A photo of the website designer/owner/Mr Knowitall

I could be 150 years old according to some.  I could be designing your website.  I could even manage your WordPress Website, like I do for my friends at Prince George’s Carefree Society, whose HTML website I built for them as a project of the webdesign course I took and added the WordPress back end website to it, all thanks to training inspired by  Make a Change Canada.  You should talk to them if you want to develop a business plan or want to learn web design for that that business dream you have.  Dare to dream with them

I also manage a website for Volunteer Prince George, which is a full WordPress website on its own host.  Prince George has been called the Volunteer city, Volunteer Prince George connects all the volunteer groups through their website with training, resources, information, events, opportunities to volunteer and even more!  I did not build that website but now maintain it.  Another non profit I volunteer for, network with and they actually pay me for a fraction of the time I give them is Handy Circle Resources Society.  I don’t work on that website at all.  I am technically an ‘Office Admin Assistant’ but I’m really a ‘Jack of all trades, master of a few’ type employee, a true legend in my own mind…  Located at 490 Quebec street in Prince George they have all sorts of services to offer, perhaps even for you.  I have been volunteering for them since around 2005, through them I facilitate the Prince George StopGap program among other programs they have developing.  I don’t manage their website or blog but there is a local page linked here for our project here in Prince George. 

I also sit on the Advisory Committee for Accessibility (ACA, a Mayoral committee for the City of Prince George), however my time on that committee for 2020 is spent rolling around the community looking at access improvements I know we mentioned were needed during my former years on this committee (I was on for a 6 year term that ended around 2017).  I ride a mobility scooter and now just report barriers I find through an app developed for the City of Prince George for citizens to report problems directly to Civic Departments and developed into a new way of telephoning the city, simply dial 311 within the city to contact City Hall.  The app was developed with input from our committee while I was on previously as was the civic website to become inclusive in design which inspired the continuing evolution of our inclusive city.

This path was a safety measure. Built by the city of Prince George (summer, 2020) so all pedestrians inclusively can use it. It allows access other than the vehicular access road.  I had consulted on the plan for this trail before it was built as did ACA in my absence.