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A Request from The BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement Committee

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Do you live in British Columbia, Canada (aka BC)?  Have you heard about Cannabis?  No doubt you have a well formed opinion, it’s been illegal for 100 years as I type this. Read on to see how you can help BC make sense of our future.  Do you know that you will be locally affected by National policy changes and overburdened provincial forces concerning the impending legalization of Cannabis? It’s on track for July 2018.  Speaking of our UBCM, here is an after report as seen by a reporter  at CBC News.   Or have you purchased a ticket on the Mars Shuttle and are planning on departing this planet?  That’s not my link by the way…

As far as I understand it, the National elements a while back left it to the provinces to decide how to handle the future.  In true provincial nature, they ran around like chickens with heads cut off till almost the deadline (ie now)!  All sorts of confusion came up from Refer Madness to praise about cures including a recent story about Breast Cancer by CBC news that  I shared here there the other day.  Seems like almost everyone has a view and you know a thousand like minded people!

More interpretation and personal visual observations over decades

British Columbia History is steeped in Cannabis, it has been silently keeping the economy flowing for many BC towns over the years.  Store front recently named “Cannabis Dispensaries” have existed in many Canadian communities for well over a quarter of a century.   Actual coin, passing hand to hand between citizens being citizens ever since prohibition sparked happening longer in the absence of those storefronts.  That’s keeping retailers employed as they do the job of citizens with money.  Funded by the illegal trade of Cannabis which is silently funding lifestyles amid keeping everyone from cops to court room janitors and jailers employed along with the retail community.  The Lawyers get called and all the paychecks get larger.

The Request:

Have your say in the matter! You will be affected in other provinces as well and apparently in the USA too but alas, this is only directed towards those of us who live here in BC!  Onward to freedom, be the change here on the west coast!  The BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement Committee wants to hear from you, as a stakeholder in our shared future!

(won’t cost you anything but time)

BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement
BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement

We want to hear your thoughts on the regulation of non-medical cannabis in B.C.

Source: Stakeholder Submissions | BC Cannabis Regulation Engagement

THIS SURVEY IS NOW OVER  See updates below

Followup, November 2nd 2017

Survey sees unprecedented responses!  Way to go, British Columbia!  Woot!  Now in typical government fashion, we hurry up and wait…


Update 5 Nov 2017

Read stakeholder Submissions:

Read Stakeholder Submissions

Cannabis compound stops spread of breast cancer: researchers – Technology & Science – CBC News

Cannabis.  You may know it as Marijuana, Marihuana or a host of other rebel nicknames like Grass, Ganja, Refer, Smoke, Devil’s Lettuce, the plant with roots in hell.   The films linked are from an era of Refer Madness, a ridiculous time in North American history built on lies, fears and prejudices.  It looks as if it is time for a change before 2017 as I am typing this.  Today, historic Canadian newscaster CBC News spreads some truths to open the doors and add strength  to legalization efforts in our proud nation!  Please share this further using the buttons below, tyia!

A compound of the marijuana plant may prevent aggressive breast cancers from spreading throughout the body, new research from the United States suggests.

Source: Cannabis compound stops spread of breast cancer: researchers – Technology & Science – CBC News