Active Outdoor Opportunities for All-Create them!

Spoiler alert – We need to create active outdoor opportunities for all.  That means independent mobility for all ability levels, including the most dependent citizens using mobility devices or have no vision.  The most independent among us with no disability won’t be prevented from sharing “WalkNRoll” areas if it’s the norm.  Designing it with the needs of people with a mobility impairment in mind does not stop anyone.   Everywhere outside the residence, where we work, where we recreate, where we visit must be made for everyone who could use it, enjoy it, and work towards the personal health goals we all have.  We create our living spaces, then we adapt to them until we can’t then we move.

A community which prepares first for citizens and visitors who walk or otherwise keep up a transportation network not dependent on traditional vehicular traffic from home to destination and includes that active transportation diversity in its design features, welcomes everyone inclusively.  That “perfect” community enjoys good health in their citizens and a generally stable population mentally despite having persons with a disability among their able-bodied citizens with no visible problems.  It often attracts lots of visitors as well, tourism is a major industry in every healthy active community.

We are a social species.  Unconsciously most of the time, when we see others walking from home to a destination (or independently moving without a vehicle rather), it stimulates most of us to step out of the door and not use the car.  If we can that is, where the sidewalks have curbs and our residential stairs don’t block us, we all could.  Some of us have mobility devices, we could travel as safe as many who don’t have a mobility device do, often along side of us where we can roll safe.   We will stay healthy better with the same activity outside the residence as you do without any disability.  The link below will educate communities and each visionary like us who sit on civic committees and boards in those communities!  Onward to 2018, one step closer to inclusion and health in our nation starting with each community and regions!  Remember to renew your commitment to that civic committee or board soon!  Thanks for doing all you do for everyone, everyday.

NCHPAD (USA based “National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability”)  is happy to be a supporter of this year’s Park and Recreation Month led by the National Recreation and Park Association. This year’s theme is, “Get Your Play On!” For people with disabilities, discovering the power of play starts with access, opportunity, and inclusion. Through organized efforts to create opportunities for people with disabilities, we can address health disparities that lead to physical inactivity.

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