Housing to be built in Prince George BC

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News of housing is always a good move, makes great news.  City of Prince George has it on their website, linked below.  Hope it can shine above and be seen.  Usually, it’s not too good the news we hear in many areas of the globe, and even within Canada, British Columbia and yet here in Prince George (where we rose above our Crime Capitol status in 2017 as the first bit of good news my city shared to the world), we got several articles of good news this year!  This housing plan could work for the city who have always wanted to have a large population living directly in the Downtown area.

What area will this housing occupy?

Lower Connaught Hill Park trail to downtown showing empty Enterprise-Rent-A-Car building shortly before removal. Housing will be seen there shortly
This is the empty Enterprise Rent-A-Car building shortly before removal, through the fire’s smoke in summer, 2016.  the building is on the reddish cement pad, across Patricia Blvd ahead

The walk from residences along Queensway, from beyond South Fort George past  20th Ave, the Millar Addition to Patricia Blvd towards downtown can be a very scenic, accessible walk (weather allowing) which streams through Lower Connaught Hill Park, past the Worker’s Memorial and across Patricia Blvd.  Travelers wandering across BC on foot as well pass this area on Queensway and walk on by at present, nothing to attract them but trouble.

A map picture of the area the new housing will sit on
Where the housing will go is surrounded by a sidewalk and pedestrian access areas.

The new housing will go in the now empty properties directly across from City Hall, beside the sidewalk that runs from Queensway Street at 6th Ave, down Patricia Blvd rounding the corner at George Street going past the Keg.  The lots to be used were once occupied by an auto repair shop that closed by the late 1990’s and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, who moved out to Continental Way, south of the city around 2010 or shortly after.   “Ed Delorme’s Auto Repair” was neighbor to City Hall first, the Prince George Farmers Market and the Keg too, being there for many years before those 2 were even thought of.   Enterprise Rent-A-Car was not there for very long.  It had quietly opened sometime after the auto shop had closed.  Some events in Prince George like Summerfest and other “snow free month” events use the fronting area along George Street to 5th, 7th from Dominion to George past Fire Station #1 using city hall property as well.  City Hall grounds and those streets are also the home of Foodie Fridays for open air vendors sponsored by local diners, quite often those roads are closed for a summer concert during that time.  The Farmers Market was even able to expand summer operations somewhat when the shop was cleared and an off street parking area for vendors opened up.  They close that block of the street every Saturday, 52 weeks of the year excluding holidays falling on that day of the week.  Enjoy a roll around this area in the winter before to the construction, taken January, 2018.  Some of my voice points to the possibility in some future of having absorbent sidewalks made from plant material, Industrial Cannabis could be used.  In weather like this year it could help lots.  I’m writing another post on that later, stay tuned!

A plan for occupants of the housing, a partnership with small business?

A possible idea for the new residence to come would have some form of 24/7/365 commerce network from the sidewalk bordered bottom floor of the housing once built, perhaps staffed by residents if they need a job.  They could live in the “store” operating as a walk-up or in neighboring units if stores open services inside and out.  This income could help subsidize rents for all the tenants so anyone could live there.  Read on for my idea of a “trade network” which others may be thinking of too, I feel it does fit into the plan of the area it will inhabit as far as I can see.   Refer to the image above.  Consider the natural pedestrian traffic flow past the future building.  The popular public, vehicle free events in the fronting areas along George Street directly in front of the housing.  Prince George’s overall commitment to civic health.   Our civic leaders are also aware of the benefits of a population who walk from residence or work to do whatever business local outside the home or during work breaks beyond the health benefits.

What products could be sold to supplement the housing?

When people shop locally within a community, the city always wins.  The use of vehicles is reduced beyond that. Those drivers have more pocket change to spend locally as far as I see things as their fuel costs are reduced.  Sometimes that’s a lot of the cost of a provincial force within the community.  Local staff using provincial vehicles can explore the community without that cost.  All downtown staff can walk to the place where they can purchase their lunches in the downtown (with employers encouraged to promote this), supporting the entire community.  Then people discover local trade like the fine clothing stores and diners available “next door” to where they work.   You do know how popular hot beverages like Coffee, Tea are in the am, better than home made often?  Add some beverages made from natural products as an alternative which are new to many of us, with flavors many find interesting.  All  made from natural healthy locally grown plants, fruits, berries, fungi , tree growths.  Available for all who want them, prepared or ready to prepare at home or work.  Grab a bag of food on the way, go to work or destination along the walk 24 7 365 (except for summertime’s downtown event times to not cause conflicts) and be productive.  Walkers could even pick up something for the road that evening too.

Sounds simple…Like the overall housing idea

It’s a natural idea to have those  “Sidewalk Shops” open in the first floor units that face the sidewalks, ready  to start serving walk up patrons as soon as the building is occupied.  Those walking city residents and provincial visitors of all nations could be traveling to civic destinations available past there with exotic and family friendly food and beverages to refresh and nourish along their way.  Perhaps in a legal world, cannabis too, locally grown.  A self Management system, working with and partnering with the City of Prince George, perhaps strengthening connections to Northern Health and diverse natural industries for our city, providing paid work for citizens and attractants for new residents.   The negatives have yet to be realized, the known positives could out-weigh those.

Cannabis too!!?  How can that help the housing?

That would become the mandate of the businesses; all products must be local grown, created and safe for all ages.  A Co-Op could form from all the vendors and selected customers, regulating itself.  The cannabis distributors, considering the history and to dispel Refer Madness thinking,  could amplify awareness of the healthy inert raw uses including beverages, steering consumer thoughts away from the activated uses for medical and recreational.  They can find that product information elsewhere not so family friendly at present, information and directions would be given when requested.   Sales of Cannabis Buds to minors won’t ever happen as a rule. No activated products would be available, no product except Raw Bud could be activated for recreational.  Safe.    This would be keeping with the mandate.

Cannabis and the housing’s neighbors

How does that fit into the plan of the neighborhood you ask.  In the non-activated world of the housing complex and the majority of the retail businesses,  it makes a fermented sauerkraut type food which has the same effect on your brain as that product you know and some people enjoy.  It could even be added to local diners as a choice on the menu.  Diverse tastes…   In a more adult oriented world, that activated industry could supplement the Craft Brewery just down the street.  When activated and fermented, it makes a  diverse choice of fine ales, wines and vodkas.  Some as tame as an average strength beer to a totally wicked, steeped in Refer Madness Vodka drink from conventional Vodka  nicknamed the “Green Dragon” which was banned in the early days of Canada’s prohibition.  I’ve been told it’s more relaxing and healthier for humans than traditional Vodka as is all the new flavors yet to be created.  It can be just another craft beer, and the LCB of BC would be welcome to handle the rest of the liquid alcoholic  forms of Cannabis.  The Keg, and/ or other diners in the area  including Crossroads Brewery could add Activated Cannabis infused drinks & food to their menus as could the food stores down the way with industrial, raw, activated and infused Cannabis forms.   New flavors for familiar  food & beverages including new tastes attracting the world to downtown, improving Prince George’s economy overall.   Have you actually seen how communities in Legal US states and Perhaps Vancouver are doing financially with the Cannabis industry?

Won’t Cannabis bring a bad rep to the housing?

In a legal world and the growing local acceptance of Cannabis, who cares what they do with the raw product (Buds) once purchased by an adult who supports the building?  All the distributors of Cannabis  can do is make the consumers aware only of harmless inert healthy raw uses and blending raw fruit, vegetable with Cannabis into beverages and food.  When asked bout those uses,  all they can do is encourage patriotism of other ready facilities geared towards the products they seek.   They can’t restrict the use of that product any further than any smoked consumable around their public areas.  Just adding this, no one has ever been hurt by any use of the plant in well over 5,000 years of any use but everyone should respect boundaries of public with any smoked consumption.  Well, no one has been harmed other than the laws surrounding it in North America.  That information can be found on other websites.

Where would Cannabis product come from to the housing and throughout the downtown core?

Room could be added under the building to grow product in abundance, perhaps added area to the parking lot with an expansion far under the buildings of the city eventually.  24/7/365 staffing would give security.  It could all be vented into the city’s storm drain system, which would make them smell better and perhaps stimulate other natural biodiversity.  The benefits to the environment industrially will be seen in futures yet to arrive, in yet another post on that subject.    The University of Northern British Columbia could even partner in this part of it and supply our medically supported Northern Health ( as another shared partner of the City of Prince George) community at the gateway to their vast territory of largely empty land and concentrated smaller communities. Then they could supply the people of BC in their connected medical networks with credible information about the plant as well as what works for people within specific medical communities.  They could further send seeds developed in the lab to the patients to begin seeing positive result from new strains developed.  New seeds and strains geared to medical communities and fine tuned to people within that community.  Other non-effective medicinal strains can be recreational in use, perhaps preventive and distributed locally that way.  This housing could literally grow the entire community with Cannabis and strengthen partnerships we have with local, provincial and national  organizations, industries and businesses.

Source: News on Prince George’s Municipal website!   Enjoy

In closing…  My business goals:

How would you use a blog?
How would you use a blog? Would you sell a product .idea, cause or project? Some combination? Personal or business? Find out here: http://bit.ly/2BpZbM8

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Active Outdoor Opportunities for All-Create them!

Spoiler alert – We need to create active outdoor opportunities for all.  That means independent mobility for all ability levels, including the most dependent citizens using mobility devices or have no vision.  The most independent among us with no disability won’t be prevented from sharing “WalkNRoll” areas if it’s the norm.  Designing it with the needs of people with a mobility impairment in mind does not stop anyone.   Everywhere outside the residence, where we work, where we recreate, where we visit must be made for everyone who could use it, enjoy it, and work towards the personal health goals we all have.  We create our living spaces, then we adapt to them until we can’t then we move.

A community which prepares first for citizens and visitors who walk or otherwise keep up a transportation network not dependent on traditional vehicular traffic from home to destination and includes that active transportation diversity in its design features, welcomes everyone inclusively.  That “perfect” community enjoys good health in their citizens and a generally stable population mentally despite having persons with a disability among their able-bodied citizens with no visible problems.  It often attracts lots of visitors as well, tourism is a major industry in every healthy active community.

We are a social species.  Unconsciously most of the time, when we see others walking from home to a destination (or independently moving without a vehicle rather), it stimulates most of us to step out of the door and not use the car.  If we can that is, where the sidewalks have curbs and our residential stairs don’t block us, we all could.  Some of us have mobility devices, we could travel as safe as many who don’t have a mobility device do, often along side of us where we can roll safe.   We will stay healthy better with the same activity outside the residence as you do without any disability.  The link below will educate communities and each visionary like us who sit on civic committees and boards in those communities!  Onward to 2018, one step closer to inclusion and health in our nation starting with each community and regions!  Remember to renew your commitment to that civic committee or board soon!  Thanks for doing all you do for everyone, everyday.

NCHPAD (USA based “National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability”)  is happy to be a supporter of this year’s Park and Recreation Month led by the National Recreation and Park Association. This year’s theme is, “Get Your Play On!” For people with disabilities, discovering the power of play starts with access, opportunity, and inclusion. Through organized efforts to create opportunities for people with disabilities, we can address health disparities that lead to physical inactivity.

Source: Creating Active Outdoor Opportunities for All – News & Media | Health.gov

In closing…  My business goals:

How would you use a blog?
How would you use a blog? Would you sell a product .idea, cause or project? Some combination? Personal or business? Find out here: http://bit.ly/2BpZbM8

Thanks for reading this post, I hope we can talk business someday soon!

Civic committees, boards-Prince George, BC

I have personally been a member of Prince George BC’s Civic Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA)for over a decade…  When I had a partner for WalkNRoll, our hard copy  publication carried  a column and a blogspot on our website called CityWorks, which I wrote and it was proofread / endorsed by that committee during those years.  I found a few of the posts I wrote using Word, they may go into a subdomain to this website or on my free WordPress.com blog site.   My next renewal for the ACA is due this February, I will hopefully be there for another 2 year term.  I find it exciting to be known by the Mayor and council of the city, and at the forefront of positive changes to our public accessibility.  I think it’s beginning in March or April of 2018, applications are usually due by end February.  There is a link on the bottom of this page where you can apply to become one of Prince George’s advisors on one of many committees and boards when the link becomes active.

The best thing you personally can do for any community globally, is to volunteer to help your community grow with your voice to become better in every thing it does in a civic board or committee, perhaps multiple ones.  Check the website hosted by your community leaders for a similar link to ours below!

Source: Committees and Boards, City of Prince George

People Who Love Inanimate Objects

Love.  It’s  a many splendored thing.  Anyone can love anyone, anything, everything even Cannabis and Mother Giia.  We’ll focus in on a hypothetical situation here in Prince George, BC.   There  are two bridges in my community.   One crosses the Fraser river, the other one overcomes the Nechako River near the confluence of the two once mighty rivers.  There is an older Via Rail bridge at the confluence over the Fraser who decided not to have anything to do with this nonsense, and shut off vehicular traffic.  That bridge wanted nothing to do with Humans. It was committed to the rail industry, married to a stronger locomotive for over a century.  Evolution of travel had already outdated the need for it to be a drawbridge, water travel died out.  with the advance of the highway.  It was used only once on the young bridge.

Rocks placed in a love heart formation on sand
No rocks felt violated by using in this manner. All good. WRR Loves them!

One particular telephone post has an unusual scar that caught the attention of our focused individual, and distracted that person from the bridges.  Then along came a power transformer, who electrified the person into forgetting about other objects “X”  found attractive.  Meh, the world is full of inanimate objects and a percent of people actually think like this.  Yes, some of us will find it weird but then the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.  Well in that world of 4 bridges, telephone poles and transformers all caught up in a love triangle (or a square I suppose), things can get ever so confusing.  Ever see a power transformer argue with a bridge?    Not pretty, particularly with a love sick human involved.

The telephone post and the transformer hooked up and are now an  item, lighting up entire communities.  Regionally, nationally in their shared connections, very powerful.   The two bridges dumped X and they now swear off humans totally and had to be forced to return to service.  They went on a tour down Highway 16 and had a threesome with a younger country bridge towards Kitimat BC.  BC transit had to partner with Transport Canada to convince them to come back home or replace them at public expense.  Humans got another form of transportation in a remote area of BC because of that, the route to Prince Rupert does not have a lot of bridges to cross.    Love can also be expensive in that case.   Stay Tuned to see what X does after the Nation catches up.  That person is now intimately involved with a computer, marrage looks possible and could be done through Google I bet.  Technology though, is the mother of the computer and there could be another triangle starting.

Speaking of that, occasionally the naughty romance could lead to a marriage.  Human to Human, certainly and not so uncommon, object to object.  Things get difficult and confusing in every thing human’s get involved with anything .   There must be someone to marry the couple first, then the guests….   Perhaps a webcam so the object can have peers there, as inanimate objects are ridiculously expensive to move just for the 2 hour ceremony and a few ours at the reception, plus it would all have to be done outside.

Source: People Who Marry Inanimate Objects List

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Future of energy in Canada, perhaps the globe

This, I think, will all come in the future after we utilize what we have here on this planet.  Harvesting from the moon…  Ok.  But-We have multiple rapidly renewable energy sources “locally” and at present, ever evolving ways to store the power collected.  We have clean energy to be collected on rooftops, building exterior siding, and other artificial re purposed flat unused surfaces.  The sun and the moon can both produce power as they shine on ever evolving solar panels.  Canada is renowned for Geothermal sources, particularly in Alberta and British Columbia.  Many of them were opened up by the oil and gas industry, with many abandoned wells which the provinces must clean up.  This would make them usable, Industrial Cannabis could prepare the damaged soil surrounding the new industry effectively for future use by nature or humans and provide sustainability in that local area.    The Wind can provide mega power with innovative thinking.  The rivers and streams as well but not in the we have been using them.   Micro turbines in the current perhaps, or even within the pipes bringing in air and water to a community’s residential and commercial neighborhood buildings to not disturb natural aquatic species.

The Batteries are the key.  No mater what source is selected to collect the power, there will always be times when the power stops flowing.  Lights and appliances would “go dark” suddenly.   Without a way to store the power, they must be hooked up to the grid for a backup.  Presently, batteries are the greatest cost of producing a Net Zero house to avoid the grid and blackouts.  That’s not the biggest problem with them today.  Both the devices we use to harvest the power from all the sources and the batteries to store them are presently made from fossil fuel components.  If we have a need, the destruction of environment will continue.  But how can we avoid that?  Enter plants.  Some food ready plants, such as corn produce bio fuel.  This has caused shortages and people go hungry.  Above, I suggested growing Industrial Cannabis to help prepare the damaged soil. The Cannabis can make the components needed for the renewable energy devices and the batteries as well.   It could also provide the housing needed in a fire threatened area not just for the workers at the geothermal sources

A power source using the moon to collect it, send it wirelessly back to earth and collect it in batteries here.  What a concept and so doable.  In my mind, I am sure this could be done but perhaps it would be better use to power space stations and travelers of the universe, not just human.  We will have way more then enough power here at home!

Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corporation has developed a series of for the world of tomorrow. Here is a preview of seven mega-projects that have the potential to reshape life on (and off) Earth in the coming decades.

Source: Futuristic mega-projects by Shimizu – StumbleUpon