Weekend Plan Idea-one

It’s Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend? (you may need a website to keep you busy!)  Perhaps you would like to begin a new small business online…?  Here’s your opportunity to start this weekend, you can purchase an affordable website here at BlueHost!

Reading this all weekend?

I’m sure you’ll find something else to do…  I’ll make this short.  These posts are being created well in advance and will automatically post on the day I schedule. If you wanted to read all weekend, I am sure I could set up some posts to publish on Saturday and Sunday too, no problem and thanks.  I’ll have to set that up after this weekend though if you let me know you want them.  Let me know in the comments and I’ll set that up for a future weekend project.  It’s a real cool feature built into modern WordPress websites and you should have one of those (it’s free behind that link or installed with your BlueHost purchase here, which is way more efficient for your online business plans) or on another blog platform which are included in every Cpanel with most servers!  I’m going to show you how easy it is on BlueHost below after this short rambling, which is a trademark of mine….  Enjoy.  We still have to get through this day!  Now, read on

Buy a website in this paragraph!

Mine is hosted on BlueHost, a very good server from what I can see… Please consider them if you need a website.  Mine has unlimited sub domains and lots of potential over 5 years!  Use this link, rather than looking for their URL!  Just think…  If you bought one today, before Monday you could have your first sale if that’s what you want to do with it! It’s sooo easy according to the video below!  Woot! You can even have one secured for 5 years to bring the cost down per year which is a way better price than every month, 1 at a time or even every year, 1 at a time! If you do purchase a website, comment below and we’ll set up backlinks!  It could become an educational experience for both of us!

Soooo  Simple, but I can help you and save you time after


A word about backlinks…

Even if you know nothing about Search Engine Optimization, you should realize it is a good thing when you have a website, perhaps a blog,  that attracts attention across other websites and helps more visitors come to you at your blog to provide you a view, perhaps a customer.  You talking about me and sharing my link to your blog will get your link perhaps in my sidebar or footer, long as you let me know, as well as being sent to my page as a comment from your website if done right.  Help me, I’ll help you, we will help your customers better.  I’ll provide you some linking text, all keyword rich and I hope you’ll give me one with your keyword rich text. Orrrrr, you can always contact me from here, directly.  Sending Email best contact if you’re serious.  Leave a phone message, send a text first  & bring Cannabis if yelling from across the street!

Keyword Rich text

Please copy and paste this text as “Title Text” to your link, ALT text for photos: Accessible websites built with WalkNRoll!

Social media sharing

At the bottom of the posts, you’ll see share icons.  You look really smart from where I sit, I’m sure you can figure them out.  If not I’m sorry for misreading you.  Hover over with and click your mouse pointer, or tap the button with your finger, using that new phone you bought, on the feed of your choice below.   If you like my posts and writing, I’m sure others will as well.  Please share them with your contacts at one of those buttons.  Many thanks in advance when you do.  You’re awesome!  Oh and I do have RSS in my sidebar.  It would be sweet if you subscribed!  A couple of you have already, ty for that!  Might not be active until after the SSL expires fully.

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