Website Update 2018- What am I doing with it?

Part 1-Website and BUSINESS planning

OK, I have had this domain, this website,  since September 2017. Yay.   But WordPress might not stay on this main domain.  If that happens then this blog will be moved to a sub domain of “”.  I have learned about Bootstrap, the ease of its design capabilities and other framework tools like Font Awesome to build websites that are accessible.  I learned PHP and found “Snippits” or little bits of code that do things in CSS, PHP and XHTML (HTML expanded for accessibility and search engine compatibility)  & can understand their use when needed.  I am now very familiar with WordPress and some cool free plugins (Font Awesome for use in WordPress! ).     The first thing I will offer is Blogger training with basic SEO writing and setup of a WordPress website if needed.  It will include basic management of that site and support for the blog writers to write with SEO targeted writing with plugin help.  I’ll try to always keep on top of any broken links and reduce your visitor’s chances of finding them on your site with another plugin I use, actually I’ll instruct all users of the dashboard on how to see and edit the links to not be broken, perhaps with a blog post yet to be written on this site which will support a lot of the presentations I’ll make, some of which I’ll have recorded for posting here too.  My role if you accept my offer is explained better here

How would you use a blog or a website?
How would you use a blog or website? Would you sell a product, idea, cause or project? Some combination? Personal or business? Find out here!

This service will be offered to businesses (in complete privacy) for a flat fee yet to be decided upon, with preference given to home based and Cannabis retail businesses.  It will be offered to the Non-profits I am connected to now with free options including their present phone provider (and others of course) as well as education about why a long-term (*5 year) domain is a great investment for their time and limited cash.  As of this writing, I am affiliated with Bluehost, which I am finding the best server I have used over the last decade.  Consider them with this link if you need one and contact me about that service for a discounted package as described above!  Feel free to download my new business card version 1.1 below:

Second version of my first business card- You need a blog to... Find out wth link in footer!
Second version, I darkened the footer text and made it more visible, added website to code.

The rest, TBA-Stay tuned! Website evolution?

That will only be one part of this website’s immediate future.   I have 5 years here, likely 5 years at another if I make no money on this one.  I tried a desperate request on the last 2 domains even going as far as posting links to my “Paypalme” account with a little success.  Thank you to those past supporters and any future ones!  That was also called my attempt to get 1,000,000 visitors to contribute one dollar, to get the secret on how to make a million dollars.  You can still partake in that, just takes a buck to find out how!    Several other parts will exist before the end game of traveling Northern BC’s southern border between Prince George and Prince Rupert with BC Transit’s “Highway of Tears” line.  Give me time to find out the next parts for myself as the first part unfolds.  Some of it will include building you a website, discounted combined setup and training packages if you purchase from the link above.   It might not be a blog you want, You may remember that I do have other design skills including coding and scripting in CSS, Bootstrap and PHP.  Be sure to get a hold of me for this offer if you’re a representing Non-Profit Society in British Columbia, stay connected as I complete my training in the  IBDE Specialized training I just graduated from by assisting you.  I’m also trying to build my business plan in  the Business abilities course, which you can aid me with by considering my offer above.  All my formal training is through  Make a Change Canada which is accredited through Selkirk College!  Subscribe to this website’s new posts with the  “Entries RSS ” link in the  Site Admin section of the right hand column