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The word “Plugin” can scare some people

Plugins take away from dedicated writing time as they need updates.  Best done before you do writing but with me on the job, no worries.  Once the updates are started from an account on the dashboard the account holder must wait till the update finishes before writing.  Many writers suffer from distractions interfering with brain flows, some updates can take a few minutes.  You will need plugins to make your WordPress website useful and the spark  to potentially  become profitable when lots of people view, simplifying jobs that save you thousands of dollars.     Writing effectively  can be easy and quick once you learn targeted writing and learn a few easy tricks to find the right words to write.  Just that time-consuming management and upkeep that prevents many from exploring their writing skills and it discourages professional writers over time who often know how to update the free stuff and write, nothing else.   Plus, some core updates can shut you and the site down for a spell. Those operations won’t disturb a writer if done remotely and if an error in publishing a finished work, the option may need to reload all other accounts logged in and the writer attempts the publish again.    I know for a fact that a site can be updated by another trusted account holder (maintenance person) remotely while another (you or your writers) publishes a post on the domain being updated.  Here is the work I did for Carefree’s and Volunteer PG’s websites in a CSV file for Microsoft Excel, Jan 5th to Feb 4th 2018.  You will need a reader for this file, can be found here.     I rarely log into your dashboard  except to install the plugins below, make sure you are cleaning broken links as they will be visible and quick to fix by the original author on our shared dashboard, once that person is aware and on top of it.  I do the maintenance remotely with the last plugin I’ll install with the Broken Link Checker plugin among those below.  That one I may reconsider as it has not been updated in a while (sometimes they release an update late after a core update.  Last one was only 6 months ago as I type). It might be a vulnerability and a security risk until an update is done.  I have to look for a replacement, as manually searching for broken links is very time-consuming even for me and it’s a common problem as some links just vanish after linking.   I haven’t tested URL scanning for broken link accuracy yet, for WordPress anyway.

Those pesky time-consuming Plugins saving time!

I spend those micro-minutes 24/7/365 doing the job to manage your precious WordPress controlled website, ensuring it runs smooth for every of your visitors, human or bot ().  I am ready when major problems occur, some can cause your site to fail totally.  Your server and I will communicate if you cannot or an update causes a problem.  You have no worries, like insurance.  You are protected with my hire.  When updates are done immediately, optimization and cleaning of old post versions done, website backed up regularly too.   All you need to do is write, get better at it and learn.   Perhaps prosper.

No guarantees.  Plugins are only as good as they come, the simple way

Plugins can be hand written using a code I only just learned called PHP.  I bow to others who have more skill in developing those plugins I cannot update, that’s done by those experienced coders who create them.  It is you who will educate me further.  Thank you for all you do.  Best I can promise, users of WordPress.Com plugins, is no added cash out without discussion, advisement over the length of your domain.  Most plugins will be free there, the ones you’ll want at first.  They will make your investment of time and coin better and you’ll feel more progressive as your site will come simple.  Of course I am aware I am one of many who could do this for you, even some of the experienced coders.  Some auto update features of your domain for core updates from dashboard features from WordPress that I’ll setup on your new domain or if not set on an existing domain will reduce our workload further.  Although a recent upgrade of the Core of WordPress eliminated that ability of your website, my work will overcome that at no extra cost and keep your website secure.   I do thank you for allowing me to do this job or at least considering me.

The Plugins I install

You may have suspected or noticed (will notice) in your plugin list once I manage your website  a few plugins I installed and  perhaps you have enjoyed using some of them.   I have had no feedback other than thanks.  The SEO key plates before you post, underneath your edited posts requesting SEO looking information,  optimization and sharing  tools as well.  You should have almost immediately noticed the analytic views inspiring you to post more “like-minded” targeted posts further amplifying your views on a cornerstone post   that attract more eyes and focus on a single subject with diverse views, like the ones that get the most views and where the majority of your visitors come  from for that post and the site in general.  We’ll start with those two

Analytics plugin

One plugin records daily or weekly visits to your website and your top posts, as well as doing many other important things effortlessly and non invasive behind the scenes.  It’s a friendly plugin called Jetpack, which controls spam, some SEO and other important tools.  The other is a little more robust, appropriately called Google Analytics Dashboard for WP .  It helps connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics, directly influencing your overall ratings at that major search engine.  That’s its only job.  It will install a sitemap which will help it help you immensely.   There is another doing more focused looks at Website visitors, can do real-time, weekly, monthly and annual visitors.  This is handy to see instantly how popular posts are going as you write them, letting you know what your reader want to see for future posts.  It’s a feature of the multi tasking JetPack plugin described above.

A plugin for security

There are two I like, one or the other will protect your site.  Each has different features, better if paid but real good free.  This one I have working on Volunteer Prince George‘s website, and this one I have on mine and Carefree’s website.  They both have impressive features free and protect against Brute force attacks.  They both come high rated from suites such as WordPress

Backup plugin

Of course you’ll need a dependable backup method.  Worst case scenario, your server crashes and you lose all your posts.  It can happen.  It will even protect you if your website is hacked, totally messed up due to a plugin error or another rare mishap wipes your information clean.   It’s never a good idea to store your backup on a server that hosts your website as in the case of a virus affecting the server.  The backup file could be compromised with your website and takes up space better used on your server.   The plugin we’ll use for this job is called “UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore“.  I will work with you to set up and share with me the Google Drive Backup Folder it will create in your Google Drive account.  You will need to have a Google Account for that drive which starts free with multi gigabyte storage.  That way, I can effortlessly restore your website to the last backup (usually done within the week of needed time) if ever needed.  It will also help if you move your website to another host after this 5 years is history.

Sharing Plugin

Another Plugin that I will install into your dashboard allows you or a viewer to share it to personal and connected social media feeds sharing your post to the social media world of your visitors.  This is a big help when you write posts interesting enough to be shared.  It’s visible after posting and viewing the post online.  That one is called AddToAny Share Buttons.  I find it useful as many who enjoy your posts can share them effortlessly to their personal feeds and contacts who could propel your writing to high-ranking at Google, opening up some stronger potential that your website can profit!  One thing I’ll never guarantee is profit.  It takes some effort to produce winning posts and sharing the information.

Auto Posting Plugin

Followers of my Facebook page will notice a posting tend.  When a post is published here on my domain,  it shares automatically to my Facebook page feed.   This is called “Auto Sharing”.   It can share to multiple feeds like the plugin above, many options are  available and paid versions we can decide on.   Many other plugins are available to auto share from, but then a solitary plugin doing a solitary job for each job required is such a clutter and can bog your website down, reducing Google Ranking.  To have your post open on a Facebook page or personal feed should be a goal of yours.  By placing Jetpack linked above, and by configuration setup and entering some feeds, your posts will automatically share to your feed to risk being shared further.  Can you write a viral post?  Find out here!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin:

The “All In One SEO Pack” that I’ll install adds a section (*Guide) below your writing field where you can input keywords, set the title text, write the description that shares with the search engine results looking for your site  and in social media shares, set the featured keyword, fill it to exceed the minimum recommended amount of total text, place text blocks with header text logically placed with the text between the headers not exceeding that limit.   I may install this one and / or Yoast which does some of this too.  Yoast also gives you an SEO tool free of charge to look for keywords to write targeted text.  Stay tuned for a post on Yoast to go and this post updated and linked for a focus on it.

The Plugin I use to manage your website

This is the last plugin I will place in your collection.  it allows the use of my plugin on a unique url  to update and optimize your website and allows me to avoid entering your dashboard except occasionally.  It is my plug in with it’s own updates and includes my new support email from this domain in an added support tool on your dashboard  (see picture below) so you can contact me almost instantly for help.  More on that as it develops, it’ll be called, “Night Watchman” which I may show on your website.  I’ll be posting an Excel database of the work I do (you may need an Excel Reader) with this plugin.  The link above is from 06 Jan to 05 Feb 2018.

Look here for my plugin support tool! a picture showing the location on the WP dashboard
Look here for my plugin support tool!  Plugin tool highlighted for reference above the support tool with the arrow

Other Plugins I install will be discussed with you directly as they influence other parts of your site which are unlimited within predictable limits towards your goals.  I’ll try not to slow down your website or lower your standings at Google and other search engines.  If you are deciding on a website and this seals the deal, don’t look any further and click this link or the image below and consider me for that manager position!

Lets have fun installing a plugin or 2!


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