Future of energy in Canada, perhaps the globe

This, I think, will all come in the future after we utilize what we have here on this planet.  Harvesting from the moon…  Ok.  But-We have multiple rapidly renewable energy sources “locally” and at present, ever evolving ways to store the power collected.  We have clean energy to be collected on rooftops, building exterior siding, and other artificial re purposed flat unused surfaces.  The sun and the moon can both produce power as they shine on ever evolving solar panels.  Canada is renowned for Geothermal sources, particularly in Alberta and British Columbia.  Many of them were opened up by the oil and gas industry, with many abandoned wells which the provinces must clean up.  This would make them usable, Industrial Cannabis could prepare the damaged soil surrounding the new industry effectively for future use by nature or humans and provide sustainability in that local area.    The Wind can provide mega power with innovative thinking.  The rivers and streams as well but not in the we have been using them.   Micro turbines in the current perhaps, or even within the pipes bringing in air and water to a community’s residential and commercial neighborhood buildings to not disturb natural aquatic species.

The Batteries are the key.  No mater what source is selected to collect the power, there will always be times when the power stops flowing.  Lights and appliances would “go dark” suddenly.   Without a way to store the power, they must be hooked up to the grid for a backup.  Presently, batteries are the greatest cost of producing a Net Zero house to avoid the grid and blackouts.  That’s not the biggest problem with them today.  Both the devices we use to harvest the power from all the sources and the batteries to store them are presently made from fossil fuel components.  If we have a need, the destruction of environment will continue.  But how can we avoid that?  Enter plants.  Some food ready plants, such as corn produce bio fuel.  This has caused shortages and people go hungry.  Above, I suggested growing Industrial Cannabis to help prepare the damaged soil. The Cannabis can make the components needed for the renewable energy devices and the batteries as well.   It could also provide the housing needed in a fire threatened area not just for the workers at the geothermal sources

A power source using the moon to collect it, send it wirelessly back to earth and collect it in batteries here.  What a concept and so doable.  In my mind, I am sure this could be done but perhaps it would be better use to power space stations and travelers of the universe, not just human.  We will have way more then enough power here at home!

Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corporation has developed a series of for the world of tomorrow. Here is a preview of seven mega-projects that have the potential to reshape life on (and off) Earth in the coming decades.

Source: Futuristic mega-projects by Shimizu – StumbleUpon

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