citizens of the community who owned the business, a few original users and distributors kept their original Cannabis supply fresh as we all became suppliers and supporters of local weed sold at local dispensaries. They were employing local people known to us. There are still problems, but investors face those challenges now. They are trying to improve things, ever so slowly even for government time, federally speaking—so many restrictions.

Cannabis is a dangerous investment still. The goverment needs to be on top of the early struggles of this market
Civic construction played a part in forcing Earth to Sky, in late 2023, to close. 3rd Ave had summer and fall ‘infrastructure upgrades’ installed, affecting the vehicular traffic from Edmonton to Victoria Street, the previous 2 summers.

In Prince George, British Columbia, Grasshopper Cannabis was the first one to survive the initial wave of dispensaries. None before had business licenses and did not survive a week. This one opened at 421 George Street. Another dispensary, Epik, at Canada’s most dangerous intersection, 3rd and George just down the street, was the second to open. Sigh, it’s not all bad, BC is home to unemployed actors, and there are places where they can hone their acting skills. Life in the city, on its streets and jails, outside the Provincial Courthouse. It isn’t just our city, sadly. For a spell, we had a story or 2 the nation was interested in collectively, around the time just before legalization. Epik has an open area beside the store to host a cannabis consumption (outdoor) site, and an entire upper floor too if the government allows editable consumption, some non-psychosomatic. A nearby diner would likely partner with a dispensary to provide those orders. Some other businesses may have rented out that area upstairs, though. Diners on 3rd might compete with diverse offerings of Cannabis cooking too, if allowed. It does not have to be medicinal or recreational, just not decarbed. Healthy, unique meals. A new taste to old recipes, none of the refer madness effects. Activated uses are so diverse, too. Cannabis Vodka? Are you drunk or stoned when consuming it as alcohol? Crossfaded is a good word if you’re stuck, but drunk works. Of course, activated cannabis, edibles and meals would be available for takeout through the dispensaries too, to be used responsibly at home at the discretion of the buyer. The first year, there was an event on April 20th in that outdoor space by Epik, just before the fall pandemic began. The area used is a private parking area for local businesses. I attended the event, but they had prohibited taking photos. The Ramada Hotel sits across from Grasshopper, as does a popular small home-style diner called the ‘Daydream Donuts Cafe‘ next door to Grasshopper. Epik has a neighbouring diner too, ‘Ritual Coffeeworks‘. I’ve heard they have a connection to Grasshopper in Ritual. Many dispensaries close too, like Earth to Sky, found further up 3rd towards 5th in the block just after Victoria St, unable to provide the federal, provincial and local governments with income to operate as long-time road construction on Third Ave blocked all but pedestrian traffic dropping in. The picture is above, if you missed it… The residents and workers of the neighbourhood out for a healthy stroll to the neighbourhood dispensary were not quite enough to support.

Back to the survey. By now, you have an independent thought in your head about open-air cannabis use in an event-type setting. I’ll focus this para and the next on one thought: new life. As many of the respondents were women of all ages, a concern in more than one female and some male minds was pregnancy use. That’s an educated guess. Gender was a question asked somewhere in that long document. My questions. Would females even congregate at cannabis consumption sites? What if they were pregnant? What if they became ‘with child’? A simple Google search brought up loads of negative information bordering on Refer Madness. It contains none of ‘the harmful chemicals tobacco has‘. It continues negative against any cannabis use, but make your mind up if you read past that warning. Youth still have that world to grow up in. Lots of youth start families. It still has the reputation of being a gateway drug for that age group. There is always the possibility of re-illegalizing it in Canada. The youth can change their futures collectively as they inherit adult roles, changing local, regional and national paths.

On April 20th my community of Prince George BC held an outdoor event on a block of George Street, in full view of city hall. Recent elect, His Worship, Mayor Simon Yu wandered through around 130pm and lead a procession to the Ramada Hotel, across from Grasshopper, for a town hall meeting on Cannabis event futures. No room was there for my scooter so I waited for the news in the last link of this paragraph. My personal energy was drained but my scooter batteries held ample power shortly after, and I came home around 2. I use Indica for my pain, but I never blame my naps on them when I can. So far, I make it home before that happens lol. Back to the ending of this post. this edit was made April 21st, 2024. History in Prince George. History for British Columbia. History for Canada. Hope you had a great 420!

Digging deeper, a study of the human endocannabinoid system and its role in pregnancy shows how important it is for life from the moment of fertilization, from the mother. It continues until the child can produce enough of the endocannabinoid, all its life, to the last dying breath hopefully decades later. It starts with breast milk c/w endocannabinoids. Did you ever have a ‘Runners High‘, during activity, long after weaning from Mother’s Milk? Even deeper, we see the similarity of the Cannabinoids in cannabis to an endocannabinoid cell. The receptors in the body fit both cannabinoids and endocannabinoid cells. What happens to a lowered or compromised endocannabinoid system throughout life? Can cannabis use supplement a lowered or compromised endocannabinoid system? Well, I think Canada’s legalization is a huge 20-year at least study on Cannabis use. Questions to ask- at least one. Will it influence chronic illness diagnosis rates over a generation? OK 2. Will it affect tobacco sales and addiction? We’re already almost tobacco-free in BC– You make the difference. In BC or perhaps elsewhere, doctors can counsel persons serious about quitting. Pharmacy is a partner to health in ‘The Quit’ here. It isn’t all cannabis-related, but it was part of my quit… In BC, it is free to tobacco consumers who want an end other than death. Ask at a doctor’s office or your pharmacy. Quitnow is international and available for support with the quit, which we know is hard to do, even in British Columbia! We can have a tobacco-free generation. That includes those questionable tobacco vapes. You are part of the collective in your local area.

Keep following my posts as I research where the money goes. I hear in the USA where individual states legalize, those states pump funds into education, highways, civic roads, and other state concerns and new programs. Where does Canada put the money nationally? What if BC and all the provinces kept more of this coin?

Information by WalkNRoll