Warning about Windows 7

Basic History:

Imho, it should be a warning about “Uncle Bill“.  Back in the day, Bill Gates created (rather rumoured to have stolen it from a communications company) the program that would become Microsoft DOS 1.0 back in the early days of computing.  DOS came out very early in the 1980s and quickly partnered with Windows with it’s first commercial version of 3.0.  DOS at that time had almost reached it zenith and died out after v 5.1 and Windows took over the operating system with Win 3.11 which was the last version to work in partnership with the dying DOS operating system and Microsoft dominated the market.

Malware and Windows:

This post should be warning you about computer viruses, I hope.  Never forget the importance of updates to protect your system.  Along with Windows taking over the operating system of the IBM computer infrastructure and clones that the public at large was buying in bulk, malicious programmers began to develop viruses and other basic malware attracted to computers which used the emerging DOS operating system then Windows.  An operating system the IBM was using as competition to DOS, simply called “OS/2” with the last version called “Warp” was not widely used due to issues with compatibility hence was not a target of Malware similar to Apple/Macintosh in the early years.   Microsoft itself even developed some viruses that attacked itself and gave registered computers the protection it needs against them via the updates.  It was a security protection measure against piracy of their software.

Those early damaging programs were violent and destructive but easily defeated.  They didn’t evolve that fast back then.  They were easy to detect on the disks and tape cassettes needed to install software in the days before the internet and modern computer hardware was popular.   Just like real life viruses, once they got into the emerging super highway of the online world,  they evolved fast and stronger protection was needed every day.  That’s still very true today.  The Internet opened up, got very popular then full of malware to the unsuspecting and unprotected. Virus protection got expensive, then Windows developed Essentials as virus protection focused on all Malware attacking itself in V7 and slowly phased it out in 8 to slowly evolve into Windows Defender in 10 after Defender shared the spotlight with Essentials in versions between V7 to just before 10 came out.  MS Windows sped ahead with newer versions, making former versions, software, hardware and computers obsolete.  Software developers and computer manufacturers got richer, the way developers always got richer by making their older stuff obsolete and useless.


Access to the computer to access everything else beyond.  From word processing and simple card game playing to complex use with internet operations like adding attachments to email, sending to a contact, searching for information online, FACEBOOK!  Always updating to protect against infections.  We weren’t having real fun until Windows turned 10 then fun was what you made it to be.  Windows 7 was sort of fun, an update to Win M.E. and more stable, faster than previous versions.  Well, that sold it anyway.  Many persons became disillusioned after the Windows Millennium Edition version was flawed, quickly updated to 7 and quite a few quickly replaced that with V8.0 which went through many updates which included “touch screen” technology improvements (it came out in later versions of 7) before Windows 10 was forced upon the market in 2016  and 7 was discontinued and unsupported several months later, early in 2017.  Many people stayed with Win 7 through a few more newer versions but with V10, users of older software were warned that updates for V7 would be discontinued with no more available updates for that operating system at a soon to be announced later date.  The kicker is that updates are needed to provide protection against the infections targeting systems that are not updated, forcing now expensive upgrades on all who refused it when it was forced upon them with the initial free upgrade period If their systems were even compatible.

The Warning

This warning has been removed from the Microsoft community for some reason according to the link but it stands to reason.  Hackers are targeting unprotected home systems behind in their updates.  Microsoft itself targets them too. They always have.  Security updates, patching of software holes need to be done every day.  If you can’t or won’t update you are a target, even offline, with every version.  No amount of expensive virus protection will work 100% of the time as protection.  Your unupdated computer operating system risks infecting other systems it communicates with.  This one move from Microsoft (Windows 10, what’s next?) killed a lot of formerly powerful computers that could not update past 7.  Recycle those older, now dangerous, computers today at your local official electronic recycling place…  Be kind to our planet!

Source: Microsoft Warns Windows 7 Is Dangerous To Use [Updated]<–This is the link to the warning

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