Buy local, win big- Farmers Markets!

Buy Local!

What is a Farmers market?  Do I buy local there?

A farmers market is an open air market selling assortments of locally produced meat, dairy and produce enabling the public to buy local fresh food.  Local farmers, ranchers and home urban gardeners all purchase tables to distribute their products in their local community.  There are outdoor locations (Pine Centre Mall and 6th Ave behind the Keg in Prince George) where they set up.  Those run through the spring, summer and early fall months.  Most places operate from May to October with some communities having locations like the 6th Ave location in Prince George, which can be open all year inside a small store which has room for a small percent of the summer or new vendors.  Unfortunately in Prince George, it’s limited to Saturdays only.  Local entertainment via talented street performers can often be heard performing in the area setting a down home atmosphere and a unique, pleasant very local shopping experience at 1074 6th Ave in Prince George.

Where does the produce and meat come from?

So simple…  Grown by the community and offered to the community for consumption.  Be a team player in your community!

Why would I shop at a Farmers Market?

Traditionally, local small operation farmers and urban gardeners produce quality healthy fruit and vegetables free from commercial pesticides, hormones and chemicals.  This is still largely true in 2017 in between rare instances of retailers who deceive the buyers with resold produce purchased from commercial growers.  Most Farmers markets control their own retailers to prevent that type of behaviour from occurring, that’s always easier in communities with tight networks and efficient advisory board management.  The core retailers are all members of a local community, all local home based business owners.  Most are raising their families, putting them through educational ventures and life in your community.  They collectively help community sustainability by providing support for food banks, housing and other basic needs to service their whole community.  When you as a collective force of individuals shop there, you are working as a team within the symbiotic relationship between the collective of individual retailers and patrons supporting the whole community!


What can you purchase at a Farmers market?

Farmers markets have all sorts of fresh raw produce like Tomatoes, Radishes, Lettuce,  Potatoes, and other edible plants and prepared foods made from that produce.  There are also meat products from locally grown and grain fed animals, some are prepared into meals.  Pretty much all the food is of better quality and healthier then products coming from commercial sources.  But as stated above, you should be aware of what you are purchasing!


In closing…

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