Who is WalkNRoll? Look here for the answer!

Who is behind this website?

Really.  Who is WalkNRoll? My Name is Ken Biron.  I can walk, but not too far so I roll further.  I am the owner of this website, a student of life and proud alumni for Make A Change Canada more focused on IBDE.  I have a Free WordPress.com blog site as well.   As of this update, I am a student taking the Business Abilities course through them.   I am an active citizen of Prince George BC, aging despite having Multiple Sclerosis.  Thanks for looking in.  I manage several websites for non profits locally and consult around the province of British Columbia.  The Carefree Transportation Society ( here’s my bio on the WP blog behind their website),  The Dome Society (website under discussion) ,  and Volunteer Prince George‘s websites are managed by me (My Bio there is a lot more detailed).  That’s only one part of me, well many parts of one part, truth be told.   I am known as a “Professional Volunteer” in my large diverse  circle of personal contacts, most of them are “professional” contacts made in the Non-Profit world.  I have built websites and blogs for over a decade but those were my own and most had domains expired a couple on free servers lost in the mega space of the internet.    I am also employed by Handy Circle Resources Society, but not on their website.  I just advised them on their blog, and now will be managing their WordPress Blog behind the Blog Writer after a few changes.  They will be the first I manage as professional once I have my business in place, or perhaps a bit sooner.  I have a diverse job there which includes networking, public speaking and educating as well as technical advisor/ service tech.  It’s through skills first learned there as well as Internet access HCRS provided at that time that lead me to connect with Community Futures Fraser Fort George first in 2006 and through their shared connections, the experiences I now thank Make A Change Canada for.  Perhaps now I’ll be successful.  Help that happen, buy a website!!

Who is inside my head?

I really don’t know.  Isn’t me, most times I feel.  I ask who, no one answers but the voice sometimes argues with me.   I’m a true legend in my own mind.  Sometimes I spend time to take pictures of areas which need access improvements.  Other times I take pictures of work being done to overcome barriers.  I love blogging!  Keeping busy in my head helps my mental health be stable.  Both sides of every story needs to be told, to increase awareness of barriers that you may have passed over unaware before, perhaps for decades.  Best to discover and fix those before you need them yourself.  It’s even better if you consider adaptable housing as well in new construction, life changes causing sudden impairments in mobility or vision can happen at any stage of a person’s life. It is the only certainty other than death.  Someone living in that residence after you move on will appreciate it if not yourself during in your time living there.  Everyone needs to go home after a hard day out and about and heal from the day.  Adaptable can make that happen no mater what happens.  That has been my main focus since I walked into a wall in 1999 and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a year later in June.  Since then,  my housing has been limited due to having a Mobility Scooter as my main form of independent mobility outside my residence.

Whatup with this website?

Digital is at the root of Accessibility as the internet has education about ANY subject you wish to learn.  WalkNRoll.info was built on that principle, it will contain a diverse collection of material from news of the Cannabis Revolution (access to freedom) to news of new construction overcoming local barriers every community faces (again, access to freedom).  Will also use this to promote areas that need attention to service departments of my community or others around my area that I will be reporting on over the next 5 years of this website.  I will also feature some education to share awareness of Web Accessibility and what you can do to overcome when it isn’t.  All websites need to be accessible to everyone!

I’ll build your website as a funding source for my future ventures. If I succeed there, then I won’t have to lead you to my PayPalme Link here and beg for your help!   Rather than begging, you might want a website…  Use this link to purchase one from my host, BlueHost!  5 years or longer is the best deal!  I am specializing in WordPress but HTML (XHTML) and PHP are also available.  I’m not as proficient with PHP as XHTML but you can be assured of a great web presence that can easily fit in your budget!   Contact me for details!