How is your SEO?

One challenge all web designers have is challenges with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  It’s a little easier within WordPress but it’s still not a simple thing to perfect.  Little things like making great hyperlinks both  internal and external, writing great keyword rich catchy link title and alt text….  That’s just starting to scrape the surface of the work to do. Researching keywords at Google Trends and WordTracker is at the root.

A very nice WordPress plugin, good for both novices and pros of SEO work!  Install it into your collection today! I’ve used it on various websites in the past but it was just pointed to me by my IBDE Course  at Make A Change Canada!!!  Search Engine Optimization.

It’s just one plugin available, I’ll post about another soon.  I could not make a decision so both are running fine together!

Like a rocket, your SEO will take off!
Like a rocket, your SEO will take off!

The original SEO plugin for WordPress, downloaded over 30,000,000 times since 2007.

Source: All in One SEO Pack





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