Drinking Bird gadget future power generator?

As a youth, the drinking bird gadget fascinated most of us. The bobbing head with its rocking motion taught us about some early physics. It also kept us amused, as our parents needed adult time. This bird made kids ask a lot of questions and came up with many irrational reasons the bird would drop down, appear to drink for a few milliseconds, then return to standing, to do it all over again and again. How did it do that? We did not learn until we got to school and the grades progressed to learn about chemical reactions and temperature differences.

Available at Amazon, the infamous 'drinking bird' toy...
Purchase your own and incorporate the components to power a toaster or other low-voltage device, or simply smoke a few and be fascinated for hours!

It happened for a few generations, parents and older children were entertained and younger kids were inquisitive. Generations inspired to learn by asking questions. Some enterprising youths figured the perpetual motion effect of the toy could become a power generator. It isn’t considered perpetual as one answer to learn. It just has that effect. They experimented and yes, the small toy could produce a limited charge by adding components. Not much, but more than it needed to run. The experiments went on in diverse universities in Canada and the USA. Lots of diverse power creators were tested, rediscovered perhaps.

The Drinking bird could be considered a perpetual machine, but you’d be wrong! Did you learn why?

Now someone in the USA has been marketing a modern form of the bird, one which is designed to produce enough power to be noticed by a grid. It creates a small charge, enough to power a reading lamp or toaster or any single use low voltage product you might think of, an FM Radio perhaps during a civic local emergency. Do you know why the AM radio was abandoned? It ended around the time Air TV went the way of the Dodo Bird. It may be a small charge from the modified drinking bird, but it’s steady and could feed a battery.


Scientists Drill into volcano for energy future

Scientists Unveil Radical Plan to Drill Into a Volcano For Near-Unlimited Energy: ScienceAlert… This latest development in energy is another step forward towards the industry’s bright future. They are driven to success. Every failure is a potential success in the next trial project. It has all been tried before.

Iceland, North, Volcano Krafla, geothermal power plant 

This is a project being done in the Krafla volcanic caldera, northeast of Iceland. There, ever since the early years of the 1900s, they began. Every failure is a chance that the next test might be a success. A failed test points out the problems to fix. With a brand new project, it uncovers errors. It is a strategy that will end in a successful test the day after tomorrow, so to speak. Never give up, until it works, not a die-trying type of job, imho, a do-it-or-die-and-be-educated job, carry on new. Unlimited power for the entire planet, they predict. But many similar spots around the planet have at least one volcanic area. Once one country discovers how to tap it, I bet we all will use this method and then begin the work to dismantle power-generating dams.

The Pacific “Ring of Fire” sits within my region in my Canadian province. We’re part of the whole forming the ring. Extinct and active volcanos sit in the regional district I live in. Will we see a future project here, supplying power perhaps to explore space? As we discover alternative sources of power to store, within my region Site C is near construction. Its news forecasts it won’t be enough power for British Columbia’s future demands. Why not promote and encourage the home generation of energy? Perhaps provide incentives… National Grants and provincials including territories. Hybrids, not EVs? As far as I know, a hybrid is not required to plug into an electrical source, as the fuel part of the ride can charge the batteries. Hybrids have an ordinary internal combustion engine and the infrastructure of an electric vehicle. They need not affect a power grid if they don’t need a charge all the time. But our advertising here is only for fully electric vehicles. However, if a successful test comes soon enough, what else would we do with unlimited power other than take to the universe where even more power will be found?

Besides that, individual houses can create and store energy. They can return power to a central grid, allowing everyone to enjoy the cleanly sourced power. Supposedly, pricing is coming down on solar panels. Basic Geothermal is getting popular with ‘Heat Pump’ technology being introduced in many private and government-residential homes. When we all sell power to BC Hydro, will they dismantle all their mega structure power generating dams and bring back fish thought extinct? It’s a diverse life. Solar Panels are common for way more than running heaters, AC, and hot water supply. It may be a wonderful investment if a heat pump isn’t practicable or enough. Solar panels power everything, including your vehicle. They’re flexible now too. From Korea, stretchable too. But they only generate electricity from a light source, even the moon. The house must be rewired, I imagine, to live in a direct current or DC world powered by a battery of cells, like your mobile device’s battery. Wait. Is there a converter? Perhaps conversion is unnecessary… Join that revolution that will save the world. Invest in a house upgrade. Sell a bit of biofuel too, to source a neighbourhood fuel station. Your brother got together with his sister and sold hybrids, and recommends patrons fuel up at BC Bud’s stop for a discount. That’s my pit stop. Best Marijuana burgers on this side of Kamloops if you need a charge supplied from the creek feeding the source. Medicinal to relax and make the journey ahead better? We got that too, Legend in my mind, tomorrow.


Online education?

How do you describe ‘online education‘? It’s not just for school-aged youth. Long before Zoom, we had blog sites and email to communicate knowledge so diverse and sometimes questionable. I apologize if you have unanswered questions after reading some of my ramblings. I try to fall into some class of ‘educational website’ with all of them. After all, I proudly display a website with ‘info’ in the name. They are as diverse as my mind.

Inclusion and Access. Natural partners. Access includes everyone and allows ideas to form, joining collaborators to meet face-to-face. It includes you too. Access to education to learn about access and inclusion?

Sometime after 2009, I began my journey into online education with an early course into IBDE in the first national course of the non-profit entity that would become Make a Change Canada during my years in that course. It was early advanced education done from a secure website, largely built by previous students and developed over time from the same sustainable source. If you have dollars to support someone, I recommend supporting their educational paths. I took other courses after, with WordPress for Business finishing up IBDE’s advanced modules. I am still building on my business plan through another course offered by Make a Change. Stay tuned. This website will change then. I thank Make a Change for my educational start, and the help towards today keeping our connection solid. They’ll help Canadians who need their training, inclusively! Explore it today if you need a change. Google and a little AI to make this site look good now. Well, in my eyes anyway. Like the ‘legend’ I think I am. I now manage some influential websites built by others and growing over time, because of my educated input to their crafty minds.

Online education has come so far from there. As time passed, textbooks from colleges and universities became taped lectures, then a laser disk, CD or DVD. That all eventually became digitized and marketed to become viral online. The internet opened a new venue for free education with YouTube for all that early digitised lecture material… New stuff too. Some with diverse pricing. Even WordPress learning for people like me and even you, the aspiring fool, wanting a website for a business idea you have inspired by those courses above—apps at the Play and App Stores for all mobile devices for anything you want to learn.

When I went to then called an Alberta Vocational Training Centre or AVC for short in Lac La Biche and learned forestry, I used one of these to research local tree types. In 1989 there was no Google. The school is now known as a Canadian institution and is no longer there; the course is now more focused and themed diffrently, through Portage College which the AVC was renamed I see.

This brings up the smartphone. It is 2024. Which device do you hold in your hands or attached to your mobility device? Lol, the desktop/laptop locked at home or in the office, Windows 10 or 11 even Apple Macintosh. The mobiles are devices based on Android, Apple or a unique operating system with ‘AI’. Perhaps it controls your vehicle, or an artificially intelligent device controls a service at work. In 2024, we see autonomous vehicles, connected online… Ok, your vehicle might not be autonomous, you perhaps have never knowingly seen one face-to-face. All good. Electric is likely in your driveway, hybrid or conventional vehicle securely parked someplace, all costing you every second of ownership in 2024. Many vehicles you own are online on the highway because of technology and the diversity of ‘mobile’ devices. They are ‘smart’ devices, diverse modes of transportation and shipping that have been learning with us for many decades of shared education, freely released online beyond the internet. Where will it take you?

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New Ontario cannabis rules could have ‘Amazon effect’ on industry

This is a news feed, from Global News so my Social media shares might show broken links. Meh. I’ll try to find some non news lol info to link, information I think all dispensary employees and businesses in Canada will find interesting. In Ontario they’re changing apparently. A cannabis post! Safety.

Are you a consumer of Cannabis, and either patronize a dispensary like you used to knock on a neighbor’s door or stand behind the counter talking about the original market? You’ve seen the big security problem with the windows, I’m sure. Has it ever made you nervous?

As a patron, a few of the eyes saw an opportunity for diverse activities. Not saying all staff nationally are honest either, owners of large amounts of products for sale. Some on both sides of the counter scope the place for nefarious activities. As a legitimate business in Canada, closer to being an unrestricted pharmacy providing recreationally safe products to consenting adults than a place for alcohol products to patrons. Patrons who cannot consume or open products inside stores either. The retailers and staff and patrons feel vulnerable I’m sure. In a crowded place, everyone could be more uneasy. It happens in normal places. No one passing by can see and call 911 can invite that nefarious activity more.

I’ll edit in a bit, and take a moment to apologize for a recent post or 5 that were deleted, users removed. I hope it’s finished now. I’ll try to be way more on-top of this site. I’ll end this by saying I’ll return soon, edit this with links and delete this sentence 😆. Do you think AI could replace a blogger after death? Hmmmm. Stay tuned. More posts are coming soon, mega drafts sitting behind this post.

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Could AI be the future of Non-Profit boards?

Virtual meetings became popular, as meetings between groups of individuals that support regional and provincial visions, further benefiting communities of people who faced the barrier of travel to attend meetings that included local. Most notably with diverse boards managing Non-Profit aims. Within my local community, called a hub city and gateway to and from Northern BC, we host many diverse groups. We know remoteness here. Many communities establish an Advisory Committee for Accessibility like this one in my home community to identify seasonal and infrastructure barriers. I don’t know if that’s a population initiative for every diverse size of the community. For those that have that civic committee, it was recently changed beyond British Columbia to add the title of ‘Inclusion’, to identify barriers to inclusion within the community. The first virtual meeting I had was via telephone connecting representatives in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia, 2 communities in Northern BC, and Prince George facilitating via me. We did that before 2010, leading to the future in more than my local MS community, as some meetings allowed directors to call in nationally after that trial. I had led a local group of MS-afflicted persons from 2005 to 2022.

Through that group, which is not a real non-profit group registered within the province or any political boundary, I knew of an international support community for this affliction. That international community influenced my personal MS primary education at WebMD in a much longer story of me. That wasn’t just for non-profits with diverse guiding boards, I found. The business of a province or nation has local and remote offices, diverse stakeholders, and multiple offices across vast tracts of land—nations across borders and oceans. They are all controlled by boards. I began in 2005 to facilitate a group for the local Multiple Sclerosis community. We connected it to the city, province and nation, via phone, face-to-face meetings and email so limited. We then needed to connect to move productive non-profits forward shaping communities. Fast forward, and thanks to the MS groups of Northern BC inspiring MS Canada to support from those early versions, a Zoom connection connecting remote diverse groups formed as Multiple Sclerosis-afflicted persons often volunteer their time to assist powerful groups. It was strengthening the need for remote communications, due mostly to the virus fear beyond the remoteness of British Columbia, including Northern. It was the Medical Community which included Multiple Sclerosis experienced persons in the mix of ‘British Columbians with medical experience‘ with universities partnering with BC Health who introduced ‘Telehealth’ throughout BC’s Northern Communities, now Digital Health in Canadian Health Authorities that identified the way to overcome remoteness beginning with next-door neighbours.

They all drive communication changes. Large and small businesses had the same needs for communities and regions as the non-profits. A few years before the Pandemic that brought COVID-19 and those years forcing changes to all live meetings, the software suddenly had diverse options other than Microsoft Teams, Skype, AOL, Facebook Messenger, or another App. Zoom became popular. Free, seamless international communication. Face to face, virtually. Artificial intelligence for translation got way better and was also free. It was available just before that pandemic and now all levels from Non-Profits to big businesses are struggling to bring employees back to the office full-time, now that 2023 brought full Endemic action to the country.

The Artificial Intelligence addition to Zoom paid accounts, a recent addition I’ve not tried yet, looks innocent enough. Chats I cannot type fast enough to ask a presenter a question when the subject comes up. I might master when asked a question I have to type out. Even some answers typed out don’t come fast to keep up with the speaking without it. As the presenter, it generates notes on what to say, cue card style. Meh simply amplified brainless activity. Will it take away from creativity? I guess we’ll have the chance to try it. Presently, I’m trying to create meetings hybrid in the future. I am president of one meeting group for a non-profit that has never gone ‘remote’, and another civic group, not a non-profit, that has been hybrid since the beginning of the pandemic. I might become a professional board member in some predictable future, getting paid to visualize a path for a company that isn’t a Non-Profit. You could be, too. As the person signing my cheques, or perhaps I’ll sign yours in the future.

A picture of a board meeting within a room, hybrid style with four persons in the room, one remote attendee. Hybrid can have multiple remote attendees and only one person in a board room hosting as well. They are not necessarily just to manage Non-Profts.

Adding PowerPoint presentations to WordPress posts

It has been quite a while since I’ve written here. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to a group that developed a PowerPoint (PP)presentation and presented it to a group live. It was masterfully done, well received and amplified the community served by that group… The credit for this post goes to Volunteer Prince George and the Handy Circle Resources Society.

Before the presentation, they presented the PP to our governance board at Volunteer PG. At the wrap-up meeting after, I suggested perhaps we could place the information on our website in a post. It is a WordPress-built website, way more active than mine and built for the community. To that they asked me ‘How on earth do we do that?’. It’s simple, truth be told. I hope I can explain with this post I will share with them.

First, I went to my plug-in directory and installed the plugin ‘Embed Any Object’ and activated it. This put an ‘add document’ button above a draft post. It’s not limited to PowerPoint files. Enter the ‘Text’ area of the draft. It opens a set of codes. Go to the location you wish the document to go. Then press ‘Add Document’. Browse to the document’s location, likely where you downloaded it, then ‘upload’. Find the file and add it to the code section. Return to Visual, you’ll still see the code.

This code is visible in both Visual and text views

The code you will see before uploading, even in the visual section. It is not a problem.

You can view it before posting to ensure the document displays as intended. When finished writing the post, publish it live. That’s the simplest way to put a PP presentation online. Alternatively, the user can upload the PP to an FTP site and embed the post with a specific line of code. As well, but with almost the same amount of technical know-how, you could upload to YouTube and embed that with yet another plugin. Good luck!

VPG has set up their dashboard and draft area for posts differently from most WP Dashboards I work with. Likely because they use the new editor of WordPress using a newer style of WP writing blocks. It does not show the buttons on top for plugins. I’ll try to see why, as it’s a basic WordPress thing. Update 2024, I just converted this post to blocks. It’s about time. Lol, I am converting and updating posts as I come across them.

Top row of buttons for activated plugins
When you activate some editing plugins, this row becomes visible on the Edit or new post windows in the original WP Window.
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Facebook: Build a Page or Group to attract 600-plus members.

Do you have a Facebook account? That’s step one.

Do you have questions about Facebook pages and groups? You likely belong to at least one if you’re on Facebook, perhaps even one I manage. This post hopefully will be completed in time to secure a ‘Social Media Worker‘ position that I applied for, could work for a service promoting website accessibility and inclusion. I have so much to learn about myself. I’m a lifer in the school of life. Below, see the image that shows ‘Step 2’ of creating a page or a group on Facebook.

would you like a Facebook Page or a Group?
You can start a Facebook page or a group. Learn about them through my links!

Creating the Page or Group

My groups on Facebook are private. The Groups can be public too, but that often can’t be managed as efficiently, as it attracts trolls which are difficult to control. One use of Facebook is to collect donations for non-profits. I manage a business page for the Handy Circle Resources Society and the Prince George Mental Health Consumer’s Council you can view. Some funding for our programs and events comes from and through Facebook and other social media. We can attach groups to pages to become powerful, or they can stay independent of a page. A website could also be added, perhaps for a business or supporting nonprofit. Kind of like how this website links to my social media feeds, including my page for this blog. It has no groups attached. You likely just have one focus. That’s overall better for a business or the not-so-dedicated Facebook addict. Find a niche. My most popular group involved Cannabis (naturally lol), started back when it was called Marijuana, infected with Reefer Madness and attracted a lot of attention in Canada, particularly from Facebook and the law. I started it as a local community page at first, but it quickly grew to include Canada, focusing on Northern BC. The ‘Legend in my Mind‘ figured I was a frontrunner in bringing legalization to Canada.

Once it’s created, fill it with content.

It’s not enough to just post randomly and expect people to join. Yeah, they’ll still join but not frequently and you can sit on it for years with just over 200 members, people joining and leaving no matter how interesting your content is, never talking. Some attract trolls with certain subjects and themes as the only conversations you encourage. Time to change writing styles unless you run a protest page or group, but even then Facebook has its standards of conduct. Establish rules for your group or page before the first member joins. Make the environment feel welcome and secure to joiners. Establish a rapport with your members as they join. They might stay. Perhaps have a scheduled ‘Welcome to my Group’ post to auto-post. Depending on the frequency of new members, it will keep the group active. This will help them post and comment and stay loyal to your page or group.

Page and Group Management

Will you have just one person as ‘Admin’ or would you fill each role with another person? How do you encourage conversation from your group? Do you promote inclusion? Have you read the ‘Help’ posts on management? All Staff should study the pages Facebook offers, study them before creating for your best chance of success. This is a good read on the normal web. After that, once members chat, their friends will join. Well, there’s a better chance of that, anyway. It is sustainable and will feed your interest greatly. No guarantees, but even without the website attached, it could attract the number you want by being interesting and well-managed. Oh yeah, another way to build inclusion and community participation in FB groups is with rooms and Video Calls inviting the entire community to a ‘private’ chat that is secure.

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Food- Cannabis potential

Food non-Cannabis

So for the last post on Cannabis I’ll write it’ll be on its most basic use and likely the most important use. Food. We all need to eat. Not only do we need to eat, the food must be wholesome and filled with nutrients. Most food today meets that criteria but something genetically altered and suspected much of that to cause many ills in consumers. The consumers are also the domestic animals we eat, like bovine and sheep, pigs. Pesticides meant to kill pests infused within the growing plant and more chemicals to preserve the food so it’s fresh on the table are suspected of making more and more people sick. Returning to basic farming to provide local vegetables and other produce with none of the added chemicals or preservatives and livestock and fowls fed organically to local Farmers markets and to feed their families makes sense. Consumers have a choice and local is reputably better. Cannabis should be available there, imho as it is grown locally. Did you know cannabis oils both activated and raw can be infused into or onto any food and many recipes replacing butter and blended into most, if not all beverages? It is a healthy additive in pure form.

Farmers market clipart picture, great place to find food
Farmers markets are full of healthy food. Imagen is  downloaded from ‘’. Sign up for tons of graphics free.


Cannabis, the diet for wellness

Well, a Cannabis plant starts as a seed, which in itself is food. It can also make a beverage, a ‘Nut Milk‘. Its use into other products like fuel for your vehicles creates an editable Hemp Seed Cake for humans and animals both domestic and ferial. That seed is full of everything an animal IE the human animal could need in nutrition and minerals. But it’s not the only part to eat. The whole plant, both genders, can be eaten from the roots & stalk to leaf and Cola.

None of it will make you high unless it’s a female plant, and the Cola is prepared ahead of time by Decarbing, which removes an acid molecule that prevents the psychotropic effects of Cannabis, and CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil will not make you high even after Decarbing. For medicine, it’s only part of the complete picture. The plant defines what it means to be sustainable for our use, fast growing, versatile/diverse in its use providing employment for generations of humans from seed to consumer with thousands of end products helping communities and individuals.

The End?

Not for Cannabis for sure, the plant has no end except winter when it must go dormant, being a fair weather plant outdoors. This is November, don’t forget. It is the last planned post focused on Cannabis, but many will be written heavily influenced by it. If you want to see more posts on it, or have questions about anything I wrote on a previous post, please contact me below and I thank you in advance. Any other family safe subject you may want me to research (*with Google of course) just ask or suggest it and I’ll write about it in a future post. Refer to my Privacy Policy for your assurance of confidentiality



Be active

Get Moving… Be active

A little diversion from my usual posts, but a slight mention of Cannabis can’t be avoided.  For many it helps to build an active life.  I’m speaking about putting one foot in front of the other.  Walking.  Left foot, right foot, repeat.  Many health professionals across the nation will recommend a walk often, well at least will not recommend sitting behind a desk for hours even writing a blog post.  The word for that is ‘a sedentary lifestyle‘ and it’s not recommended.  Well if your doctor does recommend a sedentary lifestyle, find a new doctor!  Get Active!

Benefits of an active life

The health benefits of an active life are numerous and diverse.  The community you live in benefits when it’s residents and visitors can get out and about, people are usually more productive after they walk.  It benefits with reduced health care costs for many problems.  Less wear and tear on roads often leads to reduced infrastructure costs.  Who’da thought wearing out shoe leather with an active life would save your community money?  The facts about productivity prompts your employer to encourage you to step outside and take a walk.  Your personal wellness is improved with a regular walk.  A walk in nature impacts mental health positively, more so than a walk on a city block but both are good for all your ails.

Ignore the car, walk not to far

Perhaps not to the Bar…  The distance you walk is not all that important a destination could be an incentive.  An active lifestyle leads a healthy life.  Perhaps your property manager, your job or your household makes you consume ‘smokables’ like Cannabis or Tobacco outside.  That’s a short walk, ability to live in a residence is a great incentive imho.  An apartment and business might have a smoking area away from a building.  A house often sits on a block and a ‘Participaction‘ focus I saw years ago recommended a simple ‘walk around the block’.  I call it stinking up my neighborhood no one seems to mind my smoke as long as it’s out there!  A fun activity is counting your steps.  Count my steps?  What’s that?

Healthy apps

One way to keep any fitness goal you have is to count how many steps you take per day.  You could have a wearable device, like the famous “fitbit“.  A wearable device imho is better than an app on your phone as it stays with you during all the steps of your active life, can also accurately chart your sleep.  Some can count calories as well as other healthy activities.  I use a trio of apps on my phone.  Your phone may have one preinstalled, I’ve got a Samsung and Samsung Health includes a basic Pedometer among other functions.  Google has one called “Google Fit” which yea, does the same and more.   Carrot is one I’ve used for over a decade, actually it went dormant for a while and changed some features to become better. Download and use the recently upgraded app formerly called  ‘Carrot Rewards‘ today available from the App and Play Store!  If you do that, it’s best to sync all your activity apps together with an app like ‘Health Sync‘.  Health Sync is not exactly free though, but a nominal one time fee of $3.79cdn can be paid or a recurring 0.99 charge every 6 months will let you use it forever.


I'm active. You could be too.
Weekly accomplishments 99.9% of humans with any ability can achieve!

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Cannabis Potential part 3 B

This is:

Where do we grow all this Cannabis?  Part ‘B’



We suspect that Cannabis could reduce our dependence on “Big Oil“, with just one use. Some call it a wasteful use, as there is information out there that claims a ton of dry biomass is burned to produce about 80 US Gallons of Gasoline type fuel and a pile of charcoal is produced referring to Cannabis Fuel. The charcoal for that purpose is 100% useful as fertilizing material for new plants. They could also use it in heating to replace coal use, being very similar but being wasteful and not worth thinking about. Same as for capacitor use where Carbon Graphite (from the remains of burned Cannabis fibre) rods makes the components of that device. However, that is not how hemp biofuel is made, that thinking is archaic and reminiscent of a Refer Madness infection.  Any vegetation could be our Biomass, but in this example, our Biomass is Cannabis DBA Hemp. The pluses outweigh the negatives as far as I can see, just the seeds are used with the oils squeezed out. This produces a ‘cold-pressed seed cake’. This Seed Cake is entirely editable, it’s sold as domestic animal feed but it is edible for us as well. The fuel itself is non-toxic and can be consumed, but is said to be unpleasant in taste. Alcohol is stronger and less toxic than rubbing alcohol. A spill would be good for the environment, fertilizing soils, leading to the next part where Cannabis will help.

The Forest Industry

It could replace the need to rape the forests industrially as another use. Today, industry replants pure stands of Pine and Spruce trees after clearcutting, creating firestorms that grow humongous and endanger communities. It eradicated deciduous trees and shrubs with prejudiced practices done by industry that threaten natural forests.  Feral animals are nature’s tools, the shrubs are berries and other seed-bearing plants planted by nature in the circle of life. Nature is out of balance. Any non conifer plant growing near a ‘treated pure stand’ is growing in pesticide residue, is usually deformed and is toxic to life. It struggles to exist in a pure stand. We do need big industry to step out of the forests for at least one generation of humans. But… We use forests for recreation, we use forests for employmentWe use the resources the forest produces in construction, paper products, school projects, hygiene (toothpicks) and way more, even in some very wasteful ways, like toilet paper. With Cannabis: Hempcrete, Hemp Lumber, Hemp Paper, Hemp Toilet Paper, napkins and more paper products, no toxic chemicals needed.  Everything wood can be replaced by a Hemp product. In fact, all that can be safely tossed when its useful life ends.  It returns to the soil a lot faster than wood. Most won’t have been preserved in toxic chemicals. Every product employs an army in a sustainable workforce, from seed to consumer. There is much more it can do, I could describe Plastic and Food, The problems with Batteries and a Capacitor, which is all it can be at present, but I won’t in this post. I hope it inspired you to do some research and expand your ‘Weeducation‘. It isn’t always learned in the first puff. The Industrial end of things is a whole other class in the school of Weeducation  Thank you for following so far. Hope you’ve been paying attention. Keep reading for Cannabis Potential part 3-c, it needs not cut into agricultural land, well fertile soils overall excluding ferial… Subscribe if you haven’t yet.  Next week that post will be uploaded.

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