Plugins for WordPress 2017

Are plugins like apps?

A word about Plugins first

Plugins are one of the best resources you’ll need for your WordPress website or Blog.  I feel a duty to warn you first though, about plugging your WordPress dashboard full of them.  If they all work, great.  I bet your website/ blog looks terrific.  Plugins will be working hard, and be running most of the time behind your visitors experience on your site and sometimes when they leave.  This will lower the quality time they spend on your website, as load time will slow down the more of them run.  It could affect bounce rates.  You may loose subscribers and not attract new visitors.  Not only that, you will spend a lot of your time updating plugins.  Updates, like with any software or phone app must be done for protection.  Some even close the site while they update.  You do not want one that has not been tested in the WordPress version you have and has not been updated for a long time.  You almost certainly are hosting the most recent version of WordPress to begin with, I hope.  I will be offering a service to maintain updates and help SEO functions on your blog, contact me for details!

Of browser tools and phone apps, new subscribers and back to plugins

I’m so talented, Whatup?   Read past this and find out. Ok, imho using this browser tool supplied by WordPress (called “Press This”)  to share posts here is very cool!  It’s in both my Firefox and Google Browsers on my computer and phone.  I wish I could get that App for WordPress to work on my Android phone.  It always refuses to accept my credentials.  Meh. Every WP site I’ve been managing so far, all self hosted. Over several years of trying….  I have browsers on the phone, but even with a scribe, it’s difficult to use on a small screen.  Those apps and browser tools for my computer are like the plugins.  They all are written in the same coding language but with different software and hardware compatibilities.  You subscribers signed up with one I run, as well as those share buttons below that you will use to share this to your contacts with my thanks!

Essential WordPress plugins are plugins that nearly any blog or site running WordPress should have installed. The following WordPress plugins are lightweight, regularly updated and increase the value and functionality of your site. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between which WordPress plugins are current and which ones used to be popular but are […]

Source: 10 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2017 –

Do I Need An SSL Certificate For My Website?

This weekend (23 October 2017), I made into a “https” secure website, by adding an SSL Certificate.  I could, in theory, start a sales website.  Don’t worry, my valued support team providing funds so far and yet to come via my Paypal Me link and all business transactions via Paypal…  Paypal is a very secure website that I entrust to hold your credit card numbers and other financial transactions you entrust online with, not my website at present.  I will not ask you for that information personally, certainly not in my surveys as they evolve on this site.  This website will be rebranded thanks to the Bootstrap training I am taking with the IBDE Specialized Training courses so stay tuned for way more…  Updated URL (returned to HTTP) 02 December 2017

why do I want an HTTPS website?
Why would you want an https website?

But why do I want an HTTPS website to begin with?   It does mean it is secure, any submitted information such as your Email in my subscription requests is held in tight security, the best the internet can offer us sheep at the moment.  Feel free to give me as much or as little information as you wish.  I ask for none at my survey, just non identifying questions specific to the site’s layout at present.  What I heard was about Chrome browsers soon to be blocking non https websites for security concerns, that caused me to put my website to https.   I will likely revert back to the http website in the rebrand, it’s up for renewal around Christmas.  Or keep the HTTPS if it is remaining free at my server with the renewal.   If you happen to want a site and sell things, collect customer information, etc.  You will need a website with https, and the ssl’s are free here with better paid options!

Do I, will I have a login form?

Do I, will I personally collect Credit or other sensitive information?

Source: Do I Need An SSL Certificate For My Website?

It’s free at Bluehost!

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Update – For 3 months, actually sometime in the next 3 months I’ll figure out how to mirage this website back to the HTTP non secure status.  Due to the fact I am on a shared hosting service (*the bargain one) for whatever reason, the RSS feed won’t find my website.  You unfortunately cannot subscribe for this period of time.  This we will overcome. 3 months are not an eternity.  My writings will build and get better, thanks to the subscribers who linked before I tried this experiment.  Onward!

Quest for a plausible direction…

Quest Path

In my quest to find a profitable or at least doable project to fund my final project for my business ideas once I focus on that part of me, I stumbled upon something my Cannabis infused brain thinks is a good idea.  In an email exchange with the Web Development team at Volunteer Prince George who officially employ me me in a volunteer position to maintain and secure their WordPress Website, I had an instant brain flash of the quest that passed though my thoughts.   It got mixed into the collective madness my brain comes up with on an average day.  This I proudly do and how my mind works.  Quite a bit of preamble will happen before I get to this idea, that’s how my mind is working.  It may be a good idea fill your coffee cup, roll a dube if you desire, I don’t mind or fill a bowl even and and enjoy this post with me.

Puff Puff Pass

I am undergoing training between March and December, 2017 from my living room.  I am a Student / Alumni of the IBDE programs hosted by Make A Change Canada as well as their Business Abilities training to develop a viable business plan…  It’s distance training, offered to Canadians coast to coast.     I have completed the IBDE training including the advanced.  It included HTML, XHTML, training on software called Adobe Dreamweaver using those program languages (that is how CareFree’s website was launched, it’s linked below) and Adobe PhotoShop.  The most recent training I got gave me knowledge of SEO tools like MOZ and WordTracker among others, basic Search Engine Optimization tricks and amplified the power of blogging on any platform and website text.  A database language called PHP was taught, which kind of works with the root of WordPress and other blog platforms.  Any static code based website uses some PHP code too, linking to specialized code storing collected customer information on a sales site perhaps but not limited to that.  WordPress was the last course in this series which is why I began these courses to begin with.  Make a Change offered me one more course to top all this up with, I am now learning about a Coding / Framework program called “Bootstrap“.  All training is accredited through Selkirk College, this campus is located in Nelson BC.

A clue, another puff

While I was on my WordPerfect course, I found some cool new plugins, one in particular was a wonderful backup program called Updraft Plus which has a scheduler built in, free.  If you have a WordPress Blog, add it to your collection here!  That link downloads a zip file.  It can be found in the link above as well from WordPress Plugins. If if you have no idea about downloading and installing a plugin, you can contact me or click here for simple instructions.  If you have no website, consider Bluehost then contact me to set it up….  Updates have issues concerning time spent updating and can slow your site down.  Only run a few from trusted suppliers for best site performance.  This Plugin was highly recommend, had a recent update listed and had the options we need in a backup program.  Simplicity has my dollar and the needs of those I manage and it was even free exceeding that.

Ah Ha Puff

I installed it to my collection of Plugins, sent an email to Volunteer Prince George that included instructions to set up a backup location local to their Google Drive.  As far as I can see on their dashboard, it is now working perfectly as I was able to fine tune it on my last visit there.  I then realized I did not need to go back to Volunteer Prince George’s Dashboard to do anything but updates and ensure there were no broken links.  That would happen once a week under the old plugin we used.  Plus, it did not delete old backups.  All that happened when I got to it.  Now, most of that happens automatically.  I do updates after noticing they are needed on my website then do a visual look at Google Analytics and examine the links with other plugins they have.  I then visit the other dashboards I manage where BackDraft is installed.  This was an inspirational moment in my Cannabis infused brain, most of those plugins are running on my website…

Puff Puff

I do this for a few other sites, all volunteer.    One that’s live right now is for the Carefree Transportation Society of Prince George. That site also has a WordPress blog behind it on a subdomain.  They manage our local fleet of HandyDart Buses for BC Transit. I am their Treasurer on the board.   Another one I manage, the Prince George “Save The Dome” Society’s.  That one is on a domain that costs less then 10 bucks a month, on a month to month option.    Right now, it’s being discussed due to changes in Dome Management,  it may go down or it will change soon…  Stay tuned for developments as a plan is made…  They need the website lol perhaps they’ll get it here.  It is a better option then the present demand on the Society.  Where I work, the Handy Circle Resources Society  has a website and a WordPress Blog (with a writer who I will be instructing in the world of Blogging) attached At the moment I have nothing to do with either end of that website other than advising the designer (at the moment…)

About WordPress

WordPress can be used as stand alone website as in Volunteer Prince George’s and this one I’m writing on now.  It also can be hosted on a subdomain if the server’s C-panel like Carefree’s and Handy Circle’s offer it.  Bluehost does, buy that one if you have to.  Or it can even be downloaded from and install it on the domain or sub of your choice if it isn’t available.  Both Carefree and Handy Circle’s websites are set up on their TELUS Accounts that handle the rest of their communication services, WordPress was included with that server.  We need to hire a blog writer on Carefree’s site for that blog.  Do you know a little about transportation issues of people with disabilities?  Are you a parton of those services?  You don’t necessarily have to reside in Prince George but you should be very familiar to the type of service they provide, door to door service for persons with a disability and seniors as part of Public Transit.

The Plan!!!

I will do this service for non-profit societies who want a web presence, organized support self help groups for micro communities within my local area of Northern British Columbia with the updates and WordPress Training.  I have briefly approached the Roller Dome, I’ll try to get away Monday to talk to Handy Circle.  It’s a great tool to bring awareness to your cause.  Guiding you on the best plugins to use and keeping them updated is key to its power.  If you have a website already that needs some SEO work or you want to host a website for your community, I will help you decide what your best options to fit your goals and long term budgets.  We’ll stay connected as you learn.  I just kind of rambled that at a Boutique facilitated by a Non-Profit society the other day like I did for the Roller Dome contact I had a “Walk-N-Roll Meetings” with.  Like their facebook page here and expect them to have a Blog soon!

I’ll always encourage you to purchase your own domain for a long term and if you’re local to me, I’ll give a live presentation to your “Design Team” free about using WordPress, creating a Blog and how it can help your cause.  For other’s I’ll create a subdomain here (linked after) full of SEO tricks and tips and you can view and learn from your location, totally free of charge.  I will try to steer potential development teams towards Make a Change Canada too.    I’ll give you the basic tools for wordpress and keep them secure with updates.  I’ll find & fix your broken links on WordPress.  Those tidbits are what burns bloggers time, affects your SEO and you can continue to do what you do best, promoting your affairs.  If your site makes an income and that is increased with my efforts, I will ask for 10%.   I will also do this service for your business, with some conditions and flat fees attached as I learn that part of business.

Future of energy in Canada, perhaps the globe

This, I think, will all come in the future after we utilize what we have here on this planet.  Harvesting from the moon…  Ok.  But-We have multiple rapidly renewable energy sources “locally” and at present, ever evolving ways to store the power collected.  We have clean energy to be collected on rooftops, building exterior siding, and other artificial re purposed flat unused surfaces.  The sun and the moon can both produce power as they shine on ever evolving solar panels.  Canada is renowned for Geothermal sources, particularly in Alberta and British Columbia.  Many of them were opened up by the oil and gas industry, with many abandoned wells which the provinces must clean up.  This would make them usable, Industrial Cannabis could prepare the damaged soil surrounding the new industry effectively for future use by nature or humans and provide sustainability in that local area.    The Wind can provide mega power with innovative thinking.  The rivers and streams as well but not in the we have been using them.   Micro turbines in the current perhaps, or even within the pipes bringing in air and water to a community’s residential and commercial neighborhood buildings to not disturb natural aquatic species.

The Batteries are the key.  No mater what source is selected to collect the power, there will always be times when the power stops flowing.  Lights and appliances would “go dark” suddenly.   Without a way to store the power, they must be hooked up to the grid for a backup.  Presently, batteries are the greatest cost of producing a Net Zero house to avoid the grid and blackouts.  That’s not the biggest problem with them today.  Both the devices we use to harvest the power from all the sources and the batteries to store them are presently made from fossil fuel components.  If we have a need, the destruction of environment will continue.  But how can we avoid that?  Enter plants.  Some food ready plants, such as corn produce bio fuel.  This has caused shortages and people go hungry.  Above, I suggested growing Industrial Cannabis to help prepare the damaged soil. The Cannabis can make the components needed for the renewable energy devices and the batteries as well.   It could also provide the housing needed in a fire threatened area not just for the workers at the geothermal sources

A power source using the moon to collect it, send it wirelessly back to earth and collect it in batteries here.  What a concept and so doable.  In my mind, I am sure this could be done but perhaps it would be better use to power space stations and travelers of the universe, not just human.  We will have way more then enough power here at home!

Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corporation has developed a series of for the world of tomorrow. Here is a preview of seven mega-projects that have the potential to reshape life on (and off) Earth in the coming decades.

Source: Futuristic mega-projects by Shimizu – StumbleUpon

Warning about Windows 7

Basic History:

Imho, it should be a warning about “Uncle Bill“.  Back in the day, Bill Gates created (rather rumoured to have stolen it from a communications company) the program that would become Microsoft DOS 1.0 back in the early days of computing.  DOS came out very early in the 1980s and quickly partnered with Windows with it’s first commercial version of 3.0.  DOS at that time had almost reached it zenith and died out after v 5.1 and Windows took over the operating system with Win 3.11 which was the last version to work in partnership with the dying DOS operating system and Microsoft dominated the market.

Malware and Windows:

This post should be warning you about computer viruses, I hope.  Never forget the importance of updates to protect your system.  Along with Windows taking over the operating system of the IBM computer infrastructure and clones that the public at large was buying in bulk, malicious programmers began to develop viruses and other basic malware attracted to computers which used the emerging DOS operating system then Windows.  An operating system the IBM was using as competition to DOS, simply called “OS/2” with the last version called “Warp” was not widely used due to issues with compatibility hence was not a target of Malware similar to Apple/Macintosh in the early years.   Microsoft itself even developed some viruses that attacked itself and gave registered computers the protection it needs against them via the updates.  It was a security protection measure against piracy of their software.

Those early damaging programs were violent and destructive but easily defeated.  They didn’t evolve that fast back then.  They were easy to detect on the disks and tape cassettes needed to install software in the days before the internet and modern computer hardware was popular.   Just like real life viruses, once they got into the emerging super highway of the online world,  they evolved fast and stronger protection was needed every day.  That’s still very true today.  The Internet opened up, got very popular then full of malware to the unsuspecting and unprotected. Virus protection got expensive, then Windows developed Essentials as virus protection focused on all Malware attacking itself in V7 and slowly phased it out in 8 to slowly evolve into Windows Defender in 10 after Defender shared the spotlight with Essentials in versions between V7 to just before 10 came out.  MS Windows sped ahead with newer versions, making former versions, software, hardware and computers obsolete.  Software developers and computer manufacturers got richer, the way developers always got richer by making their older stuff obsolete and useless.


Access to the computer to access everything else beyond.  From word processing and simple card game playing to complex use with internet operations like adding attachments to email, sending to a contact, searching for information online, FACEBOOK!  Always updating to protect against infections.  We weren’t having real fun until Windows turned 10 then fun was what you made it to be.  Windows 7 was sort of fun, an update to Win M.E. and more stable, faster than previous versions.  Well, that sold it anyway.  Many persons became disillusioned after the Windows Millennium Edition version was flawed, quickly updated to 7 and quite a few quickly replaced that with V8.0 which went through many updates which included “touch screen” technology improvements (it came out in later versions of 7) before Windows 10 was forced upon the market in 2016  and 7 was discontinued and unsupported several months later, early in 2017.  Many people stayed with Win 7 through a few more newer versions but with V10, users of older software were warned that updates for V7 would be discontinued with no more available updates for that operating system at a soon to be announced later date.  The kicker is that updates are needed to provide protection against the infections targeting systems that are not updated, forcing now expensive upgrades on all who refused it when it was forced upon them with the initial free upgrade period If their systems were even compatible.

The Warning

This warning has been removed from the Microsoft community for some reason according to the link but it stands to reason.  Hackers are targeting unprotected home systems behind in their updates.  Microsoft itself targets them too. They always have.  Security updates, patching of software holes need to be done every day.  If you can’t or won’t update you are a target, even offline, with every version.  No amount of expensive virus protection will work 100% of the time as protection.  Your unupdated computer operating system risks infecting other systems it communicates with.  This one move from Microsoft (Windows 10, what’s next?) killed a lot of formerly powerful computers that could not update past 7.  Recycle those older, now dangerous, computers today at your local official electronic recycling place…  Be kind to our planet!

Source: Microsoft Warns Windows 7 Is Dangerous To Use [Updated]<–This is the link to the warning

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