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Inspired thoughts escape you…

Are you always inspired to write a post on time?  Do you ever sit and stare at a blank white screen, your mind a blank for anything to write, while picturing a boss or another authority figure standing right behind you reading over your shoulder, stomping their foot?  It means something if you think of the rhythm of those feet stomping, is it from the left or right?  Perhaps I’ll write about that…  Better put in a picture, it could inspire me…  Good for SEO as well.  I’ll put a link to my host on it and it could inspire you to buy a website and hire me as your manager!  You’ll learn more than inspirational postings!  On to those stomping feet…

Be inspired. How would you use a blog?
How would you use a blog? Would you sell a product .idea, cause or project? Some combination? Personal or business? Could you be inspired?

Are you inspired yet?

Well, not really…  You erase those words describing that storming stomping boss, the way the cigar smelled that person was chomping on as they were screaming about deadlines and paychecks not being written until…   Yea, that darn left foot stomp.  *sigh*.  Back to that blank space.  A thought comes!  No, it fades, has no connection.  Perhaps go make a sandwich, oh wait- Global News is on!  Ham and Cheese with Cranberry sauce sounds good while the sports are on…

Inspired breaking…

Will the post ever get written, that imaginary boss asks.  You are again reminded of deadlines.  Midnight looms.  Oh yea.  Those personal deadlines, drat them.  Does that clock say 4 now?  That blank white screen is so boring.  Oh cool!  There’s Facebook in another tab to distract you!  At 6, some breakfast on the way to the bed.  There has to be a better way to be inspired for that post!  You Stumble upon this link below and Holly cow, the words just start flowing!  Look Boss!  I found this resource  and now I’m pounding out at least 300 words and other characters and all that Targeted Text to draw  eyes to our website and that Gotham Steel () product!  Looks like you will have to be satisfied with this one, I hope it helps you create a winning post!

Ah Ha!  Inspired by a simple URL


Source: How to Come up with Great Content Ideas | Semper Plugins

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