Broken Sidewalk on 5th Ave Prince George

Rolling around one day on my way to another pedestrian adventure I spotted this barrier along 5th Ave across from the A&W.  I immediately aimed my phone’s camera and took this photo, which by way of an app created by the City of Prince George (available for both Android and Iphone) reported it to my city’s service department who put it on an immediate priority!  Comment below if the link above does not work, the City of Prince George designs spaces into their URL’s and it may come up broken.  Always remember, you are the eyes of the community.  As a citizen in that community, your job is to report areas like this to the service departments so that they are aware of it and can prioritize and fix!

A broken sidewalk on 5th Ave in PG in 2017
Along 5th Ave I spotted this along the way to Gillette Street along 5th Ave

Number one

Access everything.  Quite a challenge.  I’m up to it, you will thank me and my “comrades thinking access” silently as things unfold, then everyone can access everything public and digital without giving it a second thought!  More to come, have to upload my CityWorks backups soon on its own subdirectory on this website!  Onward to tomorrow and beyond!

Truck parked on Curb Ramp, Pat Blvd PG 2017 summer
Not a common barrier, spotted near a construction site on Patricia Blvd in Prince George, Summer 2017