Civic committees, boards-Prince George, BC

I have personally been a member of Prince George BC’s Civic Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA)for over a decade…  When I had a partner for WalkNRoll, our hard copy  publication carried  a column and a blogspot on our website called CityWorks, which I wrote and it was proofread / endorsed by that committee during those years.  I found a few of the posts I wrote using Word, they may go into a subdomain to this website or on my free blog site.   My next renewal for the ACA is due this February, I will hopefully be there for another 2 year term.  I find it exciting to be known by the Mayor and council of the city, and at the forefront of positive changes to our public accessibility.  I think it’s beginning in March or April of 2018, applications are usually due by end February.  There is a link on the bottom of this page where you can apply to become one of Prince George’s advisors on one of many committees and boards when the link becomes active.

The best thing you personally can do for any community globally, is to volunteer to help your community grow with your voice to become better in every thing it does in a civic board or committee, perhaps multiple ones.  Check the website hosted by your community leaders for a similar link to ours below!

Source: Committees and Boards, City of Prince George

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