Google Crowdsources Wheelchair Friendly Maps- CityLab

Finally.  I have been one of the  local guides for Google for quite a while, giving it information along my walknrolls around my province.  I have also contributed to AXS maps and other services looking to provide information to persons who need it, internationally on both services.

When we travel by independent means (walking, rolling on a device) with our small wheels and canes, even as parents with strollers and delivery drivers…  We could all use accessibility, it certainly blocks no one.  Google will finally display all that information in local searches planning a trip by any transportation method available in that community, public private and independent.  Woot!  You are the eyes of your community all along your travels!  Become a local Guide today!

Source: Google Crowdsources Wheelchair-Friendly Maps – CityLab

Author: KenBonWNR

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