Plugin Manager- What I do focused

The word “Plugin” can scare some people

Plugins take away from dedicated time as they need updates.  Best done before you do writing but with me on the job, no worries.  Once the updates are started from an account on the dashboard the account holder must wait till the update finishes before writing.  Many writers suffer from distractions interfering with brain flows, some updates can take a few minutes.  You will need plugins to make your WordPress website useful and the spark  to potentially  become profitable when lots of people view, simplifying jobs that save you thousands of dollars.     Writing effectively  can be easy and quick once you learn targeted writing and learn a few easy tricks to find the right words to write.  Just that time-consuming management and upkeep that prevents many from exploring their writing skills and it discourages professional writers over time who often know how to update the free stuff and write, nothing else.   Plus, some core updates can shut you and the site down for a spell. Those operations won’t disturb a writer if done remotely and if an error in publishing a finished work, the option may need to reload all other accounts logged in and the writer attempts the publish again.    I know for a fact that a site can be updated by another trusted account holder (maintenance person) remotely while another (you or your writers) publishes a post on the domain being updated.  I rarely log into your dashboard  except to install the plugins below, make sure you are cleaning broken links as they will be visible and quick to fix by the original author on our shared dashboard, once that person is aware and on top of it.  I do the maintenance remotely with the last plugin I’ll install with the Broken Link Checker plugin among those below.  That one I may reconsider as it has not been updated in a while (sometimes they release an update late after a core update.  Last one was only 6 months ago as I type). I might be a vulnerability and a security risk until an update is done.  I have to look for a replacement, as manually searching for broken links is very time-consuming even for me and it’s a common problem as some links just vanish after linking I haven’t tested URL scanning for broken link accuracy yet, for WordPress anyway.

Those pesky time-consuming Plugins saving time!

I spend those micro-minutes 24/7/365 doing the job to manage your precious WordPress controlled website, ensuring it runs smooth for every of your visitors, human or bot ().  I am ready when major problems occur, some can cause your site to fail totally.  Your server and I will communicate if you cannot or an update causes a problem.  You have no worries, like insurance.  You are protected with my hire.  When updates are done immediately, optimization and cleaning of old post versions done, website backed up regularly too.   All you need to do is write, get better at it and learn.   Perhaps prosper.

No guarantees.  Plugins are only as good as they come, the simple way

Plugins can be hand written using a code I only just learned called PHP.  I bow to others who have more skill in developing those plugins I cannot update, that’s done by those experienced coders who create them.  It is you who will educate me further.  Thank you for all you do.  Best I can promise, users of WordPress.Com plugins, is no added cash out without discussion, advisement over the length of your domain.  Most plugins will be free there, the ones you’ll want at first.  They will make your investment of time and coin better and you’ll feel more progressive as your site will come simple.  Of course I am aware I am one of many who could do this for you, even some of the experienced coders.  Some auto update features of your domain for core updates from dashboard features from WordPress that I’ll setup on your new domain or if not set on an existing domain will reduce our workload further.   I do thank you for allowing me to do this job or at least considering me.

The Plugins I install

You may have suspected or noticed (will notice) in your plugin list once I manage your website  a few plugins I installed and  perhaps you have enjoyed using some of them.   I have had no feedback other than thanks.  The SEO key plates before you post, underneath your edited posts requesting SEO looking information,  optimization and sharing  tools as well.  You should have almost immediately noticed the analytic views inspiring you to post more “like-minded” targeted posts further amplifying your views on a cornerstone post   that attract more eyes and focus on a single subject with diverse views, like the ones that get the most views and where the majority of your visitors come  from for that post and the site in general.  We’ll start with those two

Analytics plugin

One plugin records daily or weekly visits to your website and your top posts, as well as doing many other important things effortlessly and non invasive behind the scenes.  It’s a friendly plugin called Jetpack, which controls spam, some SEO and other important tools.  The other is a little more robust, appropriately called Google Analytics Dashboard for WP .  It helps connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics, directly influencing your overall ratings at that major search engine.  That’s its only job.  It will install a sitemap which will help it help you immensely.   There is another doing more focused looks at Website visitors, can do real-time, weekly, monthly and annual visitors.  This is handy to see instantly how popular posts are going as you write them, letting you know what your reader want to see for future posts.  It’s a feature of the multi tasking JetPack plugin described above.

A plugin for security

There are two I like, one or the other will protect your site.  Each has different features, better if paid but real good free.  This one I have working on Volunteer Prince George‘s website, and this one I have on mine and Carefree’s website.  They both have impressive features free and protect against Brute force attacks.  They both come high rated from suites such as WordPress

Backup plugin

Of course you’ll need a dependable backup method.  Worst case scenario, your server crashes and you lose all your posts.  It can happen.  It will even protect you if your website is hacked, totally messed up due to a plugin error or another rare mishap wipes your information clean.   It’s never a good idea to store your backup on a server that hosts your website as in the case of a virus affecting the server.  The backup file could be compromised with your website and takes up space better used on your server.   The plugin we’ll use for this job is called “UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore“.  I will work with you to set up and share with me the Google Drive Backup Folder it will create in your Google Drive account.  You will need to have a Google Account for that drive which starts free with multi gigabyte storage.  That way, I can effortlessly restore your website to the last backup (usually done within the week of needed time) if ever needed.  It will also help if you move your website to another host after this 5 years is history.

Sharing Plugin

Another Plugin that I will install into your dashboard allows you or a viewer to share it to personal and connected social media feeds sharing your post to the social media world of your visitors.  This is a big help when you write posts interesting enough to be shared.  It’s visible after posting and viewing the post online.  That one is called AddToAny Share Buttons.  I find it useful as many who enjoy your posts can share them effortlessly to their personal feeds and contacts who could propel your writing to high-ranking at Google, opening up some stronger potential that your website can profit!  One thing I’ll never guarantee is profit.  It takes some effort to produce winning posts and sharing the information.

Auto Posting Plugin

Followers of my Facebook page will notice a posting tend.  When a post is published here on my domain,  it shares automatically to my Facebook page feed.   This is called “Auto Sharing”.   It can share to multiple feeds like the plugin above, many options are  available and paid versions we can decide on.   Many other plugins are available to auto share from, but then a solitary plugin doing a solitary job for each job required is such a clutter and can bog your website down, reducing Google Ranking.  To have your post open on a Facebook page or personal feed should be a goal of yours.  By placing Jetpack linked above, and by configuration setup and entering some feeds, your posts will automatically share to your feed to risk being shared further.  Can you write a viral post?  Find out here!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin:

The “All In One SEO Pack” that I’ll install adds that section (*Guide) below your writing field where you can input keywords, set the title text, write the description that shares with the search engine results looking for your site  and in social media shares, set the featured keyword, fill it to exceed the minimum recommended amount of total text, place text blocks with header text logically placed with the text between the headers not exceeding that limit.   I may install this one and / or Yoast which does some of this too.  Yoast also gives you an SEO tool free of charge to look for keywords to write targeted text.

The Plugin I use to manage your website

This is the last plugin I will place in your collection.  it allows the use of this plugin on a unique url  to update and optimize your website and allows me to avoid entering your dashboard except occasionally is called ManageWP – Worker Loader and it comes from behind that link.  As explained below, it is self maintained.

Plugin Source: Silent Worker updates: the How and Why – ManageWP.

Other Plugins I install will be discussed with you directly as they influence other parts of your site which are unlimited within predictable limits.  I’ll try not to slow down your website or lower your standings at Google and other search engines.  If you are deciding on a website and this seals the deal, don’t look any further and click this link or the image below and consider me for that manager position!

Lets have fun installing a plugin or 2!

How would you use a blog?
How would you use a blog? Would you sell a product .idea, cause or project? Some combination? Personal or business?  Find out here!

WordPress Plugins, explained

Plugins. They make WordPress functional. Many users are mystified by plugins. Learn more about plugins with this post, practice on your WordPress blog site!  I am assuming you have a WordPress website on any host server as that’s where this information will lead you.  If you don’t have a website yet, I’ll be inviting you to check out BlueHost here, I can personally testify  that it’s a dependable easy to work with server….  Normally I would recommend the Free server at but in order just to install plugins there, that would cost at least $5 per month with plans billed annually.  A server like BlueHost and others with WordPress has at least the package for the $10/mo, many will offer an option with the Business package.  It’s not uncommon it’s in a package provided by your Telephone or Internet Service provider like Telus and Shaw.

Upgrade from free rates at$5 (basic), $10 (Professional) and $32.42 (Business) monthly. All rates billed annually
Upgrade from free rates at$5 (basic), $10 (Premium) and $32.42 (Business) monthly. All rates billed annually.  All you need is to install plugins, included in a paid domain like from BlueHost!


A few dangers exist with having with having a lot of plugins, once you have a Blog site that you can download them to.  A minor but troublesome danger is having your entire website slow down, lag because it takes many resources running at the same time to display different features of the page.  The biggest danger, one that discourages many from even attempting to host a WordPress website is that it consumes huge amounts of time to keep up system updates on all those plugins.   If they are not done, a hacker can “hack into” your sever and retch havoc with your website, online reputations and infect it with  all sorts of malicious interference causing problems on both ends (*if that exists) of your website.  Meh, only put in what you can support and not notably slow your website down.  Maintenance won’t be a problem with my offer but website loading time will affect your rankings at  Search Engines!


Have you installed an SEO Plugin yet?  That’s Search Engine optimization  Check out my previous post here on that subject!

People Who Love Inanimate Objects

Love.  It’s  a many splendored thing.  Anyone can love anyone, anything, everything even Cannabis and Mother Giia.  We’ll focus in on a hypothetical situation here in Prince George, BC.   There  are two bridges in my community.   One crosses the Fraser river, the other one overcomes the Nechako River near the confluence of the two once mighty rivers.  There is an older Via Rail bridge at the confluence over the Fraser who decided not to have anything to do with this nonsense, and shut off vehicular traffic.  That bridge wanted nothing to do with Humans. It was committed to the rail industry, married to a stronger locomotive for over a century.  Evolution of travel had already outdated the need for it to be a drawbridge, water travel died out.  with the advance of the highway.  It was used only once on the young bridge.

Rocks placed in a love heart formation on sand
No rocks felt violated by using in this manner. All good. WRR Loves them!

One particular telephone post has an unusual scar that caught the attention of our focused individual, and distracted that person from the bridges.  Then along came a power transformer, who electrified the person into forgetting about other objects “X”  found attractive.  Meh, the world is full of inanimate objects and a percent of people actually think like this.  Yes, some of us will find it weird but then the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.  Well in that world of 4 bridges, telephone poles and transformers all caught up in a love triangle (or a square I suppose), things can get ever so confusing.  Ever see a power transformer argue with a bridge?    Not pretty, particularly with a love sick human involved.

The telephone post and the transformer hooked up and are now an  item, lighting up entire communities.  Regionally, nationally in their shared connections, very powerful.   The two bridges dumped X and they now swear off humans totally and had to be forced to return to service.  They went on a tour down Highway 16 and had a threesome with a younger country bridge towards Kitimat BC.  BC transit had to partner with Transport Canada to convince them to come back home or replace them at public expense.  Humans got another form of transportation in a remote area of BC because of that, the route to Prince Rupert does not have a lot of bridges to cross.    Love can also be expensive in that case.   Stay Tuned to see what X does after the Nation catches up.  That person is now intimately involved with a computer, marrage looks possible and could be done through Google I bet.  Technology though, is the mother of the computer and there could be another triangle starting.

Speaking of that, occasionally the naughty romance could lead to a marriage.  Human to Human, certainly and not so uncommon, object to object.  Things get difficult and confusing in every thing human’s get involved with anything .   There must be someone to marry the couple first, then the guests….   Perhaps a webcam so the object can have peers there, as inanimate objects are ridiculously expensive to move just for the 2 hour ceremony and a few ours at the reception, plus it would all have to be done outside.

Source: People Who Marry Inanimate Objects List

Are you interested in having a relationship with your computer?  Check out the training available through Make A Change Canada, offering training in Web Design  and developing the Business Abilities of Canadians.  It’s all accredited through their relationship with Selkirk College in Nelson BC.   Some students with business ideas like mine , others with very diverse thoughts and products, activities  including art sales and other retail, all helping others and Canada succeed and help our shared successes collectively.  No mater what we do, we won’t be successful without the help of others who are sometimes unknown, unseen and always thanked!  It’s so easy  to forget about them as live support is so easy to thank with success.  Here is my PaypalMe link for that silent support.   Thank you so much to the supporters past, present and future though that!

If you already know what it means when I talk XHTML, CSS, PHP, and other tech speak and you need a website, consider  Bluehost with this link &  contact me about that service for a discounted package as described above if you have no time to update but know how to set a WordPress site up!


Do I Need An SSL Certificate For My Website?

This weekend (23 October 2017), I made into a “https” secure website, by adding an SSL Certificate.  I could, in theory, start a sales website.  Don’t worry, my valued support team providing funds so far and yet to come via my Paypal Me link and all business transactions via Paypal…  Paypal is a very secure website that I entrust to hold your credit card numbers and other financial transactions you entrust online with, not my website at present.  I will not ask you for that information personally, certainly not in my surveys as they evolve on this site.  This website will be rebranded thanks to the Bootstrap training I am taking with the IBDE Specialized Training courses so stay tuned for way more…  Updated URL (returned to HTTP) 02 December 2017

why do I want an HTTPS website?
Why would you want an https website?

But why do I want an HTTPS website to begin with?   It does mean it is secure, any submitted information such as your Email in my subscription requests is held in tight security, the best the internet can offer us sheep at the moment.  Feel free to give me as much or as little information as you wish.  I ask for none at my survey, just non identifying questions specific to the site’s layout at present.  What I heard was about Chrome browsers soon to be blocking non https websites for security concerns, that caused me to put my website to https.   I will likely revert back to the http website in the rebrand, it’s up for renewal around Christmas.  Or keep the HTTPS if it is remaining free at my server with the renewal.   If you happen to want a site and sell things, collect customer information, etc.  You will need a website with https, and the ssl’s are free here with better paid options!

Do I, will I have a login form?

Do I, will I personally collect Credit or other sensitive information?

Source: Do I Need An SSL Certificate For My Website?

It’s free at Bluehost!

Don’t forget to fill my survey here, to help improve my website (in complete security, thanks so much)!

Update – For 3 months, actually sometime in the next 3 months I’ll figure out how to mirage this website back to the HTTP non secure status.  Due to the fact I am on a shared hosting service (*the bargain one) for whatever reason, the RSS feed won’t find my website.  You unfortunately cannot subscribe for this period of time.  This we will overcome. 3 months are not an eternity.  My writings will build and get better, thanks to the subscribers who linked before I tried this experiment.  Onward!

Quest for a plausible direction…

Quest Path

In my quest to find a profitable or at least doable project to fund my final project for my business ideas once I focus on that part of me, I stumbled upon something my Cannabis infused brain thinks is a good idea.  In an email exchange with the Web Development team at Volunteer Prince George who officially employ me me in a volunteer position to maintain and secure their WordPress Website, I had an instant brain flash of the quest that passed though my thoughts.   It got mixed into the collective madness my brain comes up with on an average day.  This I proudly do and how my mind works.  Quite a bit of preamble will happen before I get to this idea, that’s how my mind is working.  It may be a good idea fill your coffee cup, roll a dube if you desire, I don’t mind or fill a bowl even and and enjoy this post with me.

Puff Puff Pass

I am undergoing training between March and December, 2017 from my living room.  I am a Student / Alumni of the IBDE programs hosted by Make A Change Canada as well as their Business Abilities training to develop a viable business plan…  It’s distance training, offered to Canadians coast to coast.     I have completed the IBDE training including the advanced.  It included HTML, XHTML, training on software called Adobe Dreamweaver using those program languages (that is how CareFree’s website was launched, it’s linked below) and Adobe PhotoShop.  The most recent training I got gave me knowledge of SEO tools like MOZ and WordTracker among others, basic Search Engine Optimization tricks and amplified the power of blogging on any platform and website text.  A database language called PHP was taught, which kind of works with the root of WordPress and other blog platforms.  Any static code based website uses some PHP code too, linking to specialized code storing collected customer information on a sales site perhaps but not limited to that.  WordPress was the last course in this series which is why I began these courses to begin with.  Make a Change offered me one more course to top all this up with, I am now learning about a Coding / Framework program called “Bootstrap“.  All training is accredited through Selkirk College, this campus is located in Nelson BC.

A clue, another puff

While I was on my WordPerfect course, I found some cool new plugins, one in particular was a wonderful backup program called Updraft Plus which has a scheduler built in, free.  If you have a WordPress Blog, add it to your collection here!  That link downloads a zip file.  It can be found in the link above as well from WordPress Plugins. If if you have no idea about downloading and installing a plugin, you can contact me or click here for simple instructions.  If you have no website, consider Bluehost then contact me to set it up….  Updates have issues concerning time spent updating and can slow your site down.  Only run a few from trusted suppliers for best site performance.  This Plugin was highly recommend, had a recent update listed and had the options we need in a backup program.  Simplicity has my dollar and the needs of those I manage and it was even free exceeding that.

Ah Ha Puff

I installed it to my collection of Plugins, sent an email to Volunteer Prince George that included instructions to set up a backup location local to their Google Drive.  As far as I can see on their dashboard, it is now working perfectly as I was able to fine tune it on my last visit there.  I then realized I did not need to go back to Volunteer Prince George’s Dashboard to do anything but updates and ensure there were no broken links.  That would happen once a week under the old plugin we used.  Plus, it did not delete old backups.  All that happened when I got to it.  Now, most of that happens automatically.  I do updates after noticing they are needed on my website then do a visual look at Google Analytics and examine the links with other plugins they have.  I then visit the other dashboards I manage where BackDraft is installed.  This was an inspirational moment in my Cannabis infused brain, most of those plugins are running on my website…

Puff Puff

I do this for a few other sites, all volunteer.    One that’s live right now is for the Carefree Transportation Society of Prince George. That site also has a WordPress blog behind it on a subdomain.  They manage our local fleet of HandyDart Buses for BC Transit. I am their Treasurer on the board.   Another one I manage, the Prince George “Save The Dome” Society’s.  That one is on a domain that costs less then 10 bucks a month, on a month to month option.    Right now, it’s being discussed due to changes in Dome Management,  it may go down or it will change soon…  Stay tuned for developments as a plan is made…  They need the website lol perhaps they’ll get it here.  It is a better option then the present demand on the Society.  Where I work, the Handy Circle Resources Society  has a website and a WordPress Blog (with a writer who I will be instructing in the world of Blogging) attached At the moment I have nothing to do with either end of that website other than advising the designer (at the moment…)

About WordPress

WordPress can be used as stand alone website as in Volunteer Prince George’s and this one I’m writing on now.  It also can be hosted on a subdomain if the server’s C-panel like Carefree’s and Handy Circle’s offer it.  Bluehost does, buy that one if you have to.  Or it can even be downloaded from and install it on the domain or sub of your choice if it isn’t available.  Both Carefree and Handy Circle’s websites are set up on their TELUS Accounts that handle the rest of their communication services, WordPress was included with that server.  We need to hire a blog writer on Carefree’s site for that blog.  Do you know a little about transportation issues of people with disabilities?  Are you a parton of those services?  You don’t necessarily have to reside in Prince George but you should be very familiar to the type of service they provide, door to door service for persons with a disability and seniors as part of Public Transit.

The Plan!!!

I will do this service for non-profit societies who want a web presence, organized support self help groups for micro communities within my local area of Northern British Columbia with the updates and WordPress Training.  I have briefly approached the Roller Dome, I’ll try to get away Monday to talk to Handy Circle.  It’s a great tool to bring awareness to your cause.  Guiding you on the best plugins to use and keeping them updated is key to its power.  If you have a website already that needs some SEO work or you want to host a website for your community, I will help you decide what your best options to fit your goals and long term budgets.  We’ll stay connected as you learn.  I just kind of rambled that at a Boutique facilitated by a Non-Profit society the other day like I did for the Roller Dome contact I had a “Walk-N-Roll Meetings” with.  Like their facebook page here and expect them to have a Blog soon!

I’ll always encourage you to purchase your own domain for a long term and if you’re local to me, I’ll give a live presentation to your “Design Team” free about using WordPress, creating a Blog and how it can help your cause.  For other’s I’ll create a subdomain here (linked after) full of SEO tricks and tips and you can view and learn from your location, totally free of charge.  I will try to steer potential development teams towards Make a Change Canada too.    I’ll give you the basic tools for wordpress and keep them secure with updates.  I’ll find & fix your broken links on WordPress.  Those tidbits are what burns bloggers time, affects your SEO and you can continue to do what you do best, promoting your affairs.  If your site makes an income and that is increased with my efforts, I will ask for 10%.   I will also do this service for your business, with some conditions and flat fees attached as I learn that part of business.