Me.  Ken Biron circa 2018
Ken Biron, Website publisher

A photo of the website designer/owner/Mr Knowitall, Ken Biron

I’ve sat on the Advisory Committee for Accessibility for the city of Prince George since before 2010. My last appointment for them was sitting as Vice-Chairperson as we finished 2023, where we welcomed the end of the name to come, and the rebirth with the new title and meeting schedules to be scheduled. In early 2024, we made a change to include the Inclusive title in our name and future direction within this community. We will know it as the Prince George Accessibility and Inclusion Committee 2024 and into the future, holding quarterly meetings.

I also sit on several non-profit boards within the city of Prince George. The Carefree Society recently lost the contract to manage the local HandyDART transit system. It was a position they held for over 50 years for Prince George’s locally afflicted and registered individuals, a diverse group of humans with challenges to a changing provincial transit system from before HandyDART existed. We will find another transportation niche in Northern BC to inspire as we did with HandyDART. I’ll soon link to their website when not haunted by an HTTP website. Volunteer Prince George knows me as a volunteer leader, presently sitting as Vice President till AGM 2024. In my history, I was the president of that organization. I also have contact with Reach BC, the Patient Voices Network, and the provincial Patient Committee’ of the BC SUPPORT Unit. All that volunteerism and I work part-time for a Non-Profit society in British Columbia Canada, assisting them now as they do every year in the spring, hiring ‘Volunteers’ from the community to assist with a diverse range of Handy Circle Resource Society’s clients. We do that all year but being in Canada we connect to Revenue Canada for Income Tax beyond the Canadian springtime tax season and need those valued volunteers, particularly in the spring. They have a developing website. Stay tuned for more.

This path was a safety measure. Built by the city of Prince George (summer, 2020) so all pedestrians inclusively can use Connaught Hill Park in Prince George. It allows access other than the vehicular access road for all pedestrians. I had consulted on the plan for this trail before it was built, as did ACA in my absence. I had an accident on my scooter that left a scar on my right arm because of the old access.

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