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Off to Business school I go…


As previously mentioned, I am enrolled in Make A Change Canada’s Business Abilities course, as well as finishing up the IBDE courses including upgrades to previous courses.  If you’re looking for some positive affordable education contact them today and be all you can be! Anyway, I am looking at business planning today, have been since June but focused on it over Thanksgiving weekend 2017.  This morning I have a teleconference with my business coach scheduled.    Towards this aim, I launched a Mind Map at the URL my IBDE course recommended and charted my brain to see which one will fit.  I use this to (well, not as much as I should be using it) plan a winning blog post.  The headings can all be programed all keyword rich and corresponding text will be peppered in keyword rich text.  Checking the Keywords at WordTracker and Google Trends is cool, using them as title and alt text is even better.  That worked as well looking for ideas for my business

mindmap created at towards my future business
How will I use my website? Some mind mapping done at You can map 3 projects for free!

Map head focus

Affiliate Market

According to the graphic, I am already doing some of the steps towards my goal.  If you buy a website from my link here it will make points towards my account.  This will eventually build up, pay out and provide  for other parts of my diverse business ideas.  That’s the start of my “affiliate marketing” plan.  As I move forward over the 5 years, I will host other affiliate accounts for your buying pleasure.

Web Design

As stated above, I have just completed all the training for the IBDE courses and am awaiting an upgrade to previous training now outdated. I built a couple of websites, one still up (not celular accessible), using the older XHTML codes and Custom Style Sheets (CSS) to build it with Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5.  I can now build sites with WordPress, or another Blog site as well as with Dreamweaver, straight XHTML code in notepad and CSS.  With luck, I will soon be able to write with Bootstrap software which will make websites accessible to Cell phones among other things it will do!  Web design is a certainty I’ll add to my business plans in the near future.

Social Media Consultant

For this, I’ll have to know more than Facebook.  However, many businesses and non-profit societies have little awareness of the power of Social Media, which includes Twitter, Snapchat and other instant messaging and SMS services.  I can present and educate persons after showing them how to sign up to a social media account (*just Facebook at present) and how to basically use the service for their entertainment and business purposes.

Professional Freelancer

Whatup with this?  A professional Freelancer offers skilled services for a fee.  I won’t be painting houses, washing windows, babysitting, chopping wood, shoveling snow.  Any hard physical labour with my Multiple Sclerosis won’t work…  But I can do work on a website, give workshops on a variety of subjects, provide Emcee services for your event, access buildings and communities for accessibility…  There are a number of technical services I could do, many things for a buck or 2.   Ask, and I’ll let you know if I can and how much it will be.

Remote Technical Support

Have you ever been asked by a relative or another contact to help solve a computer or other technical device problem they have? That’s precisely what “Remote Technical Support” is.  If it becomes popular with my plans, I could even purchase a program like Teamviewer or another remote assistance program for this service.  Those programs allow the service tech to take over the system remotely, to see and perhaps solve the problem first hand without a live service call.

Finally, Blogging

Yes.  It is the purpose behind my Blog, my passion.  Soon there will be one subdomain added, one of potentially hundreds to be created.  If you remember CityWorks that was on my old domains, that will be reinstalled to a subdomain and shared here as well with posts that relate to a subject I am passionate about on that day I release it on the subdomain…  You should enjoy them if it will be your first time.  Stay Tuned!

In Closing

This post is getting long.  Thank you for reading to here if you did, I do appreciate it.  Wish me luck below in a comment, subscribe to my blog in the right hand sidebar!   The dreams I have will help fund my legal Cannabis dreams which will be my “End Game” final part of the business goals I envision for my life and shared community.  Onward to the next chapter of my life–>

Future of energy in Canada, perhaps the globe

This, I think, will all come in the future after we utilize what we have here on this planet.  Harvesting from the moon…  Ok.  But-We have multiple rapidly renewable energy sources “locally” and at present, ever evolving ways to store the power collected.  We have clean energy to be collected on rooftops, building exterior siding, and other artificial re purposed flat unused surfaces.  The sun and the moon can both produce power as they shine on ever evolving solar panels.  Canada is renowned for Geothermal sources, particularly in Alberta and British Columbia.  Many of them were opened up by the oil and gas industry, with many abandoned wells which the provinces must clean up.  This would make them usable, Industrial Cannabis could prepare the damaged soil surrounding the new industry effectively for future use by nature or humans and provide sustainability in that local area.    The Wind can provide mega power with innovative thinking.  The rivers and streams as well but not in the we have been using them.   Micro turbines in the current perhaps, or even within the pipes bringing in air and water to a community’s residential and commercial neighborhood buildings to not disturb natural aquatic species.

The Batteries are the key.  No mater what source is selected to collect the power, there will always be times when the power stops flowing.  Lights and appliances would “go dark” suddenly.   Without a way to store the power, they must be hooked up to the grid for a backup.  Presently, batteries are the greatest cost of producing a Net Zero house to avoid the grid and blackouts.  That’s not the biggest problem with them today.  Both the devices we use to harvest the power from all the sources and the batteries to store them are presently made from fossil fuel components.  If we have a need, the destruction of environment will continue.  But how can we avoid that?  Enter plants.  Some food ready plants, such as corn produce bio fuel.  This has caused shortages and people go hungry.  Above, I suggested growing Industrial Cannabis to help prepare the damaged soil. The Cannabis can make the components needed for the renewable energy devices and the batteries as well.   It could also provide the housing needed in a fire threatened area not just for the workers at the geothermal sources

A power source using the moon to collect it, send it wirelessly back to earth and collect it in batteries here.  What a concept and so doable.  In my mind, I am sure this could be done but perhaps it would be better use to power space stations and travelers of the universe, not just human.  We will have way more then enough power here at home!

Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corporation has developed a series of for the world of tomorrow. Here is a preview of seven mega-projects that have the potential to reshape life on (and off) Earth in the coming decades.

Source: Futuristic mega-projects by Shimizu – StumbleUpon

Small Business solutions and inspiration

What’s this post about?

These are Online Business ideas for people who want to begin a small business like me.  Having just completed the IBDE program through Make A Change Canada, I sit in transition for a week I think due to an upgrade to a previous course begin date not directly after the WordPress course I just finished.  I’m also sitting on this website host for the next 5 years.  It’s Saturday of a Thanksgiving Weekend 2017 as I am writing this, when I inquired on a launch date on Friday Morning, I was told info would be sent Tuesday.  Meh.  OK back to other studies with my other educational trip…

I took the Business Abilities (BA) program back to back with this last series of IBDE courses that I began in June of 2017.  The BA course runs till about December.  In it I found I need to have some study in what kind of business I feel would be best suited for.  I began a month or 2 back on the second part of that course but got distracted by the PHP course I took.    Having returned to it today after being distracted by the last 2 courses, I recalled I needed to have a basic idea of what I wanted to do, for the business plan I am to develop.    Having this website, I think it would be best looking in this area for what I can use these unlimited sub domains for that I got from BlueHost!

Online Business

Online businesses are diverse in nature, from posting reviews on a website and attracting lots of eyes with basic search engine optimization and good writing styles  to Drop Shipping and some combination of things…  Most are considered “small business”.  Or, I could hold a lot of stock on hand, sell both live pick up, local (regional) delivery and mail order sales from the website.  Smile lots and keep going to work in the mornings till late at night dealing with live customers, stocking challenges and the online stuff.  Meh.  If I did that, I would open a Cannabis Dispensary instead of just building a website for them, perhaps on a sub domain or their own website from BlueHost!  If I’m going to be working outside of home, that’s the only job I want to do.  If I have to hire myself full time once I build capitol advising and building your website, showing you how to update and maintain it, I will!

Small Business Solutions and Inspiration
Small Business Solutions and Inspiration

Interested in starting an online business, but unsure of where to begin? Here are some great ideas you can start right away.Interested in starting an online business, but unsure of where to begin? Here are some great ideas you can start right away.

Source: 15 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Tomorrow

Warning about Windows 7

Basic History:

Imho, it should be a warning about “Uncle Bill“.  Back in the day, Bill Gates created (rather rumoured to have stolen it from a communications company) the program that would become Microsoft DOS 1.0 back in the early days of computing.  DOS came out very early in the 1980s and quickly partnered with Windows with it’s first commercial version of 3.0.  DOS at that time had almost reached it zenith and died out after v 5.1 and Windows took over the operating system with Win 3.11 which was the last version to work in partnership with the dying DOS operating system and Microsoft dominated the market.

Malware and Windows:

This post should be warning you about computer viruses, I hope.  Never forget the importance of updates to protect your system.  Along with Windows taking over the operating system of the IBM computer infrastructure and clones that the public at large was buying in bulk, malicious programmers began to develop viruses and other basic malware attracted to computers which used the emerging DOS operating system then Windows.  An operating system the IBM was using as competition to DOS, simply called “OS/2” with the last version called “Warp” was not widely used due to issues with compatibility hence was not a target of Malware similar to Apple/Macintosh in the early years.   Microsoft itself even developed some viruses that attacked itself and gave registered computers the protection it needs against them via the updates.  It was a security protection measure against piracy of their software.

Those early damaging programs were violent and destructive but easily defeated.  They didn’t evolve that fast back then.  They were easy to detect on the disks and tape cassettes needed to install software in the days before the internet and modern computer hardware was popular.   Just like real life viruses, once they got into the emerging super highway of the online world,  they evolved fast and stronger protection was needed every day.  That’s still very true today.  The Internet opened up, got very popular then full of malware to the unsuspecting and unprotected. Virus protection got expensive, then Windows developed Essentials as virus protection focused on all Malware attacking itself in V7 and slowly phased it out in 8 to slowly evolve into Windows Defender in 10 after Defender shared the spotlight with Essentials in versions between V7 to just before 10 came out.  MS Windows sped ahead with newer versions, making former versions, software, hardware and computers obsolete.  Software developers and computer manufacturers got richer, the way developers always got richer by making their older stuff obsolete and useless.


Access to the computer to access everything else beyond.  From word processing and simple card game playing to complex use with internet operations like adding attachments to email, sending to a contact, searching for information online, FACEBOOK!  Always updating to protect against infections.  We weren’t having real fun until Windows turned 10 then fun was what you made it to be.  Windows 7 was sort of fun, an update to Win M.E. and more stable, faster than previous versions.  Well, that sold it anyway.  Many persons became disillusioned after the Windows Millennium Edition version was flawed, quickly updated to 7 and quite a few quickly replaced that with V8.0 which went through many updates which included “touch screen” technology improvements (it came out in later versions of 7) before Windows 10 was forced upon the market in 2016  and 7 was discontinued and unsupported several months later, early in 2017.  Many people stayed with Win 7 through a few more newer versions but with V10, users of older software were warned that updates for V7 would be discontinued with no more available updates for that operating system at a soon to be announced later date.  The kicker is that updates are needed to provide protection against the infections targeting systems that are not updated, forcing now expensive upgrades on all who refused it when it was forced upon them with the initial free upgrade period If their systems were even compatible.

The Warning

This warning has been removed from the Microsoft community for some reason according to the link but it stands to reason.  Hackers are targeting unprotected home systems behind in their updates.  Microsoft itself targets them too. They always have.  Security updates, patching of software holes need to be done every day.  If you can’t or won’t update you are a target, even offline, with every version.  No amount of expensive virus protection will work 100% of the time as protection.  Your unupdated computer operating system risks infecting other systems it communicates with.  This one move from Microsoft (Windows 10, what’s next?) killed a lot of formerly powerful computers that could not update past 7.  Recycle those older, now dangerous, computers today at your local official electronic recycling place…  Be kind to our planet!

Source: Microsoft Warns Windows 7 Is Dangerous To Use [Updated]<–This is the link to the warning

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How to affordably travel in Northern BC

Affordable accessible travel challenge

How it began:

Situation described is fictitious and is not intended to describe any real situation faced by a real individual…Travel safe!

Safe, accessible intercity travel has not always been available in Northern BC.  It was raining that evening as she stuck out her thumb to an approaching car on the lonely, low volume highway between Burns Lake and Prince George BC, where she was headed.  It was that period in the summer of 1971 when the wild fronteer was just opening up.  She came from a home in a smaller community just west of Burns Lk.  The car races past and she sighs as she tightened up her jacket against the wind and rain thinking about her journey.  She anticipated a life in the city, perhaps about a person she admired that was living there.  She was deep in thought when a car finally stopped.  A door opened and she jumped into the dry passenger seat.  A conversation began between the driver and the lady, now assured of a ride.  She was feeling comfortable as she relaxed and disappeared into the night as the miles rolled past.

View of Highway 16 heading east toward PG in 95Km- from Vanderhoof, BC. Travel safe!
View just east of Vanderhoof BC towards Prince George, 95km of highway with few permanent structures, residents or businesses along the way beside Highway 16, still in the 70kph zone here. Travel safe!

The plot thickens…

She never arrived in Prince George.  Her friends called her home after a few days of waiting, found that she had departed and had been seen hitchhiking  on the night it happened.  Someone talked to her in Vanderhoof, she had been on her way.  Her ride had stopped for gas, but the person did not see the car or the driver.Back then, closed circuit cameras did not exist.  A search started, she was officially missing and the traveler became one of the reasons Highway 16 West of Prince George to Prince Rupert BC became internationally known as the Highway of Tears.  This scenario has happened many times, not just along this highway.  Thanks to the remoteness of the land and the adventurous nature of the younger inhabitants, it has held a record number of murders and disappearances.

Talks were held…

For well over a decade First Nation’s people from many of the communities along Highway 16 (along with people of all nationalities) had gone missing or had been found murdered along the highway.  This upset all the people of the land.  One of the reasons people of all nationalities realized was that affordable accessible transportation was non existent. The First Nation’s people were the first to bring that to the discussion table. “Younger folks without vehicles or mega bucks to travel on Greyhound must hitchhike to explore their expanding world and perhaps find education and employment.  They go to the city or neighboring  communities…” was likely said around the table.  It was the long and short of the entire discussion.

Grocery stores close

Folks of all nationalities without vehicles in some of the communities faced another challenge.  Greyhound’s shrinking runs along that route had abandoned them almost a decade ago. Without a vehicle, they were stuck in town.  Independent intercity transport was impossible and barely affordable if Greyhound was even available.  They needed transportation to other communities to shop as some local grocery stores had closed as well, the entire community was without fresh basic groceries.  While working with the diverse groups of citizens looking at all the challenges the north provides, BC Transit got interested in finding a way to provide affordable and accessible intercity transportation to connect all the communities between Prince George and Prince Rupert.

The Plan:

Down Highway 16, Greyhound had thinned their passenger runs already.  So much in recent years, many communities were already abandoned in all directions out of Prince George.  Plus Greyhound Passenger service  appeared to refuse to comply with accessible standards put out by Transport Canada concerning intercity transportation.  Meh.  In my humble opinion, BC Transit needs to expand operations in every direction, connect every BC community.  They should relocate their main operations center here to the official hub of the province.  Greyhound should stick to shipping only in our province!  I envision other provinces following that model for active transportation connecting provincial networks.  The goal of that would be to connect provincial networks and provide a public funded, national network to connect the nation.  That could someday connect North America and the globe after that!

Late in 2015, the province announced major funding to develop a public transit system that had the goal of connecting Prince George to Prince Rupert, connecting the communities between along Highway 16 and it’s connecting roads.  It would take a financial commitment from the communities to become a reality.  A federal grant helped as well.  The driver staff would be trained from the First Nation Communities and the busses would run on 3 day rotations to return to the stops, scattered in communities along the planned route.


Early summer 2017 saw that plan unfold by connecting Prince George to the stop in Burns Lake which connected to the rest of the chain to Prince Rupert.  By then, the communities between the 2 “Prince” communities on the Highway and several that were adjacent, who are away a short distance on connecting highways bought in and partnered with BC Transit.  It began growing in Prince Rupert, late 2015 with an existing run to Kitimat which connected to the runs being developed towards Prince George.   The remote communities now are serviced by a “shuttle” to the main route.  As of 2017,  the line went west from Prince George.  There is a stop at 7th Ave and Dominion Street in Prince George, It is many person’s way home on the schedule according to the link below.

 Travel safe. Your route, your way!

The aftermath

We’re still waiting for final reports on whether BC Transit will fund this transportation system past the initial trial phase.  For now, the link below shows the run exiting and arriving here in Prince George.  As well in 2017, Greyhound Canada announced plans to phase out passenger service in Northern BC in all directions from Prince George.  It’s their major hub in the province and shipping would be unaffected.

BC Transit – Welcome to Bulkley-Nechako

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Free Webinars | Make A Change Canada


(free follows after preamble)

This part is free but I have been enrolled through my friends at this institution since I can’t remember when, early in the 2000’s is all I can remember!  Not all of it’s free, but all of it’s accredited through Selkirk College in Nelson BC.  Well, I been connected through IBDE as more of a web design guy always learning HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress, (<-soon to come w/grad, I hope to pass it as I will be on to BootStrap in November 2018->) Bootstrap software…  I hope to design and improve Non-Profit websites such as I did for the Carefree Society!  I am also enrolled in the Business Abilities course at the same time, trying to develop a business plan to begin 2018 with.

My business ideas include developing this website for 5 years and traveling along Northern BC’s southern border with BC Transit featuring a report on age friendliness at all the public transit communities where the bus stops along its route to Prince Rupert as blog posts.  I also want to build a website for a Cannabis business in my community which is locally sourced and staffed.  I feel Cannabis should be widely distributed, starting in Farmer’s markets and grocery stores which would promote the raw uses for it then through health centers with skin creams, elixirs promoting topical uses.  Craft Breweries could feature Cannabis beverages both alcoholic and family friendly as separate markets.  Finally, the recreational and medicinal markets could be addressed and new markets will spring up; employment for everyone with the industrial market.  Thanks for sticking with me as I roll through this life!

The Free Offer from Make A Change Canada:

All Free below! Who says education has to cost? Not “Make A Change Canada“! Check out the webinars available from October through December 2017!  They are focused on new business development in Canada!

October to December 2017 Our fall webinar schedule is now available!  Please join us online in GoToTraining for this series of interactive sessions.  Anyone is welcome to attend, free of charge.

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