Privacy Page for WalkNRoll

Visitors and others, privacy assurance!

Hopefully this page assures you of your privacy as a potential client or what I consider an important  visitor to my Website/ Blog.   Thank you for your visit to this page for any reason.  My information can be found on this website’s “About Page“.    If you have any questions, you may contact me from this page on this website.  I assure you of a high degree of privacy with every direct contact and web visit.   I will never sell, distribute or otherwise disclose your personal information without your permission.  I’m not collecting any on or off site unless directly submitted voluntarally by you in a clearly marked field in a survey perhaps, only visible to the two of us when submitted or an email received.

Potential and present “business contacts”

Any business service I do for you is under the same veil of privacy beyond any marketing we agree upon.  Some of it will include me having the power of an owner to add remove and edit your web / blog site & users; that will be done with ultimate discretion and respect to your private information.  No changes would be made without your authorization or by your suggestion, I will not edit the posts, but I may suggest edits.  It does remain your website and work of your writers; my position of “Site Maintenance” would be an advisor to any board that oversees your organization or business perhaps an addition to your website team if it exists as an advisor and maintenance person.

Non-Profits I am presently connected to as an officer in their board.

Due to my personal influence so valued to all our mutual contacts and from what I understand of “Conflicts of Interest” I cannot get monetary remuneration for the sale of a website from you.  If this applies to you, please go direct to the server of your choice, which could include your present phone / communication service provider who usually has no other charges for setting up a basic website on their server.  Contact me directly for your options about my service package which can include installation and training which is still offered at the same level of commitment inclusively with the same level of privacy.  And if this doesn’t apply to you I encourage you to click my link but my offer still stands for you if you go direct.  As always, service with a smile! 

All visits to this website and posts

Your visits through my website are not tracked with anything but analytical data by our buddy Google and other search engine’s data.  Please stay, explore and have fun!  Leave comments on the posts, tag @bcbud024 on shares to a number of social networking mediums you feel are interesting, be sure to backlink with shares to other blogs!    Oh and I will not work on or put my name to websites that go beyond what I personally consider family and internet friendly in every thing they do.  Thanks, see you around the posts and thanks for your interest!

How would you use a blog? Privacy assured!
How would you use a blog? Privacy assured!  Would you sell a product, idea, cause or project? Some combination? Personal or business? Find out here: