WordPress Plugins, explained

Plugins. They make WordPress functional. Many users are mystified by plugins. Learn more about plugins with this post, practice on your WordPress blog site!  I am assuming you have a WordPress website on any host server as that’s where this information will lead you.  If you don’t have a website yet, I’ll be inviting you to check out BlueHost here, I can personally testify  that it’s a dependable easy to work with server….  Normally I would recommend the Free server at WordPress.com but in order just to install plugins there, that would cost at least $5 per month with plans billed annually.  A server like BlueHost and others with WordPress has at least the package for the $10/mo, many will offer an option with the Business package.  It’s not uncommon it’s in a package provided by your Telephone or Internet Service provider like Telus and Shaw.

Upgrade from free rates at WordPress.com-$5 (basic), $10 (Professional) and $32.42 (Business) monthly. All rates billed annually
Upgrade from free rates at WordPress.com-$5 (basic), $10 (Premium) and $32.42 (Business) monthly. All rates billed annually.  All you need is to install plugins, included in a paid domain like from BlueHost!


A few dangers exist with having with having a lot of plugins, once you have a Blog site that you can download them to.  A minor but troublesome danger is having your entire website slow down, lag because it takes many resources running at the same time to display different features of the page.  The biggest danger, one that discourages many from even attempting to host a WordPress website is that it consumes huge amounts of time to keep up system updates on all those plugins.   If they are not done, a hacker can “hack into” your sever and retch havoc with your website, online reputations and infect it with  all sorts of malicious interference causing problems on both ends (*if that exists) of your website.  Meh, only put in what you can support and not notably slow your website down.  Maintenance won’t be a problem with my offer but website loading time will affect your rankings at  Search Engines!


Have you installed an SEO Plugin yet?  That’s Search Engine optimization  Check out my previous post here on that subject!

Civic committees, boards-Prince George, BC

I have personally been a member of Prince George BC’s Civic Advisory Committee on Accessibility (ACA)for over a decade…  When I had a partner for WalkNRoll, our hard copy  publication carried  a column and a blogspot on our website called CityWorks, which I wrote and it was proofread / endorsed by that committee during those years.  I found a few of the posts I wrote using Word, they may go into a subdomain to this website or on my free WordPress.com blog site.   My next renewal for the ACA is due this February, I will hopefully be there for another 2 year term.  I find it exciting to be known by the Mayor and council of the city, and at the forefront of positive changes to our public accessibility.  I think it’s beginning in March or April of 2018, applications are usually due by end February.  There is a link on the bottom of this page where you can apply to become one of Prince George’s advisors on one of many committees and boards when the link becomes active.

The best thing you personally can do for any community globally, is to volunteer to help your community grow with your voice to become better in every thing it does in a civic board or committee, perhaps multiple ones.  Check the website hosted by your community leaders for a similar link to ours below!

Source: Committees and Boards, City of Prince George

Code Snippits

What are Snippits?  Simply, they are snips of code…  Multiple formats, or languages of the internet.  Save yours for later use, gather from other programmers.  These are great things to be using to build your websites fast…  If you are familiar with Coding, I am happy to help you work faster and more accessible.  As I find other feeds for Snippets in PHP, XHTML, CSS, and Font Awesome  I will post them on this page for your coding pleasure!  Have fun!


People Who Love Inanimate Objects

Love.  It’s  a many splendored thing.  Anyone can love anyone, anything, everything even Cannabis and Mother Giia.  We’ll focus in on a hypothetical situation here in Prince George, BC.   There  are two bridges in my community.   One crosses the Fraser river, the other one overcomes the Nechako River near the confluence of the two once mighty rivers.  There is an older Via Rail bridge at the confluence over the Fraser who decided not to have anything to do with this nonsense, and shut off vehicular traffic.  That bridge wanted nothing to do with Humans. It was committed to the rail industry, married to a stronger locomotive for over a century.  Evolution of travel had already outdated the need for it to be a drawbridge, water travel died out.  with the advance of the highway.  It was used only once on the young bridge.

Rocks placed in a love heart formation on sand
No rocks felt violated by using in this manner. All good. WRR Loves them!

One particular telephone post has an unusual scar that caught the attention of our focused individual, and distracted that person from the bridges.  Then along came a power transformer, who electrified the person into forgetting about other objects “X”  found attractive.  Meh, the world is full of inanimate objects and a percent of people actually think like this.  Yes, some of us will find it weird but then the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.  Well in that world of 4 bridges, telephone poles and transformers all caught up in a love triangle (or a square I suppose), things can get ever so confusing.  Ever see a power transformer argue with a bridge?    Not pretty, particularly with a love sick human involved.

The telephone post and the transformer hooked up and are now an  item, lighting up entire communities.  Regionally, nationally in their shared connections, very powerful.   The two bridges dumped X and they now swear off humans totally and had to be forced to return to service.  They went on a tour down Highway 16 and had a threesome with a younger country bridge towards Kitimat BC.  BC transit had to partner with Transport Canada to convince them to come back home or replace them at public expense.  Humans got another form of transportation in a remote area of BC because of that, the route to Prince Rupert does not have a lot of bridges to cross.    Love can also be expensive in that case.   Stay Tuned to see what X does after the Nation catches up.  That person is now intimately involved with a computer, marrage looks possible and could be done through Google I bet.  Technology though, is the mother of the computer and there could be another triangle starting.

Speaking of that, occasionally the naughty romance could lead to a marriage.  Human to Human, certainly and not so uncommon, object to object.  Things get difficult and confusing in every thing human’s get involved with anything .   There must be someone to marry the couple first, then the guests….   Perhaps a webcam so the object can have peers there, as inanimate objects are ridiculously expensive to move just for the 2 hour ceremony and a few ours at the reception, plus it would all have to be done outside.

Source: People Who Marry Inanimate Objects List

Are you interested in having a relationship with your computer?  Check out the training available through Make A Change Canada, offering training in Web Design  and developing the Business Abilities of Canadians.  It’s all accredited through their relationship with Selkirk College in Nelson BC.   Some students with business ideas like mine , others with very diverse thoughts and products, activities  including art sales and other retail, all helping others and Canada succeed and help our shared successes collectively.  No mater what we do, we won’t be successful without the help of others who are sometimes unknown, unseen and always thanked!  It’s so easy  to forget about them as live support is so easy to thank with success.  Here is my PaypalMe link for that silent support.   Thank you so much to the supporters past, present and future though that!

If you already know what it means when I talk XHTML, CSS, PHP, and other tech speak and you need a website, consider  Bluehost with this link &  contact me about that service for a discounted package as described above if you have no time to update but know how to set a WordPress site up!


Do I Need An SSL Certificate For My Website, Part 2

Well, if you remember from my previous post about this, about 3 months ago I changed this website to an HTTPS website as a trial. During that time, I was able to see some of the problems with the “Free option” given by my server. Without added funds, it was a shared SSL. That SSL was not respected by a lot of the services such as RSS feeds etc… reported huge security issues for some browsers. I’ll be checking the RSS feeds to ensure those are back and functional, and testing on the remote computer I noticed gave a security warning to my website. You may subscribe to test it with my thanks and let me know you can see my website!

The experiment has ended, it may never return as I have no need (well, little need) of security beyond what I presently employ and keep updated, for multiple websites now! Welcome back to my HTTP website! Onward to bigger and better things! For a little while apparently, both HTTP and HTTPS walknroll.info will work, likely to give the search engines time to adjust.  And of today, 19 December 2017, at 8am on a Tuesday that experiment is fully removed! You can not use HTTPS to find this website anymore